For mountain bikers, maintaining your shock and suspension system is crucial if you want your bike to perform at its highest level. The best shock pump will help you maintain high levels of pressure in your shock and suspension lines, which ensures that your bike will ride smoothly on bumpy trails. 

While shock pumps are small pieces of equipment, they need a lot of power to help you maintain your bike. High PSI, gauge accuracy, and durability are all important considerations when you are looking at a new bike shock pump. 

Our guide highlights eight of the best mountain bike shock pumps that will keep your mountain bike in peak condition, so you can conquer the trail. 

How To Choose A Shock Pump – Buying Guide


Pressure Gauge

The best shock pump should always come with a gauge. However, not all gauges have the same level of accuracy. Smaller gauges are less accurate than larger gauges. Digital shock pump gauges are also known to be less accurate than analog designs. 

When you are looking at a top rated mountain bike shock pump, look at the gauge too. A quality gauge will be easy to read and accurate. Shock pump reviews can be a great resource to help you determine the accuracy of a pressure gauge. 

Air Hose

Every bicycle shock pump also needs an air hose. Without an air hose, your pump is worthless because it can’t be connected to your suspension. A quality air hose will establish a secure connection between the pump and your bike, so you can easily maintain your forks and suspension. 

The best mountain bike air pump will have a flexible air hose, which makes it easy to attach the hose from various angles. A longer air hose is also easier to use with because it will give you more space to work with the pump and your bike. 


The head of your hose should also be adaptable and have a swivel to ensure that you can work from any angle with your bike. The best shock pump will use a locking head, which ensures that you don’t lose any pressure when you disconnect the air hose from your suspension. This helps maintain the high pressure and ensures that you have the correct amount of PSI required for your ride. 


While many top rated mountain bike shock pumps are compact and lightweight, you should still look for a design that has a comfortable and large sized handle. Padding can also increase the comfort of a handle and give you a better grip for accurate pumping. 


Many of the best mountain bike shock pumps also feature a bleed valve for safety. A bleed valve is used to release excess pressure from your hose, which can happen if you have pumped too much air into the suspension system. 

With a bleed valve, you can prevent damage from over-filling your suspension by quickly releasing air. Most bleed valves are controlled by a button on the pump which allows the air to escape when it is pushed. 



Q: Do I Need A Shock Pump?


Yes, a shock pump is an essential part of your mountain bike gear because it will help you maintain and improve your bike’s performance. For all mountain bikers, their shocks are an important part of their suspension, which cushions them against bumps and vibrations on the trail. Without the right amount of pressure, your bike’s performance can quickly decrease. 

A shock pump ensures that your mountain bike and its suspension forks are always ready for a rugged ride. With more pressure, your mountain bike will be able to cushion you against bumpy terrain for a more comfortable riding experience.

Q: Can You Use A Normal Pump For Shocks?


Yes, but normal mountain bike pumps are not made to be compatible with shocks. To use a normal pump, you will probably need an adapter and even then, it may not accurately inflate your shocks. A shock pump is compact and portable, so you can easily take it on the trail for every ride. 

Shock pumps are also designed to be used with your suspension system, so you can accurately maintain the right amount of pressure. With no adapters needed, it is worth the investment to buy a mountain bike air shock pump. Many designs are budget friendly, so you don’t have to choose an expensive pump to get the job done.

Q: Are Shock Pumps Universal?


Yes, most shock pumps are universal and can be used with any mountain bike. However, not all suspension pumps can reach high levels of PSI. Most air shock pumps are functional until about 300 PSI. But there are some designs that have only 150 PSI, while other pumps can reach up to 400 PSI.

Q: What Does A Shock Pump Do?


A shock pump is used to fine-tune your bike’s suspension system. Your shocks and forks need a certain amount of PSI to function properly and ensure that you get the smoothest ride. Just like tires, the PSI of your shocks and forks can decrease. An air shock pump will help you re-establish the right amount of PSI for your ride. It is easy to use a shock pump because it connects directly to your suspensions and can easily manage a high amount of pressure. 

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All mountain bikes need to be maintained, and one of the best ways to ensure you get a smooth ride is to boost the pressure in your suspension. The best shock pump will help you care for your bike and ensure that it is always ready to support you on a challenging ride. With just a few pumps, you can get your shocks back in shape for a great riding experience.

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