Taking care of your feet is of the utmost importance when you’re out on the water. A good pair of sailing shoes can support your feet while giving you the protection you need when traversing the winds of the sea and the currents underneath. The best boat shoes for sailing are comfortable, non-slip, and able to stand up to the marine elements. The sailing shoes reviews below feature 10 of the very best top rated sailing shoes.

How To Choose Shoes For Sailing – Buying Guide



Sailing shoes don’t follow the sizing conventions of regular shoes. Due to this, it’s important to measure your feet and follow the manufacturer’s size chart, especially when buying a boat shoe for the first time.


Leather, suede, canvas and other synthetic materials are commonly used in making shoes for boats. The material to choose comes down to the conditions you will be sailing in, the kind of adventures you go on, and personal preference.

Non-Slip Sole

It goes without saying that boat decks are bound to get wet and slippery. When you’re going to be moving around on a slippery deck, then non-slip deck shoes are a must-have. Rubber outsoles provide a stable traction on boat decks. 

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The uppers of the shoes for a boat is also an important consideration. The best boat shoes feature leather, mesh, and synthetic materials. Leather is softer and more comfortable, while synthetics dry faster. Mesh is breathable and promotes quick drainage and drying performance.  

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Q: Are Boat Shoes Water-Resistant?


 Yes, the best boat shoes are water-resistant. They are designed to repel water, allow any water that gets in to drain easily, and dry quickly. However, some waterproof sailing shoes are more water-resistant than others. For example, the best sailing boots are waterproof.    

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Q: What Should I Wear With Sailing Shoes?


Sailing shoes go with almost everything. They pair best with well-fitted shorts, khakis, and jeans and polo shirts or button-down shirts. When sailing, it’s important to wear sailing clothes that will protect you from the elements. As for socks, most shoes for boat aren’t designed to be worn with socks.

Q: How To Take Care Of Sailing Shoes


Here is how to take good care of sailing shoes so they can last a long time:    

  • Keep your shoes free of dirt and salt residue.
  • Machine wash on gentle cycle if it’s okay to do so. If not, follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions.
  • Use non-alcohol polishes for leather shoes. Creams and pastes are ideal.  
  • Use cornmeal to clean suede shoes. Rub the cornmeal into the shoe and then rub off.
  • Air-dry your shoes boating at room temperature.
  • To get rid of odors, you can use baking soda, white vinegar, or rubbing alcohol.  

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Having the best shoes for sailing can make all the difference when you make that step from the land to the water. Hopefully, our sailing shoes reviews will help you find the best sailing boots or performance sailing shoes for the boat you sail and adventures you embark onater.

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