Sitting somewhere between sport and meditation, given the extreme level of concentration it requires, slacklining has long left the circus tent to become an activity that many people enjoy and that even more people are intrigued about. Without the best slackline with you, however, you can do little more than watch and you won’t go far in learning about the craft.

Luckily, a wide range of options are available to get you initiated, and even the best slackline for beginners will help you considerably improve your skills, without necessarily having to buy the more expensive, expert models. In this articles we will list and review the best slacklines on the market today, so you can quickly choose the ones you like best and be on your way practicing this inspiring and stimulating activity.

How To Choose A Slackline – Buying Guide



There is no taking away the risks that come with slacklining even if you choose the best line of the bunch, but the danger is an integral part of what makes this activity fun. There a few pieces of safety equipment you can use though, such a harness to tie yourself to the line or a learning line you can hold on to while you practice your moves. Furthermore, some brands make it clear which quality tests their lines have gone through while others don’t, so you want to read slackline reviews carefully before making your decision.


The rigidity of the line you choose has to depend on your skill level. The harder the line, the easier it is to walk on it since it sags and moves around less, so a taut line is best for beginners. As your skills improve, you can transition to a less rigid line, as the added flexibility is more suited to performing tricks and acrobatics. 

Type Of Sport

Despite its simple appearance, slacklining is actually a very complete sport that can lead to numerous health benefits. When walking a line, one not only develops balance but also improves core strength, posture and focus while using all the muscles in the body. The intense concentration required can also have some mental benefits, similar to the ones that meditation delivers.


Most beginner slacklines are 2 inches in width since this size provides a wide enough base to understand the techniques that one has to learn to progress in slacklining. As your skill improves, you can transition to a more challenging 1-inch line, which is the width that the sport originated on.

Max Weight

The maximum weight number you find written in reviews indicates the breaking limit for slacklines. This will probably never be a problem, since even the weakest of lines is usually rated to hold up to 300 pounds. There are on the market some even stronger options, that stretch to unimaginable heights such as 4 or 5 tons. In any case, whatever you choose you can rest assured that the line will not, literally, let you down.



Q: How Do You Pick A Slackline?


Your skill level will play an important role in the choice of your slackline. For beginners, wide lines are the best to start on and you don't even need very long lengths. You'll find plenty of kits that can get you started for not too much money and that are easy to carry. As you progress you can transition to a one-inch line and go for greater lengths and flexibility.

Q: How Hard Is Slacklining?


The art of slacklining is actually not so hard to get into. It might seem difficult at first if you have never tried, but most people manage to get the hang of it after just a couple of sessions, so it's reasonable to say that after two to three weeks you should be well on your way.

Q: How Wide Is A Slackline?


Most slacklines you'll find on the market will be one or two inches wide. The two-inch ones are the most recommended for beginners, for obvious reasons, while all the masters use the one-inch versions. Depending on your skill level you can figure out which one to choose.

Q: Is Slacklining A Good Workout?


Yes. Not only does slacklining improve your balance and focus, but it's also a very good workout for your core and leg muscles, since they all have to learn to work together. The sport also requires a high level of concentration, and can sometimes come to feel like some sort of meditation.

Q: How Do I Get Better At Slacklining?


Practice, practice, practice. There is no easy way to get good at anything and slacklining is no exception, you need to put the work in to see the results. As we have said earlier though, getting started is not as hard as it seems, so if you try hard enough you'll probably avoid disappointments.

Q: How Do I Start Slacklining?


Start by placing your line just a foot or so off the ground and use the training line that comes included in many kits. This will allow you to get accustomed to the feeling of being on the line and will help you develop your balance, which you can then use to let go of the arm line.

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The sport of slacklining is ever growing in popularity but for those looking to start, it’s always hard to find the right way between all the options the market offers. In our reviews, we have presented the best options available for those looking to take up the sport in 2022, so they can quickly cruise through the shopping and head straight for the fun.

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