Sailing is a way of life. When you are out on the ocean waves with the wind in your face, you feel at one with nature. Sailing is a part of who you are. When you are traversing the winds of the sea and the currents underneath, you want to be in control. The best boat shoes for sailing give you this control.

A top rated sailing shoe will be comfortable. They will be non-slip. They will be durable and able to stand up to the elements. They will be something you can forget about as you navigate to your destination. Here are ten of the very best.

How To Choose Shoes For Sailing – Buying Guide


Sailing shoes often do not follow the same sizing conventions of a regular shoe. If you are buying a sailing shoe for the first time, you should buy one in a store where you can get your foot measured and try some on.


Leather, suede, canvas and other synthetic materials are commonly found in sailing shoes. The material you decide on depends on your needs. Do you need a durable shoe or one which is more comfortable? Try some on and see how they feel.

Non-Slip Sole

It goes without saying that boat decks come with a lot of water. If you are going to be moving around a slippery deck, then non-slip shoes are a must.

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An upper will wick the water from your feet and keep them dryer for longer. Leather will be softer and more comfortable. Synthetics will dry faster. The choice is up to you.

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Q: Are Boat Shoes Water-Resistant?


Some boat shoes are water-resistant, and some are not. Within that, some are more water-resistant than others. You should choose your shoe based on the amount of salt water you will come into contact with as the salt water can be corrosive. There are creams and sprays you can buy which, once applied, can make your shoe waterproof.

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Q: What Should I Wear With Sailing Shoes?


The short answer is: whatever you want. The longer answer depends on where you are going. If you are wearing your sailing shoes around town, then wear whatever feels comfortable and goes with the shoes.

If you are sailing out into choppy waters, then you want to make sure that you are wearing clothes which will protect you from the elements and be comfortable in different temperatures.

How To Take Care Of Sailing Shoes

Sailing shoes spent a lot of time in the elements, so you should take the time to care for them, or they can fall apart.

  • Use a waterproof spray or cream if they are not water-resistant.
  • Shine leather before wearing to protect more against the elements.
  • Use non-alcohol polishes for leather shoes. Creams and pastes are preferred.
  • Keep your shoes free of dirt and dust. Remove any salt which accumulates.
  • Use cornmeal to clean suede shoes. Rub the cornmeal into the shoe and then rub off.
  • Machine wash if it is okay to do so. If not, then follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions.
  • Air-dry your shoes at room temperature.
  • Repair the soles as needed.

Globo Surf Overview

Being out on the open waters is a gift given to us by nature. Even the closed waters are amazing. You cannot quite get the same feeling when you are on land. You move with the energy of the Earth. Taking care of your feet is of the utmost importance when you are out on the water or in a wet area. A good pair of shoes can support your feet while giving you the protection you need. Buying the right pair of shoes can make all the difference when you make that step from the land to the water.

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