Everybody needs clothes, even sailors. When you’re out on your boat on a sunny day, the sun’s rays can quickly burn your skin, even with sunscreen. A top rated sailing trip t-shirt is another way to add a layer of protection against the sun, so it needs to be durable and made of quality material. And since you’re on a boat, a quick dry feature can help keep you dry from any waves that come splashing onboard.

The good news is that there is a wide variety of sailing shirt styles available. From long sleeve to short sleeve designs, there are plenty of options so you can find a comfortable sailing shirt that you’ll love. But if you’re looking to make the buying process easy, we have made a guide to help you find the best sailing shirt and included a list of our eight top picks.

How To Choose A Sailing Shirt – Buying Guide


Out of all the shirt available for sailors, sailing t-shirts tend to stand out as the most popular choice because they are designed to be comfortable, durable, functional, and stylish. They come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can choose exactly what suits your needs and personality. Yet with all the options on the market, you are faced with a difficult choice.

Here are some features that will help you determine what makes quality sailing attire. These tips will help make the buying process effortless, so you can stay focused on rigging your sailboat.


There are a lot of different materials that are used to make sail shirts. Some materials are made of natural fibers and others are synthetic fibers. You will have to decide what material is the most comfortable for you and suits your needs because each type has their own benefits.

Cotton is the most popular natural fiber used for sailboat clothing because it is lightweight and breathable. Cotton is a great material for regulating your body temperature that is generally durable and weatherproof. It is also hypoallergenic, so no one should ever have a bad skin reaction using cotton sailing t shirts.

However, cotton can be heavy when wet and may take longer to dry. Synthetic materials are the most common materials used for quick dry sailing shirts. The three most popular synthetic fibers are Polyester, Nylon, and Microfiber because they are strong, lightweight, and fast drying.

The good news is that all the materials, natural or synthetic, can be made weatherproof, which is important for time spent in the strong ocean spray or on bad weather days aboard your sailboat. The decision will really be down to personal preference, but you should be certain that you are investing in a quality brand or company that uses quality materials to ensure your yachting outfit is long-lasting. The material will also determine whether your shirt is durable; and on the waves, durability is important.


Sailing shirts for sun protection are a very popular solution to avoiding sunburns because saves you money by having to use less sunscreen. Sun protective pieces clothing pieces like long sleeve boating shirts will limit the contact of your skin with direct sunlight. For sailors, this is important because of long days aboard their sailboat.

If you want truly protective clothes for sailing, you should look for designs that offer UV or UPF protection that is ingrained in the fabric and material. The best sailing trip t-shirts will have a UPF rating, which means that it is able to partially block the sun’s rays from penetrating to your skin. The UPF rating, if it is featured in the design, should be listed with the product information, so you know just how protective it is.

But protection will go beyond just the sun on a sailboat. Top rated sailing trip t-shirts will provide protection while you are working on your sailboat too because there is a lot of manual work to do above and below deck. Whether you’re setting the anchor or need to tack and jibe your sailboat, sail shirts can add vital protection to your arms and torso. So, consider how much protection you want and if you should choose a short or long sleeve design.

Design and Style

Design and style are the broadest category of features for sailboat clothing because it is so diverse. There are so many different designs and styles available for sailing clothing that any sailor should find one shirt that satisfies their needs and preferences.

From sailing t shirts to long sleeve boating shirts, sailing attire options are almost endless. There are even different types of collars, so you will ensure that you’ll find the perfect fit. But there is also choice to make in the graphics and colors of the sail shirts too. From “I’d rather be sailing” designs to perfect pastel colors, you’ll have plenty of options in the design and style of your yachting outfit.


The best sailing shirts will fit you properly. You wouldn’t want your sailing shirt to be too small or too big because both ends of the spectrum will lead to problems. It is important that you spend the time to find sailing attire that fits. A sailing shirt that is too small can be uncomfortable and restrictive, which will lead to problems as you are working onboard. But sail shirts that are too large can also be dangerous because if you are working with sailing knives, the extra material can get caught or loose fabric could get tangled up in ropes.

To enjoy safe sailing, your sailing clothing should fit. But fit can be hard to determine because it is a factor that fluctuates with the design, style, and brand of sail shirts. For men and women, the fit of sailboat clothing will be different because of the difference in bodies. Some clothes for sailing will say they have a universal fit and others may be specific to men, women, or children.

If you are struggling to find the proper fit and are shopping online, you should look at sailing shirt reviews. Other buyers will likely give hints about the sizing of the shirt and whether the fit runs large or small. Most unisex shirt will run small for men because they are trying to not be too large for women, so sailing shirt reviews can be especially helpful for these types of shirts to find the perfect fit.


Sailing attire is versatile. It can be used both onboard your sailboat and at the docks. You shouldn’t feel restricted with where you can or can’t use your sailing t shirts. Some of the best sailing shirts are even a hybrid of designs, that offer adjustable features so you can use it for everything. Plus, you should be able to easily pair your sail shirts with your sailing shorts and pants, so you have a complete yachting outfit. But for your safety, you should always use your sailing t shirt with sailing life jackets.

Quick Dry

Since you’re out on the water, quick dry sailing shirts are very popular because they will move moisture away from the body and any time they are wet, they will work hard to dry faster. Quick dry can be an important feature to keep your from feeling cold in the wind.

Top rated sailing trip t-shirts that are quick drying should indicate in the product information whether they have the feature or not. You can also determine if your sailing attire is quick dry by looking at the materials. Quick dry materials are normally synthetic. Think Polyester, Nylon, and microfiber. But remember that with the quick dry feature, you may have to take extra care with your shirt like not using a dryer but hanging it to dry.



Q: Why do I need a special sailing t-shirt?


A sailing t-shirt is a great addition to your wardrobe because many designs have features that are specifically added, so that you feel comfortable on your sailboat and have the protection you need. Specific designs, like sailing shirts for sun protection are great to reduce the risk of sunburn and sailing shirts long sleeve can protect your arms if you’re onboard rigging.

Plus, sailing attire can be fun or may have a specific location that will remind you of fond memories. Plus, there are a lot of designs that have a sailboat theme, so you can display your love for the sport.

Q: How do I wash a sailing t-shirt?


This will depend on the sailing clothing and the material that it is made out of. Generally, most sailing shirts can be machine washed for convenience, but you should always check the label. Some sailing shirts for sun protection have a layer added to the material to make it more durable and machine washing can strip that material away.

If you are worried about damaging your shirt, you should look at the label or cleaning instructions provided by the brand because they may tell you what detergents to avoid or how not to wash your shirt. The instructions will be specific to your sail shirt and will offer the best cleaning advice to ensure your shirt is long-lasting.

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Top rated sailing trip t-shirt will always be the most popular choice of sailing attire. Sail shirts off great durability, versatility, function, and style. With the best sailing shirts, you will be able to hop abroad and set sail in style. The best sailing trip t-shirts would also make a great gift for sailors.

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