The same elements that make a sailing trip phenomenal – the water, the wind, and the sun – can cause serious damage to the valuables you have onboard. To have the peace of mind you need to enjoy your sailing adventures fully, you need the best sailing bag you can rely on to keep your belongings safe and dry as you tackle the waves and currents. Most importantly, once you get to your destination, you can safely take your gear to shore in the dinghy without fear of your stuff getting wet. It might be calm right now, but do you really want to risk getting your laptop wet if the weather picks up while you were on shore and now you have a wet dinghy ride back to the boat? The reviews below feature ten best sailing bags you can count on to protect your gear from all kinds of elements.

How To Choose A Sailing Bag – Buying Guide



When you’re looking for the best sailing bags, the most important thing is that they should be able to keep water out and protect your belongings from sea spray, waves, and rain. If the dry bag or duffel bag for sailing falls overboard, it should withstand the quick submersion and then pop up and float. If you think your gear is safe inside the boat and therefore you don’t need a dry bag, you might be forgetting something important: the dinghy ride. While your boat might be big and sea worthy, your dinghy will provide you and all of your gear a wet ride, and a dry bag is mandatory to keep your belongings safe and dry as you make your way between your sailboat and shore.

A waterproof sailing bag or duffel bag waterproof should be made of a waterproof material such as a thick PVC. The seams should be welded and leak proof. Lastly, the top closure should be a roll-up design you can fold down and buckle up to create a watertight seal. 

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Sailing bags are constantly exposed to harsh elements like saltwater, UV rays, wind, and sand. Sailing bags and dry bags should be made of heavy-duty materials such as 500D PVC to ensure that they can withstand all these elements. The material should also be tear-resistant. When evaluating durability, it’s wise to check sailing bag reviews and choose a top-rated sailing duffel bag. 


Depending on how you like to organize your gear, you can opt for a dry bag for sailing with only one compartment or a duffel bag for sailing with a plethora of pockets. Sailing bags with multiple exterior and interior pockets are very convenient because they help you keep small items such as keys, passports, and cards organized and easily accessible. 

Size and Max Capacity

When it comes to capacity, you will come across waterproof sailing bags as small as 5 liters and as large as 100 liters. 10L and 20L sailing dry bags are ideal for lugging gear for a day trip. Sailing the high seas for an extended amount of time requires high capacity sailing bags with at least 40L of storage volume. Sailing bags for crew bag sailing can be as spacious as 100L. 


There are different styles of sailing bag designs for you to choose from. The most popular style is a duffel bag for sailing because it offers plenty of room for gear and easy access to anything you need. Sailing backpacks are unbeatable when it comes to carrying comfort, while dry bags offer one waterproof compartment for everything.



Q: How To Clean A Sailing Bag?


A waterproof sailing bag can be easily rinsed with water and wiped down with a soft sponge. To extend the life of your sailing bag and keep it in pristine condition, we recommend hand washing it and following the manufacturers care instructions.

Q: Can Sailing Bags Be Used As Gear Bags?


Absolutely yes. The best sailing bags and dry bags are essentially gear bags designed to hold and protect your sailing gear. You can use them to store your sailing gear and personal items you need with you while on the water. Beyond sailing, you can also use them as gear bags for other water sports and outdoor adventures.

Q: Are Sailing Bags Waterproof?


Yes, the best sailing bags are waterproof enough to protect your gear from splashes, rain, and accidental submersion. They are made of waterproof materials and feature sealed seams and watertight roll-top closures. However, not all waterproof sailing bags and duffel bags waterproof can withstand submersion. Most of them are designed to float on the water surface if they fall overboard, but their ability to float always depends on what’s inside them. A bag of clothes will float while a bag of diving weights will sink quickly!

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Having the best sailing bag can make your sailing adventures even more enjoyable. By keeping your gear dry and secure, it frees your mind to concentrate on sailing and savor all the joys it has to offer. We hope our guide and reviews of the very best, top-rated sailing bags will help you find the best sailing bag for your needs.

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