When you are out on the water sailing along the waves, you need clothes which are waterproof, durable, and comfortable. The most popular choice for sailing tends to be either a pair of pants or a pair of shorts, as they allow you to move quickly, and ensure that you are protected from the elements. The best sailing pants and shorts will offer you flexibility and protection. For the most enjoyable sailing experience, you should take the time to consider your sailing conditions, your comfort, and of course your personal style, before deciding on the best sailing shorts or pants for you. We have compiled a list of our top-rated pants and shorts for sailing in 2020.

How To Choose Sailing Shorts And Pants – Buying Guide



When you go out on the ocean, there are a lot of variables. You should not let your pants or shorts be one of them. A sailboat has a lot of moving parts. One minute you are winching the mainsail, and the next, you are dropping your anchor. If you are not in peak condition, and the conditions are bad, then your experience can become unsafe.

A pair of pants, or a pair of shorts, which fit well, will enhance your sailing trip and keep you from danger. You want the pants and shorts to fit, simply because you want to be comfortable. If you are moving around a lot on your boat, and are not comfortable, then you are not going to enjoy the day. You are going to become annoyed if the pants or shorts are rubbing against you or feel constrictive.

By trying on some sailing pants and shorts, you can get to know your exact size, and then you can take advantage of the lower prices online. The perfect fit will make your perfect day.


If you have a pair of pants or shorts which are too big for you, then they will be too loose, and there is a chance of them getting caught. There are so many moving parts on a sailboat that your clothing should fit snug on your body.

The same goes for pants and shorts which are too tight. If they are tight, then they will feel constrictive, and you will not be comfortable. If your clothing is not comfortable, then you are not going to have fun. Tight clothing can also rub and chafe.


You are going to be out on the water. Chances are that that water is going to hit you at some point. When you buy other clothing, such as shoes, you are looking for something waterproof. You should be looking for the same level of water-resistance in your pants and shorts.



Q: Why Do I Need Special Pants And Shorts For Sailing?


When you are out on your boat, you are exposed to the elements. When you are out for a long time in the sun, especially with the glare from the ocean, you protect your eyes with sunglasses. You should also be protecting your legs with shorts or pants. They will provide great protection from the sun, but more than that, they are more durable.

Sailing pants and shorts need to hold up to more than regular pants and shorts. You are working on your boat. You are also getting hit with saltwater. Sailing pants and shorts will also offer you better water-resistance. Sailing shorts and pants will offer you the best protection.

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Choosing the correct pair of pants or shorts doesn’t need to be a hassle. There are only a few key points which you need to think about before you make your purchase. As long as you put a little bit of thought into it, you will have a pair of pants or shorts which will last you a long time. Your pants or shorts will keep you dry and protected when you most need it.

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