From protecting your face and neck from harmful UV rays to keeping you cool and comfortable, a sailing hat is an essential accessory for an enjoyable day on the water. The best sailing hat should provide UPF 50 sun protection and feature a wide brim to provide adequate coverage for your face and neck. It should also fit comfortably and stay on even when gusts of wind blow. In this article, we take a closer look at the ten best sailing hats on the market.

How To Choose A Sailing Hat – Buying Guide



From bucket hats to fedora hats, sailing hats come in a variety of styles. Besides personal preference, the style to opt for comes down to the level of protection you need. Sailing bucket hats, like our number one pick the Tilley hat for sailing, provide excellent coverage and protection from the sun.

On the other end of the spectrum, boating caps cover and protect your head and face but this type of sail hat leaves your neck exposed. Whether you prefer a fedora or cruiser hats, you should be able to find a sailing cap style to your suit your needs. 


Not all boating hats offer the same level of coverage and protection. It is, therefore, important to determine what kind of protection you want from your boat hat. Women’s boating caps and mens boating hats boasting UPF 50 protection block at least 98% of harmful UVB and UVA radiation.

Boating caps and cruiser hats shield your face and eyes while still letting you feel the breeze on your neck. For all-around coverage, opt for cruiser hats and sailing bucket hats equipped with a wide brim. The best hat for sailing, regardless of whether it’s a bucket hat or boating cap, should offer UPF 50 UV protection.


Women’s and men’s boating hats should be durable. Hats for boating are constantly exposed to harsh elements including saltwater and UV rays. Sail hats should be able to withstand these elements.

When evaluating hats for boating, one way to find out if a sailing cap or hat is long lasting is to read sailing hat reviews by other sailors and choose a highly rated boat hat. Additionally, the best sailing hat will be made of high-quality nylon and polyester materials, as these materials can withstand harsh elements.

Features and Use

Wind is part and parcel of sailing. For this reason, good boating hats feature an adjustable chin strap that ensure they stay on even when gusts of wind blow. To keep you cool and comfortable, sail hats should also feature a breathable material, vents, and have a sweat-wicking band. All these features ensure a comfortable experience even when spending all day on your sailboat.


Last but not least, a good sailing hat should also be easy to maintain. Besides opting for a top rated hat for sailing, be sure to check the description and instructions provided by the manufacturer. This will help you find out the maintenance requirement of the boat hat you’re considering and make the right choice of boat hat when it comes to ease of maintenance.



Q: Why Do I Need A Sailing Hat?


Sailing hats are essential to protect your head, face, and neck from the sun. The best sailing hats block harmful UV rays and protect your face and neck from sunburn and long-term sun damage. The sun is especially intense on the open water and your face and neck are not only directly exposed to the sun’s rays but also incredibly vulnerable to sun damage.

In addition to applying sunscreen and donning sunglasses, skin experts recommend putting on boating hats as a physical barrier against the sun. A top rated hat for sailing can really reduce the contact you have with the sun and provide you with some shade.

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Q: How Do I Measure The Level Of Protection?


There are two ways to determine the level of protection a sail hat offers: checking the hat’s UPF rating and considering the coverage it offers. A sailing cap or hat boasting a UPF 50+ rating offers maximum sun protection by blocking 98 percent of the sun's rays.

The design of the hat can also tell you how protective hats for sailors are against the sun. Sailing bucket hats with a wide brim and back flaps are more protective than boating caps. Choosing a highly rated hat is also a smart way to ensure you end up with the best hat for sailing you can count on to protect you while sailing.

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From providing sun protection to adding style to your sailing attire, a sailing hat is an essential accessory for a successful day on the water. With a top rated hat for sailing, you will be able to sail without getting sunburnt or worrying about sun damage. Hopefully, our guide and reviews of the best men’s sun hat for sailing will help you find the best sailing hat for your needs.

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