For sailors, slippery decks and wet feet are a part of life. But just because there’s water onboard, doesn’t mean you have to be slipping and sliding around or walk around with drenched socks. With a pair of top rated men’s sailing boots, you’ll stay secure on deck with dry feet to make sure you enjoy your time on your sailboat and don’t fall overboard.

The best sailing boots will be waterproof and have non-slip treads with a durable design. They would protect your feet and ankles from the water, bumps, and scratches that may occur was you work or move around your sailboat. If you don’t know what makes quality boots for sailing, you can use our guide.

We have complied a list of features that will help point you in the right direction to finding the best men’s sailing boots and to get one foot in the door, you start your search with our top 6 picks of the best sailing boots.

How To Choose Sailing Boots – Buying Guide


The main functions of yachting boots are to keep you dry and give your feet a little tread, so they don’t slip on the deck. Waterproof boat boots should be durable, versatile, and functional to offer the best protection for sailor’s feet and ensure they are safe sailing. What makes a quality sailing boot will be reliant on the features.

Here, we have made a buying guide that will highlight what features make the best sea boots, so you don’t feel lost at sea when searching for your perfect pair.


Boots are a style in themselves, so there aren’t many options in style when you already know you would like a pair of boots. Many yachting boots will have a classic boot shape and style but may have different color options so you can personalize your pair to your preference.

If you want to change the boot style, one way is to look at the height of the boot. Some boots have an ankle-length style and others go to mid-calf. Depending on how much coverage and protection you want, you can choose which style of length would suit you best.


One important note on size is to look at the differences by country. If you are shopping within the United States and find a foreign brand, be sure that you have correctly converted their size to your size. Otherwise, you should be able to find a range of men’s sizes from 5-13.


Durability is important for offshore sailing boots because the weather and waves won’t always be calm. If you’re facing rough seas, moving around your sailboat can be difficult and a stubbed toe would be a painful annoyance.

Top-rated men’s deck boots should be durable enough to withstand some bangs and bumps, as well as resistant to corrosion from the salty water and air. Plus, you’ll want to use your boots for sailing on every trip, so they need to be durable enough to be long-lasting.


On a sailboat you can be exposed to water in a variety of ways; in the ocean, waves, and air. The best sailings boots will be fully waterproof to keep your feet protected from getting drenched onboard.

The material of the boot is what will make it waterproof, so you’ll want to find the best materials to ensure you have the best waterproof rubber boots. However, some materials are waterproof without treatment and others have a treatment added.

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Stiff boots can lead to clumsy steps, which puts you at risk of falling overboard. Your boots for sailing should be flexible, so that your foot has a decent range of motion. Flexibility will ensure that you can turn, rotate, and flex your foot as needed, so you can move around your boat safely.


Breathability is what will keep your feet from being drenched, even though it sounds counterproductive. But feet get hot and sweaty, and while your sailing boot works hard to keep water out, it should also have a breathable design to let the water inside, like sweat, dry and evaporate.


Feet can quickly get cold and most sailors know how uncomfortable cold feet can be when sailing. The solution to this is to have the protection of offshore deck boots because they will block out the cold and keep the heat in. The best men’s sailing boots will keep your feet warm, so you are always comfortable on board your sailboat.


For slippery decks, the grip is important. Waterproof boat boots should have a durable tread on the bottom, which will help your feet stick on the smooth deck surfaces. Look for boots that offer unique treads to keep yourself grounded.

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Q: What is the difference between a sailing shoe and a sailing boot?


Shoes for sailing will often end at the ankle, whereas a sailing boot will end above the ankle or at the mid-calf. Sailing boots offer more protection for your feet than sailing shoes and would be perfect to tuck your sailing pants into.

Q: Are sailing shoes breathable?


Yes, they should be. The designs will be breathable so that your feet don’t overheat and drench themselves in sweat. The boots may have adjustments that you can make to determine how much air get in or stays out, so you can change your boot depending on the situation.

Q: How to clean sailing boots?


Sailing boots are durable and a quick rinse with fresh water should be enough to get them sparkly clean again. If you need to use a mild detergent, test it on a small spot first to ensure no discoloration occurs. However, the best place to find care instructions is with the label on your sailing boots.

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Any sailor is bound to be happy with a pair of top rated men’s sailing boots protecting their feet. With waterproof boat boots, you’ll stay secure and dry on deck, so you can focus on rigging your boat. Plus, they would make a great gift for sailors who need the comfort of dry feet.

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