The sun, wind, and sea spray are all part of a good day out on the water. However, these elements can take their toll on your legs. The best sailing pants and shorts are essential to protect your legs from UV rays, wind, cold, and bruises. For the most enjoyable sailing experience, the pair of pants or shorts you wear while sailing should offer you flexibility and comfort.

Sailboat pants and shorts should also be tough enough to withstand the harsh marine conditions and abrasive boat surfaces. To help you find the right pair, the reviews below present the 10 best sailing shorts and pants you can count on to provide the protection and comfort you need while on a sailboat.

How To Choose Sailing Shorts And Pants – Buying Guide


Size and Fit 

Since you will be moving around the boat a lot, proper fit is vital. To avoid getting caught on the many moving parts on a sailboat, shorts and pants for sailing should fit snug but not so tight that they restrict your movements. A classic or active fit is ideal for sailing – it’s comfortable without being restrictive.

Getting a properly fitting pair of sailing shorts or pants starts with ordering the right size. To determine what size to order, measure your waist and inseam, and then consult the provided sizing chart. It’s also important to pay attention to the top closure. An elastic waist and belt loops allow you to customize the fit, while a front button ensures a pair of shorts will stay put even in rough conditions.

Waterproofing and Comfort

When sailing, water is inevitably going to hit you at some point. For this reason, sailboat shorts and pants should be made of water-resistant and quick-drying materials such as nylon. Waterproofing is especially important when shopping for sailing pants to wear in foul weather conditions.  

Waterproof protection shouldn’t be at the expense of comfort though. Pants and shorts for sailing should be breathable and moisture-wicking to keep you cool and dry. Performance sailing shorts should also be flexible to allow you to move freely on deck. 


From saltwater to intense UV rays, your sailing pants or shorts will be constantly exposed to degrading elements while on the water. The materials they’re made of should be strong enough to stand up to these elements and hardwearing enough to hold up well to the abrasive deck surfaces. Padded sailing shorts and boating pants with reinforced seats and knees provide superior durability, as they hold up well to sitting on non-skid deck surfaces.



Q: Why Do I Need Special Pants And Shorts For Sailing?


When sailing, your legs are exposed to the intense sun, wind, and saltwater. You need special pants and shorts for sailing that will protect your legs from these elements, keep you comfortable, and provide a full range of motion. The best sailing pants and shorts can also withstand the harsh marine elements and abrasive boat surfaces and offer long-lasting protection. Due to these reasons, regular pants and shorts won’t suffice for sailing.

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Whether you’re cruising or racing, sailing pants and shorts are an important part of your sailing kit. They protect your legs from the elements while keeping you dry and comfortable. Hopefully, our sailing shorts reviews and sailboat pants guide will help you find the best sailing pants or shorts for the kind of sailing adventures you enjoy and the kind of conditions you sail in.

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