5 Best Stand Up Paddle Boards in 2018


Stand up paddle boarding is a sport that has taken over the summer. A great workout and a fun leisure activity it is no wonder so many love this sport. There are so many options of SUPs that it’s hard to choose the best. Ranging from yoga to fishing anything is possible on these floating sup boards. What makes up the best stand up paddle board changes depending on what you are using your board for.

We found the best paddle boards in every category and sharing our findings with you. Now all you have to do is decide how you want to use your board and meet us on the water.


Best Stand Up Paddle Boards

SUP Board Reviews

1. ISLE Airtech Inflatable All Around Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Package

ISLE Airtech Inflatable All Around Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Package

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What Makes This The Paddle Board Stand Out:

  • Ultralightweight
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • High quality materials
  • Includes everything you need

Model & Accessory Specs:
Size: 10’ long x 31” wide x 6” thick
Weight: 17.5 lbs
Maximum Capacity: 240 lbs
Materials: Military grade PVC

This paddle board package includes a paddle, backpack and high-pressure pump. Not only is this a top sup package, but a high-quality one. Every piece included is thoughtfully made and will stand the test of time.

The board is made out of military grade PVC which ensures it will not wear out and is puncture resistant. Being less than 18 pounds heavy, this board will be able to be tossed around by anyone. Bringing this sup to the beach has never been easier, even if finding parking isn’t.

Isle isn’t a company that has just entered the SUP market. They have been producing quality paddle boards since their inception in 2004. Their head office is situated in SUP country, San Diego California which allows them to ride and test all year long. All of their years of experience has accumulated with this board. The materials and construction method has allowed them to create an unmatched paddle boards that will impress everyone who steps foot on it.

Not only is this the best sup board for beginners it will even impress veterans of the sport. It’s tri-fin system sports a large one for pointing you in the right direction and two smaller ones for added stability. Coupled with its wide stance of 31 inches this sup board will allow you to paddle with ease and keep reaching for it no matter where your travels take you.

The 10-foot long frame has an exceptionally large deck pad keeping your feet planted where you need them the most. A bungee storage system is just the right size to bring your most important belongings with you. It’s high 6-inch tall stance will ensure no water touches you unless you want it to – you can even wear socks on this paddle board and not worry about getting wet.

The included paddle is high quality and extendable for people of any height. It is constructed with durability in mind as it is part of the one year warranty. The is also high quality and includes a PSI indicator. This will tell you when your sup board is fully filled and ready for the water. Much like the other accessories, the carrying backpack won’t let you down. It will be able to fit everything into a compact space that ensures easy transportation and storage. Don’t worry about not liking this board as it comes with a 30-day guarantee on top of the one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Paddle Board Best For: All Around Recreational Use

2. Ten Toes WEEKENDER Inflatable 10-Feet Stand Up Paddle Board

Ten Toes WEEKENDER 10-Feet Inflatable Standup Paddleboard SUP

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What Makes This The Paddle Board Stand Out:

  • 1 year warranty
  • Complete package
  • Extra deck pad included
  • High quality materials

Model & Accessory Specs:
Size: 10’ long x 30” wide x 6” thick
Weight: 30 lbs
Maximum Capacity: 250 lbs
Materials: Military grade PVC

This sup package comes with the board, a three piece paddle, high powered pump, a backpack, even a replacement deck pad. The only things that you may need to get on the water is a PFD and a leash.

The Ten Toes Weekender 10 food SUP is an exceptional paddle board. Made using military grade materials and a high end drop stitch technology, this board will surprise you with it’s durability. This high end construction also allows you to roll it into a small compact space that will easily fit into a bag for quick transport and easy storage.

Coming in at 6 inches thick it will keep you from getting wet even while you do the most advanced poses. Its wide deck will allow you to move around without worry. A tri fin system propels this SUP through the water ensuring you stay in a straight line.

This package comes with a high end paddle. Don’t worry about storing this paddle as it is able to be broken down into three pieces will allow you to easily store this in your home. It is extendable to fit any sized rider with it’s easily adjustable pull tab.

Even included is a high powered pump, meaning you will have everything you need to get on the water. Use this pump to quickly get your paddle board to its recommended 18 PSI by using the easy to read pump gauge. When coupled with extras like an extra deck pad this turns into an excellent package for the price.

Paddle Board Best For: Yoga

3. Tower Inflatable Adventurer Stand Up Paddle Board Package

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable SUP Package Check Price Now

What Makes This The Paddle Board Stand Out:

  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Strong enough to drive over
  • Military grade materials

Model & Accessory Specs:
Size: 9’10″ long x 32” wide x 6” thick’
Weight: 32 lbs
Capacity: 350 lbs
Material: PolyKrylar

This paddle board package deal comes with the board, pump and a paddle included.

With its small size that means that you don’t even need to buy roof racks and so there are no hidden fees. Drop stitch construction allows this paddleboard to ride like a rigid one making it a great option for any skill level. This paddle board is so durable you can even run it over with a car. A great option that is built to last.

The paddle it comes with is made of fiberglass which makes it a great paddle. It breaks down into three pieces for easy storage and transport. It even has adjustable heights to fit almost any paddler.

The pump completes this packaged deal. Easily inflating the sup board up to 15 PSI, the stand up paddle boards performs strongly even at a level of 10 PSI. Inflating in a matter of minutes, this SUP ensures you spend as much time out on the water as possible.

Paddle Board Best For: Beginners

4. Atoll Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Atoll Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board

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What Makes This The Paddle Board Stand Out:

  • 2 year warranty
  • Dry bag carrying bag
  • Lightweight and durable

Model & Accessory Specs:
Length: 11’
Thickness: 6”
Weight: 38 lbs
Maximum Capacity: 250 lbs
Materials: Fusion Light construction with Korean drop stitch

This paddle board comes as a packaged set with the board, a paddle, a pump, repair kit and a carrying bag – everything you need to have a great weekend on the water.

Equipped with Fusion Light Construction this paddle board weighs in at 30% lighter than other models. Korean drop stitch technology gives this sup board an incredibly tough exterior making the ride feel similar to that of a rigid board. With 14 D-rings you can pack some gear aboard with you.

The detachable fin allows you to track through the water with ease and precision. Wrapped with two layers of material, this paddle board is incredibly sturdy giving you a stiff and confident feel. EVA foam on top gives you an anti slip area with more grip which will keep your feet planted on your stand up paddle board even in wet conditions. This paddle board is so strong, it even comes with a two year warranty giving you the guarantee that you made a good choice.

The package comes with an included 3 piece paddle. Being able to break this paddle down into smaller pieces allows you to easily transport it without difficulty. The paddle is adjustable making it a great option for almost any paddler. The aluminum shaft with nylon blade is built to last and sure to hold up against a powerful stroke.

The dual action pump means it will inflate when pushing down and pulling up making the inflate time much quicker. Inflating to a maximum 15 psi, this pump helps get the job done in a matter of minutes.

Never be without the included repair kit. This may seem like a seemingly small accessory but it can help you in a bind and work towards extending the life of your SUP. Especially needed when fishing, a repair kit should be kept on hand when you are working with knives and hooks on sup board and may accidentally puncture your material.

The item that makes this package the most unique, and arguably the most desirable, is the carrying bag. Not just your average backpack, this is actually a dry bag. In the convenience of this bag, you will easily fit your paddle board, pump, repair kit and even your paddle. This allows you to be able to bring your adventures anywhere with you. Strap it to your backpack on a long hike, a flight to another country or simply carry it to work for a post-work paddle. With D rings on either side, you can strap this SUP packages to anything and never be without it.

Paddle Board Best For: Fishing

5. Tower Paddle Boards Inflatable iRace 12’6″ Stand Up Paddle Board Package

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable SUP Package

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What Makes This The Paddle Board Stand Out:

  • Two year warranty
  • Narrow nose
  • Unbeatable durability

Model & Accessory Specs:
Length: 12’6”
Thickness: 6”
Weight: 27 lbs
Maximum Capacity: 350 lbs
Materials: Military grade PVC with drop stitch technology

This package comes with everything you need to get out on the water. A paddle, a pump and your stand up paddle board will get you out and enjoying the sun in no time.

The long sleek design of this board allows you to expertly navigate your way through the water. Built for speed, the narrow pointed design propels you through the water quickly. The shape of the paddle boards will hold up in some surf tearing through the waves with ease. Its isup design can be deflated and rolled to be the size of a sleeping bag making transportation even easier.

This paddle board has all the durability you expect from Tower. Throw your board off of buildings, drive your car over it or crash it against some rocks in the water. This board will take the beating and keep on performing. They are so confident that this sup board will last, Tower even attached a two year warranty to it.

A 3 piece paddle makes this deal even sweeter. The fiberglass comfortable paddle breaks down to three smaller pieces for easy transportation. Not only this, but you can adjust this paddle to fit your height which allows almost any paddler to use this comfortably.

Get in the water quicker with this dual action pump. Getting your paddle board inflated to a maximum of 15 PSI, but producing a comfortable ride even at 10 PSI, in a matter of minutes.

Paddle Board Best For: Racing/Touring

Here are some of the top paddle boards for that can be used for additional purposes.

Best Inflatable SUP

Opting for an inflatable paddle board carries many advantages over a rigid board, the most important one being the compact size. This type of paddle board is great for those who live in apartments or who have limited transportation. Not only do you not need roof racks to transport this sup board, but you can fit it into a backpack and be able to take it with you just about anywhere. Being able to deflate your paddleboard makes storage a breeze as some sup boards stretch as long as 12 feet in length.

Many isup boards ride just as sturdy as rigid boards. These paddle boards are mostly made using PVC, some even military grade, making them incredibly durable. This allows them to maintain a stable ride regardless of their compact size.

Having a paddle board that excels in durability will increase the lifespan of your boat. ISUP boards are all made using a strong plastic that is puncture resistant. You can even bring your dog along for the ride without fear of their nails puncturing your paddle board. These boards provide a lot of flex which means they won’t crack or dent.

Companies are learning more and more about how to create the best inflatable boards. These are ones that are built to last and will deliver an incredible ride. Of them all on the market, we love Tower’s paddleboard. With durability in mind, this is one of the best sup boards is built to last.

Best SUP for Yoga

More and more people are testing their balance by incorporating some stretching and yoga on their paddle board. From beginner poses to the most advanced, practicing yoga on your SUP will take your routine even further giving you a more thorough workout.

When looking for a yoga paddle board, it is important to focus on the thickness and the stability of your board. When getting a paddle board for yoga purposes we highly recommend one opting for a thick board. Some paddle boards still only sit 4 inches high which isn’t ideal as the water will crest the bow making you wet when in your poses. Choosing a paddle board that have a 6 inch thickness will ensure you sit higher out of the water and allow you to reach deep poses without getting soaked.

Choosing a sup board that is stable is of the utmost importance especially for beginners. Balancing on a paddleboard can be difficult but trying to hold an intricate pose while balancing in the middle of the lake is much more challenging. Having an iSUP that rides similar to a rigid board is what you are looking for.

You also want a sup board that is wide enough to do poses comfortably. You do not want to be restricted in the poses you can do so having a paddle board that is wide enough to comfortably move around on is key. We recommend looking for sup boards that are at least 33 inches wide.

Many yogis are taking their practice to the water combining their love for this meditative practice with the fun of the water. Getting the best sup board has become even easier as SUP companies make boards that cater to your practice. The Ten Toes paddle board is our favorite as it checks all the boxes for the best yoga board.

Best Day to Day SUP

The best all-around paddle board is one that you can get the most use out of. One that checks the boxes and can seamlessly transform from surfing to fishing with enough storage to take you on the long haul on overnight adventures.

The best sup board for this will be a thicker paddleboard, one that sits 6’ wide, and stretches around the average 10 foot length. A lightweight paddle board will propel you through the water with ease and also give you the stability to move around in. You want a sup board that has a large fin that will help you track better and thus be great for beginners and intermediates alike.

Having a paddle board that is inflatable will mean you get more use out of the board. Being able to roll your sup board and fit it into a small carrying bag makes storing it a breeze. You also increase your ability to take the paddleboard with you on vacations and fit into your trunk with ease.

The Airtech SUP by ISLE has won our hearts of being the best day to day sup board on the market. The lightweight design and heavy duty material originally got us excited but the more we learned about this complete package, the more we liked it. Take a look for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

Best Racing/Touring SUP

Paddleboards typically stand around 10 feet long with a rounded nose. Performance sup boards built for racing or long distances, on the other hand, extend past 12 feet in length carrying a long and slender design. This type of sup board is going to carry a different design than every other paddleboard. Around two feet longer than leisure sup boards and feature a pointed nose. This will allow them to cut the water easier creating less resistance and pushing you further with each stroke.

These boats carry an incredibly lightweight design that allows them to float across the water with minimal resistance. This also allows them to handle waves with ease cutting through surf and propelling you farther.

Long ago we fell in love with Tower’s line of sup boards. There is no question about it, the durability and performance seen on their board are unmatched by their competitors. That is why it’s no surprise that we are naming their iRace sup board as our favorite racing / touring paddle boards.

Best Fishing SUP

Paddleboarding has evolved into an all-inclusive sport. Want to fish on a paddleboard? There’s specially designed paddleboards for that. Push the limits of paddleboarding by grabbing your fishing rod and going places that regular boats can’t get you. Not only can they take you where you need to be, they have the capacity and storage to get your gear there also. The best fishing paddle board will do all this and look stylish along the way.

There are many things you should look for when considering a fishing SUP. The first aspect is the boards weight capacity. Your paddle board should be able to bring all the gear you’ll need for the whole day including your rod and net and even a cooler for beverages and to store your day’s catch. There’s nothing worse than struggling with a ¾ submerged rig on the journey back to shore.

Another key aspect is the size of the sup board. If it isn’t wide enough you will struggle to move around especially with your gear. PaddleBoards should be 30 inches at a minimum. This will allow you to get the right stance to throw the perfect cast and have enough stability to walk around without worrying about tipping even in moderately choppy water.

If your sup board is not at least 6 inches thick prepare to get wet. Companies have found that the 6-inch mark is the sweet spot for not allowing water to crest your boat. This also ensures that your paddle board feels and rides like a rigid system. It will not flex or bend in rough water. It is also a good indicator of a high weight capacity.

The length of the sup board also plays into the maneuverability and stability. Fishing on your SUP will require a longer paddle board to pack it with your gear and be able to paddle into deeper water. We suggest looking for a sup board that is around the 11 foot mark. This will ensure you have enough space to move around easily and be able to keep your paddleboard facing the right way.

Unlike other applications, fishing will require a sup board with a better grip. Look for a thick and wide deck pad. This will give you the confidence to move around without slipping. Throwing casts requires momentum that can cause you to lose your balance and this feature will combat that.

The materials used to make the outer skin of your sup board should be of high quality. Many companies use a military grade PVC material that is exceptionally durable while also being flexible enough to roll into an easy to transport package. These paddleboards will not dent or puncture. Some companies show off their durability by driving a car onto their sup board – something we do not recommend doing.

Features like paddle holders and storage space will make your day or weekend on the water more enjoyable. Not having to monitor your paddle will give you more concentration when looking for your perfect spot, and throwing the ultimate cast. Being able to strap your rod and net onto your boat when you are paddling will also give you confidence even in rough water. Bungee systems that feature D-rings are the highest quality and most durable.

Companies will show the quality of their product by the length of their warranty. Every company will include at least a year’s worth of support but can go up to two years. This will cover everything except normal wear and tear including issues with seams and the build quality. Some companies even have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee which ensures you are 100% happy with your rig or get your money back.

Of them all on the market, we love the Atoll Foot SUP.

What To Look For In A Stand Up Paddle Board


Stand up paddle boarding looks like a fun, effortless activity. It is in fact fun but it can be a bit tricky to master when first starting out. There are some key fundamental things you should keep in mind when you are just starting out. These will not only make it easier to have fun but will also keep you safe.

We have done the research so you don’t have to. Here are some of the top tips and frequently asked questions.

Ready to get started? Let’s go.

Tips And Tricks To Get You Paddleboarding Like A Pro

  1. Be patient. When you are starting out in this sport be prepared to take a few tumbles into the water. People make it look easier than it really is. But don’t worry you will get the hang of it in no time. Don’t get frustrated if you are having trouble staying on your board. It can take some time to get used to balancing on your sup board, especially if the weather is windy or the water is choppy.
  2. Wear your leash. Every sup board should come with its own leash. This is a tether that straps to your ankle for when you fall. It ensures your sup board doesn’t float away from you leaving you stranded far from shore. Even if you are a seasoned paddle boarder ensuring your leash is securely fastened to your ankle can save you in a pinch.
  3. Keep your distance. If you are paddle boarding in a popular spot you may have a lot of people around you. It is important to give other people space even if you are paddleboarding with a friend. You should be able to at least turn around without bumping into anyone. After all being able to go anywhere you want is what this sport is all about.
  4. Learn how to fall. Like we talked about earlier you should be prepared to get wet when paddle boarding. Learning how to properly fall can save you from injury. Your initial reaction will be to drop to your knees or try to fall onto your sup board – Don’t do this! Even if you have an isup board it will hurt and even possibly injure you to fall on it.

Instead, you should fall away from your sup board – yes, this means you will get wet. When you first get your sup board you should actually practice falling. It will build not only muscle memory but also your confidence. Just keep in mind that you should do this away from the shore. If you fall in shallow water you can hit the bottom which is not good either.

  1. Head in the right direction. No matter what style of sup board you decide on there is a correct direction the board travels. This may seem obvious but it can be confusing your first time on the water. How you can tell is by looking at your fins. They should be behind you with the tips facing away from you. This orientation will help you to keep pointed in a straight line. The fins will also help in choppy water by maintaining your connection with the water. If you didn’t have fins your sup board would struggle to move even as you’re paddling. You would be pushed sideways instead of in the direction you are wanting to go.



Q: How do you stand up without falling?

A: The best way to get into an upright position on a paddleboard can take some getting used to. There are many different ways you can do this. As you get more comfortable you will start to do it your own way.

We find that starting in a kneeling position is the best way for most people. Put your paddle across the sup board just in front of you and use your hands to push yourself off your knees. You will rock backward so your feet are firmly planted and as you slowly stand, grab your paddle and use it to balance you. Once you are fully upright, keep your knees slightly bent to give you better balance. That’s it! You are standing up on your paddleboard.

Keep in mind: Your feet should be shoulder width apart and be facing forward.

Q: How many different types of boards are there?

A: Many! There are sup boards for everything you can think of including racing, competition, inflatable, solid core, even surfing SUPs.

Q: How do I choose the right SUP?

A: There is no easy answer to this questions. The paddle board you get will be determined by how you use it. For example, if you are planning on primarily using your sup board for yoga you should look for one on the thicker and wider side. This will give you the stability you need to do all of the positions. But if you are looking to go as fast as possible you will try to find a sup board with a pointy nose and on the thinner side.

Q: How do I stop falling in the water?

A: Paddle boarding has a lot to do with balance. We suggest starting out in water that is not choppy as this will make it much more difficult to stay upright. The key to paddle boarding is in your legs. Keeping them slightly bend will allow them to move with the water.

Also, when you are paddling you need to use your entire body. Instead of just using your arms you should bend your arms and use your shoulders to make a smooth sweeping motion with your paddle. Your legs will allow you to turn your upper body and shift your weight from one leg to the other. Be sure to always wear a life vest.

Q: How heavy are paddle boards?

A: This can vary with the size of the board. A standard sup board can range from around 14 to over 50 lbs. This is one of the key aspects to investigate before buying your board. The size also plays a role with your skill level. A larger board will have more stability and allow you to do activities like racing or even fishing. Smaller boards may be better for younger people who would have a harder time transporting or controlling a large board.

Q: What material is a paddle board made of?

A: There are two main types of boards: inflatable and rigid. Isup boards are typically made from an industrial strength PVC material. This allows them to be folded and transported easily while also being tough enough to stand up to rocky shores. Rigid paddle boards usually have a rigid foam core with a special coating. But some rigid boards have a strong outer shell with nothing as its core.

If you live in a small space an isup board will be your best option. If you live close to water and are looking for the highest quality sup board, a hollow rigid board can be your best option. All you need to do is take your sup board across the street and you’re ready to have an awesome day on the water.

Q: Can I get a good workout from paddle boarding?

A:  Paddle boarding is an excellent form of exercise and will give you a full body workout. The rowing movement will work your arms and shoulders while the balance will work your legs and core. This is a low impact exercise that nearly everyone can safely enjoy. You can even use your board as a movable dock and use it to dive into the water. There are so many uses you can find for your paddle board.

Q: What length should I look for on a paddle board?

A: The length of your sup board will vary based on what you intend to use your sup for. Typically these sup boards are between 9 and 12 feet in length. A shorter board will be easier to maneuver through the water while a longer board will have more stability for moving around or gear.

Globo Surf Overview

Paddle boarding is a magical and fun sport. Starting out will take a bit to get used to but once you build your confidence you will be paddling up a storm. Once you get a taste of a perfect day on the water you will never want to leave. The best part of paddle boarding is that there are so many options. If you are an outdoors person you can even fish or go on a camping trip with your board. Some boards even have a bungee system that is perfect for storing a cooler or even a seat.

Take your paddle board experience one step further by incorporating surfing or some water photography. This summer sport will quickly become a favorite as you are able to see the world from an entirely new perspective. As you will get the sun’s reflection on the water, be sure to bring some extra sunscreen along with you.

With paddle boards ever increasing in popularity you can now do even more with your board. Whether you enjoy a leisurely day of on the lake or prefer to crash through surf racing your board, there are specific boards that will meet your needs.

No matter what you use it for your SUP should excel. The features and material should compliment each other creating a board that will surpass your expectations and each one of these boards has been hand selected to do just that.


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Love to paddle board? Have any of the products on our list? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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