As a lover of sailing, you will agree with us that there’s no better way to spend summer days than navigating through the waves. However, a good sailing day can be easily spoiled if you do not have the appropriate sunglasses. There is nothing worse than breezing through the water with the sun and wind in your eyes, blinding you from the very beauty you came to enjoy.

Not only that, but the sun’s harsh UV rays can also damage your eyes. If you’re serious about sailing, investing in the best sailing sunglasses will enhance your boating experience, and ensure that the sun and its reflection on the water don’t cause damage to your eyes. To help you find the right pair of marine sunglasses, our sailing sunglasses reviews break down the 10 best pairs of sailing sunglasses on the market right now.

How To Choose Sunglasses For Sailing – Buying Guide


Lens Colors

When it comes to sailing sunglasses, the color of the lens is more than just a style choice. The ideal tint to choose will depend on the conditions you will be sailing in. Here are the different lens colors you will find on boat glasses:

  • Grey lenses are the most universal. They filter out the brightest of the sun’s rays without changing your color perception.  
  • Yellow lenses (such as amber, copper, and bronze) are great for varying light conditions. They heighten visibility highlighting colors and providing more contrast. Yellow lenses also block out blue light and are great in overcast conditions.
  • Blue lenses reflect blue light and are great in sunny areas which are dominated by blue light (such as the Caribbean).
  • Red lenses heighten contrast, making them good for variable conditions. However, they are not the ideal option as they can cause color imbalances.


When buying sunglasses for the ocean, it’s important to pay attention to the frames. The frame should be lightweight so the sunglasses will be comfortable to wear for many hours at a time. It should also be impact and stress-resistant. Nylon and plastic frames are ideal for active use on the water. Boating sunglasses with adjustable nose pads allow you to fine-tune the fit.


When sailing on the open water, everything around you from the boat to the water will reflect the sun’s rays. This glare can impede your vision and cause eye fatigue. For this reason, marine sunglasses should be polarized. Polarized boat glasses block reflected and scattered light improving visual acuity and reducing eye strain. 


Boat sunglasses will be exposed to saltwater, sweat, heat, light, dirt, and grime. A good pair of sunglasses for the ocean should be durable enough to stand up to these elements. Check what materials the frame and lens are made of. The better the material, the longer your sunglasses will last. It’s better to spend a little more money to get the best sunglasses for boating than to go with a cheap pair that won’t last.



Q: What Is Polarization?


When sunlight hits the water or other boats, it polarizes and bounces off the surface. This reflected light can hurt our eyes and cause discomfort.  When it comes to sunglasses, polarization refers to the ability to eliminate glare. Polarized lenses have a special coating that filters out reflected light or glare allowing you to see clearly, and without straining.    

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Sailing can be a peaceful and meditative practice. Some call it a sport; we like to call it a way of life. However, there is nothing worse than a trip out on the water being ruined by the glare of the sun. Whether you’re a recreational sailor or looking for ocean racing sunglasses, having the best sailing sunglasses can elevate how you sail and help you get the most out of every minute spent on the water.

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