For many experience and professional cyclists, tracking your level of fitness can help you enhance your performance and workouts. The best power meter will use advanced gauges to measure the output of power from various components on your bicycle. 

By measuring your power output, you can get a better idea of your fitness and find the best ways to elevate or advance your performance. With a cycling power meter, you can design better workouts and fully customize your training sessions. 

But not all power meters are the same and there are a few different design options and features that are available on the market. Our list of quality products will help you find the best bike power meter so that you can work towards your goal and become a better cyclist.

How To Choose A Power Meter – Buying Guide


Ease of Installation

The best power meter will always be easy to install. But not all power meters are the same and that means that each design will have its own way of being installed on your bike. Some devices can be attached to the hub or axle, while others are a set of pedals that attach to your crank arms. 

A top rated bike power meter should give you clear installation instructions and include any hardware, accessories, or mounts required to attach the device to your bicycle. This makes it easier to use the meter with all types of bikes. 

Battery Life

No matter whether you have a power meter for road bikes or another type of bicycle, the device will need to use electrical power to gauge, measure, and provide you with the readings. The best bike power meter will have a long battery life, which means that you won’t have to recharge or replace the battery too often. 

For the most part, the battery life of a power meter for cycling should last you multiple rides. Some may even last for months without needing to be recharged. But the cheapest cycling power meters may require that you recharge more often.

Crank Arm-Based

One type of power meter is a crank-arm based design, which means that you attach the device to the crank arm of your bike. Once it is attached to the crank arm, the meter can begin to measure your power output. These are some of the easiest designs to use and they tend to be a cheap power meter.


Perhaps even easier to install and use are pedal-based power meters. These meters a quick and easy to install because it they are simply a set of pedals that screw into your crank arms. The pedals have a power meter built-in and use the same technology as any other meter to provide you with all the data and information that you need. 

Smart Trainer-Based

A smart trainer-based system means that it needs to be used alongside a smart trainer. For some cyclists, the extra investment of having to purchase a smart trainer is not worth the cost and they would prefer to just use another device to train. But if you want to have more features that can be used both indoors and outdoors, you may want a smart trainer-based power meter.


A top rated bike power meter should be compatible with Bluetooth and ANT+ technology. This means that you can connect your power meter to other devices like your smartphone, as well as to applications. You will have to check the compatibility of your power meter to see which devices and apps it is compatible. Power meter reviews can also help you determine the compatibility of your power meter and determine how it is best used while riding. 


Whether you’ve invested in the cheapest power meter or a higher quality design, you want your device to be accurate. Brands understand that accuracy is very important for all cyclists and they strive to ensure that their power meters are providing accurate readings. While there may be a small percentage of discrepancy between difference devices and their readings, you should get very accurate readings from any device. 



Q: What Power Meter Do Pros Use?


Pro cyclists will often use dual sided power meters instead of a single sided power meter. This can help improve the accuracy of your readings, which is important for many riders. But the cheapest cycling power meter can also be very accurate, and it may be used by some pros who are just learning how to use technology with their cycling sessions.

Q: Why Are Power Meters So Expensive?


The biggest cost of a power meter is actually the strain gauges that are built into the device to give you your output readings. Due to the advanced technology included in pedal power meters or all meters, the price often reflects the device’s level of compatibility. Devices that have a wider range of compatibility are often more expensive than other designs.

Q: Are Stages Power Meters Accurate?


Yes, the Stages power meters often have an accuracy rate of plus or minus 1.5%. This makes them a very accurate device and part of their accuracy is often guaranteed because they are a magnet free design. Stages power meters also automatically correct for temperature drift, which improves the overall accuracy.

Q: Are Single Sided Power Meters Worth It?


For cyclists who are just learning how to use a power meter, there is nothing wrong with purchasing a cheap power meter. With a less expensive investment, you can learn how to use the technology and pair it with building new riding routes and workouts. A top rated bike power meter that is single sided can still be worth the investment for many riders.

Q: Is A Power Meter Worth It?


While casual and beginner cyclists do not need a power meter, for experienced or pro athletes, power meters have become useful training tools. Even riders who may not be pro can benefit from a power meter if they like to customize and build their own workouts. In general, many power meter reviews will suggest anyone who wants to train seriously and improve their performance can greatly benefit from a power meter.

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When you want to take your cycling performance to the next level, the best power meter will help you improve your riding. With accurate readings and endless features, power meters are useful training tools for all serious cyclists. With one of the products on our list, you can be confident that your performance will grow, and you can up your riding skills and techniques. 

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