Sailing bags are great for hauling your gear around your sailboat, so you can spend more time focusing on having a fun day on the water. Whether you’re spending a night or days out at sea, a sailing bag would come in handy to pack everything you need and keep it organized.

Sailing bags come in a variety of styles and many have different size and color options available. They are durable and spacious, so that you can easily fit everything you need for your time on the water. However, finding a quality sailing bag can be hard. There are a lot of cheap designs that won’t be durable enough for time at sea.

Our guide is designed to help you find the best sailing bags that you’ll love to pack your gear in trip after trip. Below we have some important features, as well as a list of the ten best sailing bags.

How To Choose A Sailing Bag – Buying Guide


The best sailing duffel bag will ensure you have everything you need to stay comfortable and have the gear for safe sailing. Yet with all the options available, you are faced with a difficult choice.

Here are some features that will help you determine what makes a quality sailing bag. These tips will help make the buying process simple, so you can focus on packing all your gear for your trip.


An important decision you’ll have to make about your duffel bag for sailing, is whether you want it to be a waterproof sailing bag or a water resistant sailing bag. It may help you to learn the difference between water resistant and waterproof, because they are not the same thing.

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A water resistant duffel bag for sailing will likely be resistant to some fairly large splashes of water. Your gear inside shouldn’t get wet with sea spray or a small splash of a wave. However, it cannot withstand a full submersion in water; your gear will get wet.

A waterproof or dry bag for sailing will be fully protected against water, even if you submerge it. These bags have the most durable design and are great if you’re carrying any delicate electronics like your phone or solar watch.

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Durability is a very important feature of marine duffel bags because they are constantly exposed to a harsh environment of water, salt, and wind. Even when you are loading up, your bag may come into contact with dirt and sand, so it needs to be impenetrable.

A top rated sailing duffel bag will be made of the highest quality materials to ensure that it is durable enough to withstand all the elements and any amount of dirt and grime. The material should also be tear resistant and scratch resistant, to really ensure that your belongings stay safe.


You should love pockets! Pockets are a very helpful feature that can keep your smaller gear or medium sized gear organized and easily accessible. If you love to stay organized, look for sailing duffel bags that have multiple exterior and interior pockets.

If you are curious about the exact pocket design of a duffel bag for sailing, look at sailing bag reviews. Other customers may comment on how well they can organize their gear and how many pockets a sailing bag style may have included in the design.

Size and Max Capacity

Whether you are lugging gear for a quick trip or sailing the high seas for an extended amount of time, you should be able to find a waterproof sailing bag that is the size you need because different designs will likely have multiple size options.

Most sailing duffel bags will be measured in the number of liters that it can hold. You can find marine duffel bags that have a capacity from half a liter to 100 liters, so there truly is no size limit. However, the max capacity that you are likely to find will be around 100 liters.


There are plenty of different styles of crew sailing bag designs for you to choose from, so you shouldn’t ever find yourself coming up short. The most popular style is a duffel bag for sailing because it offers easy access but can still be loaded to the max with all your gear. Backpacks are also a popular style because they are easier to lug around the sailboat.



Q: How to clean a sailing bag?


This will actually depend on the type of bag you have. A waterproof sailing bag can be easily rinsed with water and wiped down with a soft sponge, but you should be careful with using detergents. Detergent can actually break down the material and the protective coating that makes your bag waterproof. Water resistant bags can also easily be washed but may be able to be cleaned using a mild detergent.

For the best care, you should only hand wash your sailing bag. You can also check the brand’s provided care instructions, which will give you the best advice for cleaning your bag and avoiding accidental damage.

Q: Can these bags be used as gear bags?


Yes, but be cautious of pointy objects. Ideally, the best sailing duffel bag can hold any of your gear, regardless of what it is. They are durable and should have a large enough capacity to fit your clothes, sailing shoes, accessories, and even a sailing life jacket. If you have real sailing gear that you’d like to store, consider how large it is and if it can puncture your bag. If it can’t cause any damage to the material, then you should be able to haul it around with your sailing bag.

Q: Are sailing bags waterproof?


Yes and no. Some designs are a fully waterproof sailing bag, but other designs are water resistant. The specifications for your bags tolerance to water should be listed by the brand or manufacturer in the product information. To avoid frustration, you should determine what you need and look to see if your bag is fully or partially waterproof.

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A top rated sailing duffel bag will always be a popular choice to lug your gear around a sailboat. Sailing bags are durable, reliable, secure, functional, and stylish. With the best sailing bag, you can take everything you need, worry-free, on the high seas with you. The best sailing bag would also make for a great gift for sailors or boaters.

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