Before you hit the slopes, making sure your snowboard is in good shape and the snowboard bindings are set and installed properly is of paramount importance. However, your snowboard endures a lot of abuse as you ride it and the bindings can loosen while on the slopes.

Having extra screws and the right snowboard tools with you will enable you to make emergency repairs without having to go back to the lodge. You will also be able to tweak your snowboard set up on the fly when you want to try a different riding style.

Here’s a rundown of the best snowboard tools to keep on your person while snowboarding so you’re ready to quickly fix any problem that pops up and resume your ride. They are top rated snowboard tools that do their job well and are convenient to carry around in your pocket, suspend from your belt or stow in a compartment of your backpack for easy access. The reviews and buying guide will help you decide which tool will serve you best while on the mountain.

How To Choose The Best Snowboard Tool – Buying Guide


While snowboard tools are essential for on the fly adjustments and emergency snowboard repairs and maintenance while on the slopes, you want to keep your gear minimal. This means that you have to choose the snowboarding multi-tool to carry with you with care.

You want to have the snowboard tools you need so it comes in handy, be sturdy and able to get the job done, and be easy to carry while snowboarding. Here are the factors to consider in order to determine what tool will work best for you.


A tool for snowboards should be large enough to get its job done well but not so bulky that it is difficult to carry and weighs you down on the slopes. You should be able to stow it in your backpack, suspend it from your belt or even toss it in your jacket or snowboard pant side pocket but it should also offer you a sure grip so you can apply the force needed to loosen or tighten screws. A multi-tool that packs multiple snowboard tools into one compact package is ideal.

The tool should also be reasonably lightweight so it doesn’t weigh you down on the mountain but is sturdy enough to work well and last a while. You can also opt for a super-compact snowboard mini tool to keep in your snowboard jacket or pant pocket always so you have a tool to make quick bodges in a pinch until you get to the lodge and use a larger snowboard screwdriver or any other relevant tool to complete the job.

Another aspect of size to consider is the size of the screwdrivers, wrenches, and other individual tools built into the tool. Make sure the shapes and sizes are compatible with the sizes of the screws on your snowboard bindings.

Tool Set

Make sure you choose a snowboard multi-tool that is equipped with screwdrivers, wrenches, and any other snowboard tools you will need to tighten bindings and make any other repairs while snowboarding. Be sure to check your snowboard first so you can choose a multi-tool with the right combination of snowboard tools.

Most snowboard and snowboard bindings issues that come up while on the mountain can be fixed using a #3 Philips head screwdriver or a Pozi drive N°3 flat head screwdriver. A snowboard ratchet driver is essential for fine-tuning your snowboard set up to suit the riding style and terrain.

Most snowboard tool kits also include flathead screwdrivers, Allen keys, and wrenches in sizes that are compatible with most snowboards. If you want some extras, there are also multi-tools that come with extra snowboard tools such as a snowboard edge tool, tuning tool, corkscrew, pocket knife, or even a bottle opener.


The best snowboard tool to go for will depend on how you intend to use it while on the slopes. Have your needs in mind as you shop and choose a multi-tool that is equipped with the essential snowboard tools that suit the intended use. As a snowboarder, the number one issue you will find yourself needing to fix on the fly is loosened bindings. This means using snowboard screwdrivers and wrenches to loosen and tighten screws.

You will also find yourself needing to make quick adjustments to your snowboard setup. A ratchet driver will enable you to make tweaks on the go.

The tool should also be easy to use and do its jobs well. The tool should be strong and have a sturdy handle you can grip to apply the torque needed to loosen and tighten screws to secure the bindings. Being able to grip the handle and use the tool without taking your snowboard gloves off is also important, so won’t be at risk of frostbite.

By keeping the intended use in mind and paying attention to the ease of use, you are sure to end up with a functional tool that will come in handy many times.


Q: Why Do I Need To Carry Snowboarding Tool?


You should always carry a trusty snowboard tool so you’re prepared for emergency repairs and maintenance. You will be able to bodge in a pinch and make tweaks to your snowboard and its snow accessories while on the slopes.

Carrying a snowboarding tool is essential for safety while snowboarding. If your snowboard bindings come loose and you lose a screw, having extra screws and a trusty tool can save you from getting stranded on snowy slopes.

Carrying one also helps you make the most of your snowboarding expeditions. You will be able to make adjustments quickly when you want to try a different riding style or ride on different terrain and you don’t have to stop your ride and get to the lodge first if your snowboard needs repair or adjustment.

Q: How To Use Snowboarding Tool?


How to use your snowboarding tool will depend on what kind of issue you’re fixing or tweak you’re making and the right kind of tool for the job. If you need to adjust your snowboard bindings, make sure the bindings are aligned and angled properly, identify the correct size screwdriver then grip the tool handle and apply the necessary torque to get the bolts nice and tight.

Globo Surf Overview

Snowboarding is hard on your board, especially when you land numerous jumps. Even when you hit the slopes equipped with the best snowboard and with the bindings set and installed properly, you will still find yourself experiencing some issues somewhere down the slope and needing to stop and complete some repairs.

Equipment malfunction can ruin a promising day on the snow but not when you are armed with the right snowboarding tool. All you have to do is stop, fish out the right tool, adjust the binding, or fix any other issue then keep riding.

You will also be able to adjust and fine-tune your snowboard set up to suit a different riding style or terrain. You won’t have to go to the lodge just to tighten a loose bolt. This maximizes your safety on the slopes and allows you to make the most of your snowboarding expedition.

It is, therefore, crucial to have the right snowboard tools with you while on the mountain. You can’t go wrong with the best snowboard tools above. To determine the tool that will serve you best while on the slopes, be sure to pay attention to the size, tool set, and use as explained in our buying guide.

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