Are you looking for a way to reduce handlebar vibrations and hand pain during your bike rides in warm weather? Then, what you need are the best bike gloves for summer. Summer cycling gloves are designed to adequately absorb shock and dampen vibrations from the terrain you are riding on thanks to their superior padding.  

Their outer shells are also built to offer better handlebar grip whilst their fabrication maintains ample air circulation, moisture control, and breathability to keep your hands comfortable and dry. Additionally, in case of accidental falls, summer cycling gloves also help to protect your hands from cuts and abrasions.  

So add an extra layer of protection to your next cycling sessions by choosing an option from the list of the 10 best summer cycling gloves below.

How To Choose Summer Cycling Gloves – Buying Guide



When choosing the best bike gloves for summer, the material should be a determining factor. The material of your gloves should not only facilitate hand protection but, also improve grip and air circulation.

Material such as leather, nylon, and polyester are ideal because they are rugged but also breathable. You also want the gloves to be made with a small amount of elastane and mesh fabric to improve both flexibility and breathability.


Typically, the sizes for the best summer cycling gloves range from small to double extra large. cycling gloves for men measure up to double extra large whilst those for women end at extra large. You can determine your ideal size for summer cycling gloves by measuring your hand circumference. Below is a table outlining the standard sizing guide for summer cycling gloves, although, different brands may have a slight variation.  

Hand circumference ((in inches)SMLXLXXL
Men7.25 – 88 – 8.758.75 – 9.59.5 – 10.2510.25 – 11.5
Women6.5 – 7.257.25 – 88 – 8.758.75 – 9.5


The best bike gloves for summer should be designed with ample padding. The padding on your gloves is important because it is what absorbs shock and dampens vibrations to relieve hand pain and numbness on your fingers.

Look for gloves that are designed with silica gel or memory foam padding to keep your hands comfortable. However, remember that the thicker your padding is the less connection and grip you will have on your bike’s handlebars.


Your gloves should also integrate a proper closure design to give you a snug and comfortable fit. Most summer cycling gloves are designed with Velcro closure, hook and loop closure or elasticized cuffs to hold them in place. Either design is ideal for your gloves, yet, if you have larger hands, Velcro closure is better because you can adjust the opening.



Q: Do Cycling Gloves Make A Difference?


Yes, cycling gloves do make a difference. This is because they are designed to improve your grip on your bike's handlebar. They also absorb shock and dampen vibrations from the terrain you are riding on, thus, reducing nerve strain and pain on your hands

Q: What Is The Difference Between Summer and Winter Cycling Gloves?


Their main difference is their design – winter cycling gloves tend to be heavier as they are designed to offer insulation and windproof properties. Summer cycling gloves tend to be lighter and more breathable. Additionally, unlike winter gloves, you will not find many full finger summer cycling gloves.

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Summer cycling gloves should be part of your essential gear for biking during the warmer seasons. Whether you want to improve grip or tackle vibrations when riding on rough terrains, the summer cycling gloves reviews prove how handy they are. 

With the buying guide above; outlining how to choose the best bike gloves for summer, what’s left is to pick your favorite pair from the list of 10 best summer cycling gloves so you can comfortably ride and enjoy your biking sessions.

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