Transporting your snowboarding gear and protecting it in the process isn’t always an easy task. Regardless of how you travel (car, bus, or plane), you want your board, bindings, and boots to reach the ski center in one piece. If you wish to protect the equipment properly, you’ll need to invest in a high-quality snowboard bag.

But how do you find a snowboard bag for your board? Well, it needs to be strong, spacious, and have enough padding to absorb the shocks. It’s also a big plus if it has additional compartments and wheels so you can roll it instead of carrying it.

To help you choose, this article will break down everything you need to know about the construction and features. In addition, we’ll also present the best snowboard bags currently available so you can have peace of mind when preparing for a trip.

How To Choose The Best Snowboard Bag – Buying Guide


Material (Soft vs Hard)

When choosing your new bag, you can pick between two bag types– soft or hard. Soft snowboard bags are usually made from high-denier polyester or nylon. They are lighter and more practical, but don’t protect from the hardest impacts. On the other hand, hardshell board bags are made from tough polyethylene that resists hits well but significantly increases the overall weight and bulk.


The size of your snowboarding bag is one of the most important aspects to consider. For example, a kids snowboard bag won’t be able to fit a standard board properly. On the other hand, a sports bag that is too large won’t keep the board in place. Because of this, the best snowboard bags come in sizes ranging from 145 to 185cm so every snowboarder can easily find the right fit.


The best snowboard travel bag needs to have good padding on every wall because it absorbs impacts so the board doesn’t get damaged. Padding is usually made from foam, but the thickness varies from one travel snowboard bag to the other so you need to pay attention to this. 

Interior Straps

The best snowboard bags are often much larger than the snowboard itself to allow packing additional snowboard luggage. But, if it’s half-empty, the board might move around too much. Because of this, it’s great if the snowboard bag for air travel comes with elastic interior straps so you can secure the board in place.

Compression Straps

As you certainly know, a fully loaded snowboard roller bag can be so bulky that it exceeds airline limitations or hardly fits in the trunk. However, if you go for products with compression straps, you can press on them and reduce their overall size so they are easier to pack and carry.


All of us know that a loaded snowboard sleeve bag can be very heavy. However, instead of carrying it, many of the products featured in our snowboard bag reviews are equipped with wheels and allow you to roll it too. Buying a snowboard bag with wheels makes transporting multiple boards a lot more convenient.


Even if the main compartment is very spacious, additional pockets can be very useful and help you organize everything. The best snowboard travel bags for air travel come with both interior and exterior pockets so you can easily pack smaller equipment like goggles, hats, or any other item.



Q: Why Use A Snowboard Bag?


You should use a snowboarding bag because it’s the easiest way to transport your board and the best way to protect it from damage in transportation. The best snowboard bags are heavy-duty and fully padded, making sure that the gear inside survives even rough handling.

Q: Are There Special Airline Policies For Snowboard Bags?


Yes, but not all airlines have the same regulations, which is why you need to check this before the snowboarding trip. This being said, snowboarding bags are nothing new for the airliners, and most look at them as oversized baggage that requires additional fees.

Q: How To Properly Pack My Snowboard?


While your snowboarding bag is still empty, you should put the snowboard on the bottom and secure it with the elastic straps. However, if the snowboard bag for travel doesn’t come with padded protection of its own, our advice is that you put some kind of clothing on both sides of the board.

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Traveling with your winter gear can be very stressful because it can get damaged easily. Luckily, the best snowboard bags offer you the protection you need thanks to their heavy-duty materials and generous padding. We hope that our list of top rated snowboard travel bags pointed you in the right direction, so you can transport your snowboarding bag without concern.

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