Do you need a new ski jacket? Well, we’ve got you covered. A ski jacket makes or breaks the deal when it comes to winter adventures as the most efficient ski jackets come with specific features that allow us to make the most of a skiing season. 

Whether it is a ski coat or a ski jacket, making a choice is often difficult as you need to consider a range of attributes such as weatherproofing, durability, and breathability.

That is why we’ve come up with the list of the 10 Best Ski Jackets In 2022 based on several ski jackets reviews. There is also a comprehensive buying guide to help you out in case of any hesitations.

How To Choose A Ski Jacket – Buying Guide

There are some specifics when it comes to buying the best ski coats or jackets. You need to pay closer attention to some details – otherwise, you can be disappointed when you hit the track. The ski jacket you pick needs to be waterproof, breathable, and comfortable above everything else. With that, there are few more features to put ponder on. 


The material is one of the things that determine how a ski jacket performs in the snow, so it’s important to look into it before you buy your ski jacket. Most of the jackets are made of either nylon or polyester. They can both be great but have their ups and downs. Nylon is tough and usually has excellent waterproofing. However, it sometimes falls short in terms of breathability. On the other hand, polyester is strong and can be very breathable, but often less water-resistant than nylon. 

Ski jackets are made of a combination of materials, so you get the best out of everything. Though it depends on personal preference and type of surroundings, a wise choice is to go for a ski jacket that can “breathe” and resists water and wind with ease. 


Insulation is another important aspect to consider in a ski parka or jacket. Several options come with or without insulation and which one you choose depends on personal preference. If you pick a jacket without insulation, you need to wear multiple layers to ensure warmth. In case you pick an insulated jacket, you can avoid such a need. In general, insulated ones are often more convenient. You need to be smart about insulation because the mountain climate can be harsh and you can find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation if you’re not warm enough.



Another aspect to consider is waterproofing as the best ski wears should stop water from entering inside so that you can be dry and comfortable. There are different levels of waterproofing, and while some only keep you dry in light rain, others can resist a whole day of rolling around in the snow. When choosing your ski jacket, make sure that the label says it’s waterproof, and not just water-resistant. With that also check the material and the type of seam as these affect the waterproofing ability of a ski jacket. 


Just like other attributes, breathability is equally important to consider. Since skiing can be intensely physical activity, you will get sweaty at some point. That is why your ski wear should allow the moisture to escape so you remain dry. Otherwise, the sweat will cool down when you stop, and you will get freezing quickly. To understand the breathability of a particular ski parka, check for the breathability rating and pick the one with high numbers. In case the rating is not available, check for the materials and the design of the jacket. While ski jacket reviews can help you more in picking a breathable jacket, ensure that your choice of the jacket comes with breathable zippers and vents for the least. 


Several different factors contribute to the overall warmth your new ski jacket will give you. Here the first thing you need to consider is a combination of materials used to make the shell and insulation. With that consider the protection offered by the jacket from rain, snow, and wind, as it indirectly helps in keeping you warm. Finally, have a look at the design of the jacket and go with a model that can trap the heat of your body inside the insulated jacket more efficiently.

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Depending on the type of skiing you engage in, weight is more or less of a factor. Generally speaking, most ski jackets are light enough that you won’t feel like they’re weighing you down. Any jacket up to 3lbs of weight shouldn’t be a problem for most skiers. This being said, some people prefer and spend extra money on lightweight ski jackets that weigh under 1lb.


Ski jackets are specific in a way that they have many additional features to make them more usable in the snow. These features can improve the jacket’s performance and add value to its utility. Some of the coolest ski jackets come with features such as zippered pockets, adjustable cuffs, strategically placed vents, an adjustable hood, or a snow skirt. While making a choice, keep in mind that you should include most of these features especially pockets.


Ski wear that doesn’t fit well is of less use. Choosing the right fit for your ski jacket has to do with your preference and needs to be adapted to your activity on the snow. Generally speaking, jackets are split into three types when it comes to fit – slim, regular, and loose. Here a piece of wise advice is to go for a regular fit since it gives the most comfort, freedom of movement, and possibilities of layering underneath without the jacket feeling too baggy. 


Another purpose of a ski jacket is to give you proper protection and allow you to focus on enjoying yourself. Unlike the casual jacket you wear every day, a jacket needs to completely block water from coming in. Being wet in a cold environment can be bad for you, so the jacket must work as it should. Be sure to check the waterproof rating so you aren’t unpleasantly surprised afterward. With that also look for an option that is windproof and made of high-quality material. 


We have mentioned here and there throughout the text the three different types of ski jackets that exist, but now we will go into closer detail and give you more information about each one. In case you missed it, the three types of jackets are hardshell, softshell, and a 3-in-1 jacket. Picking out the right type depends on which properties you need and how much are you willing to pay for them.

  • Hardshell: Hardshell winter ski jackets are made to give you the best protection against water and wind while keeping the weight light. But if you go with this type, you may need to wear an additional layer underneath for additional warmth. 
  •  Softshell: Next is the Softshell jackets that offer fantastic breathability and usually feel incredibly comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, softshells are not waterproof and thus many require pairing in extreme conditions.
  • Universal: Finally, we have the universal 3-in-1 jackets that are often the best solution for most skiers. They are made of two different winter ski jackets – a shell on the outside with a zippered insulation layer (liner) on the inside, often made of synthetic fleece. The advantage is that you save some money because you get both weather protection and warmth from the same product.

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Last but not least, you need to think about how you plan on using your insulated ski parka, as we earlier suggested. Only this way can you get a jacket for your skiing adventure. As you well know, some people prefer resort skiing, while others like backcountry skiing and going out on unmarked territory and explore areas without that many people around them.



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When equipping for a ski trip, a good jacket is an essential part. The most efficient ski jackets protect you and allow you to enjoy yourself in the snow without thinking about them. Choosing a ski jacket may be difficult, but if you consider the pointers we gave, you can filter the most efficient ski jacket coat for you that can make your skiing adventures more enjoyable.

One thing that you need to understand is the fact that there is no universal jacket that is going to be the best for everyone as it depends on the type of skiing, but also your budget. We tried our best to give you top rated ski coats to choose from in our ski jacket reviews – cheap or expensive, lightweight, or with added insulation. Take your time, take your pick, and have fun in the snow!

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