Warm and waterproof boots are a must-have when working or having fun on the snow but they can only protect your legs up to the ankles. If you will be snowshoeing on powder snow, hiking in the winter, skiing in the rain, walking through river crossings or tall brush, you need additional protection and this is the point of snow leg gaiters. Just strap a pair of tall, waterproof gaiters onto your winter or hiking boots and around your legs, and voila! You now have the coverage and protection of tall boots!

Gaiters will protect your lower legs and pants from snow, chill, rain, moisture, mud, dirt, debris, scratches, and insect bites. Below are the best snow gaiters on the market right now. They roll up into super-compact packages and aren’t a bother to carry or wear and they offer protection from even the deepest snow when snowshoeing, skiing, hiking, hunting, fishing, climbing, trekking, running, walking, or shoveling snow.

How To Choose The Best Snow Gaiters – Buying Guide


While tall snowshoe gaiters have the same design, they are made of different materials and have different features. To decide what pair to order, have the boots you will be pairing them with and the activities you will be engaging in while wearing gaiters in mind, and consider the following factors:


The most efficient gaiters for snow are made of tough, waterproof, tear, and puncture-resistant materials such as nylon, polyester, and Cordura. Gore-tex and neoprene gaiters are excellent materials but they come at premium price tags.

For the strap that goes under the boots, Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is a great material, as it is a high strength, highly resistant to abrasion and harsh elements, and can withstand low temperatures without freezing. The buckles and hooks should be rustproof metal such as stainless steel.


To keep water and snow out and keep your legs and/or pants legs dry, gaiters should be waterproof. The fabric itself should be tightly woven and have a water-repellant coating to offer excellent snow and moisture protection. Gaiters for snowshoeing should also fit around your legs and over your winter or hiking boots to ensure water doesn’t find its way in. All the top picks above are waterproof gaiters that will keep you completely dry and warm. 


Gaiters are an extra layer on your leg and they shouldn’t be so heavy that they weigh you down. Look for reasonably lightweight gaiters that won’t add pounds to your leg but will be thick enough to protect you from the elements and last many seasons. Lightweight gaiters are also convenient to carry in your snowshoe backpack


Make sure the pair of gaiters you buy will fit well around your calves and over the boots you will be wearing them with. Gaiter sizing is determined by leg length and calf circumference. To determine what size to order, measure from your ankle bone to just below your knee, and around your calf while wearing the snow pants you will be strapping the gaiters over. Compare the measurement to the manufacturer’s size chart and choose the corresponding size. 


Important features to look for when selecting a pair of gaiters include sturdy fasteners, smooth buckles, and shoelace hooks. These features give you a way to tighten the fit at the top and at the bottom to prevent the gaiters from sliding down and bunching or coming apart. The best gaiters for snow have velcro zippers for ease of use with thick winter gloves on. 


You definitely want quality snow or hiking gaiters that will offer the protection you need and last a while. Quality gaiters are well made using tough materials, quality stitching, and high-quality components such as strong velcro fasteners, sturdy buckles and hooks, and rugged foot straps. Reviews by users should attest to their quality.


Leg gaiters are exposed to harsh conditions. They should be able to withstand freezing conditions and harsh elements. The best hiking gaiters for snow made of tough materials that can resist wear will serve you for a long time. The velcro fasteners should be strong and resilient to stand up to repeated opening and closing and the metal buckles and hooks should be rustproof.

The strap on the bottom takes the greatest amount of abuse and should be especially rugged if it is to hold up well. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) has high shear strength and high wear, freezing, and elements resistance.



Q: What Is The Difference Between Hiking and Snow Leg Gaiters?


While both hiking and snowshoe gaiters have a similar design, gaiters for snowshoeing should also be able to withstand extremely cold weather without freezing and protect legs from snow and cold. Those gaiters also function as cold weather hiking gaiters. Warm weather hiking gaiters should be lightweight and breathable.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Snow Leg Gaiters?


Gaiters for snowshoeing add an extra layer of protection against snow, moisture, cold and frostbite. They prevent snow, water, and debris from getting into your winter boots and pant legs. They keep your legs totally dry, warm, and comfortable so you can make the most of your adventures on the snow.

Q: Are Snow Leg Gaiters Necessary For Snowshoeing?


Absolutely! When snowshoeing on deep and powder snow with only snowshoes and snowshoeing boots on, snow can still find its way into your boots and make your legs wet, frigid, and at risk of frostbite. Snowshoeing gaiters provide an invaluable layer of protection against snow and cold keeping your pant legs, socks, boots and legs dry and warm.

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A pair of gaiters are a must-have accessory when working or having fun on deep or powder snow. The best gaiters for snow are waterproof and can withstand cold weather. All the picks reviewed here are high-quality, waterproof, wear and cold temperature resistant and offer excellent snow protection. As long as you pick the best gaiters for snowshoeing and get the right size that will fit over your boots and around your calves, you will get the protection you need to engage in your activities in comfort.

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