Going camping or on an extended hiking trip can be a lot of fun, but requires a bit of planning ahead. To save packing space and to have as many functionalities in your home away from home, you need specially designed multi-tools. A spork is one of the most popular small gadgets for outdoor enthusiasts, perfect for hiking, camping and fishing trips. It consists of a super-functional combo that works as a spoon, a fork, and even a knife, can opener and so on.

We’ve put together this top of the best spork options on the market, taking into account their functionality, durability and many other criteria. Here are the top 10 picks and why we think each one deserves a mention. We’ll also follow up with a detailed guide to help you understand how to judge a spork for quality, and answer your most frequent questions about them.

How To Choose A Spork – Buying Guide


Still confused? Here are some of our standards when looking for the best spork.


Anything between 6 and 7 inches is a decent length for a travel spork. With this size, it will be long enough to use comfortably, but small enough for tight packing space.


The color of your camping spork is, of course, entirely a matter of personal preference. Some people like the metallic sheen of a titanium spork, while others prefer the vivid colors of plastic. If you have more members in the camping trip, bear in mind that it’s a good idea to assign each person a specific color.


Some of the best sporks for camping fold midway, allowing you to unfold them at a greater size when you need to use them. Still, it’s not a must have feature.


Depending on the kind of camping or hiking trips you tend to take, you might need more than just a fork and a spoon (and maybe a knife edge) in a spork. In a multi-purpose spork, you can also expect to get a bottle opener, screwdriver or survival tool.


Titanium or plastic? That is the common dilemma of those arguing over what’s the best spork made of. Each type of material definitely has its advantages. Titanium can be more resistant, up to a lifetime. Plastic can be more colorful, and safe to use inside non-stick pots and pans.

Single Head or Dual Head

The single head sporks are more straightforward, but the dual head ones definitely have advantages as well. For some people, it’s hard to eat soup if the spoon is not fully rounded.


Remember to check the volume listed in the item’s specification before making any purchase. Check to see if you can fit the spork in your backpack or toolbox.


If the best spork for you means one which will last a lifetime, then look for a titanium one. For more flexibility rather than stability, a plastic-based one is preferable.


For more strength in your spork, titanium should be the first choice.


The durability of titanium sporks tends to be higher, but high-quality plastic can last you just as long. As long as you go for a moderately expensive spork from a reputable brand, you can expect high durability.


A good, ultralight spork should weigh around 0.6 oz if it’s made of titanium and 0.3 oz if it’s plastic-based.



Q: What Is A Spork?

A: A spork is a 2-in-1 type of tool that is meant to serve as a fork and a spoon while you’re gone on a fishing, camping or hiking trip. At its most basic, these are the functions that a good spork should fulfill. However, nowadays there are plenty of advanced models that also include a full-sized knife, or at least a serrated edge that functions as a knife.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Using A Spork?

A: The main benefit of using a spork is to be able to enjoy your dinner with as much comfort as you would derive from using your home cutlery, but without having to carry this cutlery with you. Designed to bring perfect comfort of use in outdoor conditions, the best sporks will make it easy for you to scrape contents from the sides of cans, cook food on a campfire and so on.

Q: How To Clean A Spork?

A: While you’re out camping, you can clean your spork with just a little water and dishwasher liquid, or however else you would wash dishes. It all depends on the conditions you have on your campsite. But you will also notice the best sporks are labeled dishwasher safe, so you can also clean them like that when a dishwasher is available.

Globo Surf Overview

An irreplaceable comfort on any camping trip, a good backpacking spork should help you eat outdoors just as easily as you would at home. Consisting of at least a fork and a spoon, such a multi-tool spares you the trouble of carrying additional cutlery with you. The best spork for your camping needs depends on what you’re going to use it for, but you can trust any of the options we present above. Enjoy your stay outdoors and every meal around your camping site!

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How do you serve your food in the wild or when you’re camping out for several days? Do you carry traditional cutlery and if so, did you have any unpleasant incidents with these items? Is that what made you switch to sporks or did you know this was the recommended version from the first time you went camping? Do you use your spork just for food purposes or as a multi-purpose tool too? Share your thoughts with the rest of the Globo Surf community in the comment section below!

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The Light my Fire Original Spork is the best part of my camping equipment. I ordered this as Christmas gift to all my friends. Hope they like it and use it as much as I do.

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