While many cyclists choose a bicycle that has multiple gears, it can be nice to get back to the basics. The best single speed bike eliminates the challenges that can come with multiple gears so that you get an uncomplicated riding experience. Single speed urban bikes are also easier to maintain and due to their lightweight frames, they’re great for commuting or casual exercise. 

But choosing the right kind of single speed bike can be tricky if you aren’t aware of the differences between the models. There’s a lot to consider including the single speed bike frames, brakes, and handlebars. With lots of different designs, you should be able to find a good single speed bicycle. Our list of quality products will help you get started in your search and give you a strong push in the right direction.

How To Choose a Single Speed Bike – Buying Guide



The frame is a very important part of your bike because it not only affects the overall size of your bicycle, but also the quality and durability of the bike’s construction. The frame can also affect the riding position and overall comfort of the rider. 

The quality of a frame can often be determined by the material used in its construction. An aluminum frame is lightweight and a popular option on the market due to its affordability, but if you need more durability, you should choose steel. Steel frames are heavier but designed to withstand more rugged riding. 


The wheels are important to consider in correlation to the durability of the bicycle. Most wheels on cheap single speed bikes are 700c. This size is a good general option that fits most riders, regardless of their height. 

A fixed gear bike will have a threaded cog, which means that the wheels, pedals, and hubs cannot move independently. If you are riding and your wheels are turning, your pedals will always turn too. This is a unique setup that allows the riders to cycle forwards or backwards and it prevents the cogs from becoming loose. 


The other wheel design option is called freewheel. Single speed bike frames that are freewheel means that your wheels, pedals, and hubs can move independently of each other. For riders who want to be able to coast down the road, you will need a freewheel design because this allows your tires to spin without the pedals being in motion too. 

Some of the best single speed bikes actually have a flip-flop hub, which allows you to choose between a fixed or freewheel ride. This means that you can alter the hub and customize your riding experience. 


When you are looking at the tires of your bicycle, it is important to consider their design to determine how they can be used. The best single speed mountain bike will have thicker tires with an aggressive tread. Single speed gravel bikes will also be similar to a single speed 29er mountain bike. 

But a single speed road bicycle needs to have narrow tires with a light tread to keep you moving quickly over smooth surfaces. A single speed hybrid bike will have tires that are between those of a road and mountain bike to give you the best of both designs. 


The handlebar is what keeps you comfortable and in control while riding, so you want a design that you feel good using and holding. There are a lot of different handlebar designs, but you should be able to find one that suits your preferences. 

Riser handlebars are by far the most popular design and often the most comfortable. A top rated single speed mountain bike will often use the riser handlebar because it gives you excellent control. 



Q: Are Single Speed Bikes Good?


Yes, if you are riding for short distances and on flatter terrain. Due to the elimination of extra gears, most single speed bikes are ridden around the city or on casual mountain trails. The no-fuss design of a single speed bike with disc brakes makes it a very popular option and a great choice for riders who just want a basic design.

Q: What Should I Look For In A Single Speed Bike?


The best single speed bike will be durable, functional, and reliable. You should be able to get years out of your bike and enjoy your riding experience. Single speed bike reviews can help you find a top rated single speed mountain, hybrid, or road bike design. 

Q: How Fast Can A Single Speed Bike Go?


The lighter weight of cheap single speed bikes means that they are often faster than other bicycles on the market. While there are not often specific speeds measured or provided, you should expect to travel faster because single speed bike frames carry less weight. 

Q: What Is A Single Speed Bike?


A single speed or fixed gear bike means that there is not option to shift into a higher or lower gear. The bike chain is fixed onto one track and you pedal with only one speed. For many cyclists, this is a great way to get around because it reduces the weight of a bike. But the downsides can be that with a single speed it is harder to travel up hills or on soft terrain.

Q: Is A Single Speed Bike Better Than Geared?


Single speed urban bikes are great for commuting around the city. With less maintenance, they are a great choice for riders who don’t want a complicated design or drivetrain. With less weight packed onto the frame, a single speed bicycle makes it easier to pedal and increases your overall riding efficiency.

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With a quality single speed bike, you can take your commuting experience to the next level. The easy care and simple riding that the best single speed bike provides will remind you about the joys of cycling. With less complications, fixed gear bikes are become more popular options for all types of commuters and city riders.

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