Just as vital as having a sunscreen on when cycling, hiking, or running out in the sun, a good pair of sunglasses is required to shield your peepers from the harmful UV rays produced by the sun. Eye cancers, cataracts, keratitis, and macular degeneration are just a fraction of the conditions triggered by too much exposure to the ultraviolet light. Throw in dust, wind, and blinding due to the excess glare and things get even worse.

So, does this mean you should avoid doing your usual jog on a midsummer day? Not if you rock a pair of sporty sunglasses. Eyewear is an essential part of sun protective clothing and will not only keep your eyes guarded but also give you better vision when the light is overly bright.

Here are the 10 best sunglasses for sports and a guide to help you choose the right pair. All our picks combine protection and comfort to keep your eyes safe and appreciative of the time you spend outdoors.

How To Choose Sports Sunglasses – Buying Guide

UV protection and level of comfort are definitely some of the major factors to consider when buying sporty sunnies. Here are more features that will help you land the best sports sunglasses for your active days.


The lighter the sunglasses, the more comfortable you will be. If you are performing an activity where weight matters, then you will need a lighter frame. The standard plastic frames will be a less expensive option but heavier and less aerodynamic. Acetate frames are stronger and rather lightweight.


Do you want to do glass or polycarbonate? Glass lenses are clearer, but polycarbonate ones are less likely to break if you fall. Either way, your lenses should be able to reduce glare, protect you from UV radiation, and enhance visibility. Most men and women’s sport sunglasses today come with polarized lenses that offer these features, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find the perfect pair.


If you will be using your speakers for driving, paddle sporting, or as sailing sunglasses, then you need a polarized lens to cut down on glare. For athletes who play golf, baseball, competitive shooting, and such like sports, tinted lenses may come in handy. These will not necessarily block out more sun but will increase contrast and clarity, which is important for such activities.

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Style, Fit And Size

Bigger is better. More coverage means less damage to your eyes. Wraparound-style or oversized sunglasses will help block UV light entering your eyes from the sides. Just make sure they fit you snuggly so they don’t slip or fall off when you start getting active.


What your pair of sunnies is made from has a major effect on its weight, clarity, durability, and cost. Pay close attention to the material, as this will help you know if the set is going to serve the purpose you intend it to.

For intense activities like running, swimming, and some canoe and kayak adventures, consider lightweight material like shatterproof plastic. But if you are just looking for something to rock on your next coffee date, there will be no harm in trying a style that incorporates heavier materials.


Sunglasses need not cost a fortune to serve the purpose. A less expensive pair marked as 100% UV-protection could be just as functional as a pricier option.



Q: Why Choose Polarized Sports Sunglasses?


Polarized eyewear reduces the glare caused by reflective surfaces like pavements, water, and snow. Sure, polarization will not block out UV rays, but it will make driving, waters porting, skiing, and such like activities safer and more enjoyable.

Q: How To Care For Polarized Sunglasses?


Use soapy water or neutral detergent to clean. Then get a clean soft piece of cloth and gently wipe dry. Never clean polarized sunglasses with seawater or paper towels.

Q: What To Do If The Lenses Scratch?


Most of the brands listed above offer lifetime breakage warranty on lenses and frames. Minor lens scratches, however, can be easily fixed at home. Just get a soft wool cloth and rub non-abrasive, non-whitening toothpaste onto the scrape in a circular motion. Massage the spot for about 15 seconds. Then rinse off the paste with cool water and wipe dry.

Globo Surf Overview

Sport sunglasses are a vital piece of outdoor gear and will get you reaping some of the most notable benefits of UV protective clothing. Our top sport sunglasses above will give you maximum protection against the damaging ultraviolet rays, minimize glare, and improve your vision. But you need to choose the right design to get the best value for your money. And once you have purchased a pair that matches your needs, be sure to care for it so it can give you a longer service.

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