Most campers are ready to give up life’s everyday luxuries to spend some quality time in the great outdoors. But by harnessing the power of the sun, solar camping gear has become more popular for campers to utilize during a trip. One everyday basic that is turned into a luxury while camping is a shower. The best solar shower will not only have hot water, but it can be easily taken on any camping trip so that you can conveniently maintain your basic hygiene. 

However, you may be asking yourself how to make a shower portable? An outdoor solar shower kit will use a durable bag and hose so that it can be easily transported to the most remote locations and help you wash away the grime. 

But determining quality and functionality can be difficult if you are new to using an outdoor solar shower. We made a list of 8 quality products and provided the best tips so that you can choose the best design to stay a clean and happy camper. 

How To Choose A Solar Shower – Buying Guide


Water Capacity

The water capacity will refer to the amount of storage space the portable solar shower has in its design. The best solar shower should have a large capacity so that you don’t have to refill it before each use. While the vast majority of products on the market have a 5-gallon capacity, not all designs will hold the same amount. There are also models that hold less than 5 gallons or up to 10 gallons of water. 

Ultimately, the water capacity will dictate how long you can take a shower and how many showers you can take before you have to refill the system. A larger water capacity means that you’ll be able to take multiple showers for a decent amount of time. However, you will need to be conscious about wasting water, which is why the shower heads will have an on and off feature. 

Material of the Shower Bag

The best solar camp shower will be made out of a material that is non-toxic, lightweight, and durable. The most common material used is plastic. Plastic is a material that fits all of those needs and is also long-lasting. However, campers should be certain that their plastic human safe and won’t cause skin irritation. PVC is a common material that is used, alongside other options that are more environmentally friendly. Solar shower reviews can help you determine the quality of the material and its functionality. 

Ease of Maintenance

While your solar camp shower bag is designed to enhance your hygiene, it is also important you clean and maintains your system. An outdoor solar shower should be easy to maintain, and the material can determine the amount of cleaning you’ll need to do. One of the good things about plastic is that it can be easily cleaned and maintained. 

The easiest way to clean a sun shower for camping is to fill the bag with a cleaning solution and allow it to drain out of the showerhead. Vinegar is a great cleaning agent that is also safe to use and won’t leave any dangerous residue. If you plan on not using your shower due to it being the off-season or between trips, you should leave the valve open and allow the inside of the bag to completely dry before it is stored. This will prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can cause damage in the long run. 

Ease of Installation and Use

For the majority of outdoor solar shower kits, there will be a large bag that holds the water with a tube and shower head attached. These types of designs are the easiest to install and use because they can be securely hung from trees or bars. The best solar camp shower should have a built-in handle, which can be used to hang the bag. 

However, one unique design on our list is GAME’s Freestanding shower design. This design uses a tube, which sits on a base and is filled with water. The design is still easy to install and use, but it does require minimal assembly. While not as convenient as the bag design, it is still a great option for campers. 

Shower Head Type

While there aren’t a lot of different designs of showerheads, there are different features. The most efficient solar shower should have a valve that can be turned on or off to start and stop the flow of water. This feature will allow you to reduce the amount of water wasted and extend the time you have to shower. 

However, a few top-rated solar camp showers have an additional feature that can adjust the water pressure. These types of showerheads provide you with more customization and can provide you a little hint of luxury on your trip. 

Heating Time

In general, it will take about 3 hours to heat the water inside a 5-gallon camping solar shower. This also means that you have placed the bag in direct sunlight and the outside temperature is rather high. A higher water capacity means that it will take longer to heat the water and it could take several hours to heat a 10-gallon shower. 

Solar shower reviews can help you decide which shower is best for your needs, based on the heating time. With real-world use, reviewers are likely to honestly discuss how well the shower performed and whether it is a quality investment. 

Features of the Kit

Additional features in the kit will only be added to make the shower more convenient to use. The best features that may be included in the design are a large valve for filling the shower, side pockets, and a Velcro strap. While every bag has a valve, not all bags will have features to organize your toiletries. The product information should include what features are included in the design of the bag so that you can decide which design you want to take on your trip. 



Q: How Well Do Solar Showers Work?


Personal hygiene while camping can be difficult to maintain, but a portable solar shower is a great option to stay clean. With the heat of the sun, an outdoor shower will work better than any other option to heat water while you’re living off the grid. The showers should have everything you need to setup a small bathing station and can be reused for multiple trips.

Q: What Are Solar Showers?


Solar showers are a portable hygiene system that allows you to have hot water everywhere you go. The shower uses solar energy to heat the water and has a design that can be easily hung from a tree using camping knots so that you can easily bathe. Due to the extremely compact designs and high portability, solar showers have become extremely popular for camping and backpacking trips.

Q: How Do You Use A Solar Shower?


Once you’ve chosen one of the best outdoor solar showers and have unpacked it, you may be curious as to how to use it. Firstly, you will need to fill the bag with water. There should be a large valve placed near the handle or at the top of the bag to put the water inside. Once you’ve filled the bag and sealed the valve, you will have to play the waiting game and give the water time to heat it. The fastest way to heat the water is to place the bag in direct sunlight. 

While the water is heating or once it is heated, you will have to hand the bag in a safe place so that you can shower. When the bag is properly hung, you can start to shower using the attached hose and showerhead. A valve should start or stop the water and that’s it! The bag is reusable and is designed to be refilled. If you have a different design or are confused about how to use your model, there should also be instructions provided with your purchase.

Q: How Much Water Do You Need For A Camp Shower?


Your choice. When you’re deciding how to setup up your campsite, it can be difficult to decide how much water you’ll need to shower. The majority of camping solar showers will hold about 5 gallons of water. If you conserve water by using the on/off valve, then you should be able to use the bag for 2 or 3 showers. However, if there are several campers on the trip, you may want to consider looking at a solar powered shower that has a water capacity of 10 gallons or more.

Q: How Does A Solar Shower Bag Work?


A solar powered shower works by absorbing the energy of the sun and transferring it into heat, which them rises the temperature of your water. The method is the best way to heat water off the grid. It doesn’t rely on batteries or electricity, so you can use it on any sunny day. The rest of the bag works by providing you with a functional shower head and valve for refilling. With an easy to use design, solar showers can be used by all campers.

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With the best solar shower, you don’t have to compromise your hygiene while you’re spending time in beautiful nature. While you may enjoy going to rugged terrain, you probably don’t want to have to spend days on end caked in dirt. A solar shower bag is best way to stay clean while you’re on the go because it is easy to operate, portable, and re-usable. Our buying guide gives you 8 quality options of solar showers, which you can take on all your trips and adventures. 

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