When planning a camping trip, you don’t immediately think about what to do when you need a toilet. But getting down to business in nature is unavoidable. Since you won’t find any restrooms in the woods, you should consider bringing one of the best portable toilets on your camping trip.

The main task of a portable camping toilet is to be convenient and comfortable to use outdoors. As you’ll see, some models are more sophisticated and come with a water tank for flushing, while others have a simple waste bag that collects the liquids and solids. Both types significantly improve sanitation and give you the best personal hygiene while camping.

Our 10 Best Portable Camping Toilets in 2022 article will help you easily choose the toilet you want to take on your trip. With these top rated portable toilets, you won’t have to worry when nature calls.

How To Choose A Portable Toilet For Camping – Buying Guide


When choosing a toilet for camping, pay attention to portability, volume, hygiene, and ease of use. Doing this will help you find the best portable toilet faster as well as guarantee comfort and convenience on every camping trip.

Ease of Use

Portable toilets should be fairly easy and straightforward to use. Unlike toilets that you would find at home, a portable toilet often doesn’t rely on a water tank. Also, you should be able to take it with you anywhere you go. A portable toilet should be convenient and easy to use regardless of location – on fishing trips, boat trips, and, of course, camping trips.


It goes without saying that the portable toilet design should be hygienic. But what does this mean? Well, the toilet should have a dedicated space for the waste to go. All waste should be collected in a container, so you don’t have to come into direct contact when emptying the receptacle. Hygiene is extremely important in the wilderness, and a good portable toilet assists you in safely and confidently handling waste when outdoors.


There are many different types of portable toilets that you can choose from. For example, some portable toilets have a water reservoir which is used to flush the toilet. Others will use a bag system to collect waste. Either way, both designs should be hygienic and easy to use.

If you want to avoid dealing with waste and water, it’s best to go for a portable toilet with waste bags in the design. Furthermore, toilets with bags are also great for campers who like exploring remote locations. On the other hand, toilets that use a water reservoir work best in a regulated area that has constant access to water and a safe waste disposal area.

Waste Disposal

The waste disposal method will depend on the toilet design. Toilets that rely on a water reservoir system need to be emptied in specific locations that are built to manage waste. This means that the campsite or area where you go should have a system that deals with waste management. It should also have a water source to refill your tank.

Toilets that use waste bags aren’t as comfortable but are much easier to empty if you’re a camper that goes to remote places. The bags you use should be made of biodegradable materials, so they can be safely buried in the ground. You can also buy a powder that turns liquid waste into solid, making disposal even easier. If you plan to use a waste bag toilet, then it’s best to also use a biodegradable toilet paper so everything breaks down faster.


The advantage of a waterless toilet design is that it doesn’t really need to be cleaned. The toilet collects all the waste in the bag, while the frame stays clean. This means that all you have to do is regularly empty and properly dispose of the bag. On the other hand, toilets that rely on a water tank need to be cleaned with a cleaning agent and a deodorizer. To make this easier, they usually come with their own cleaning instructions.

Waste Bag Capability

As you had the chance to see, some toilets are capable of using a waste bag while others aren’t. Toilets that use a water tank normally won’t allow a waste bag. If you want a portable toilet with a waste bag, be sure that you are buying a model that doesn’t rely on water. Using waste bags has several advantages – they are easy to set up, handle, and dispose of. Just remember to change the bag frequently and replace it with a new one.


While toilets at home are normally very comfortable, toilets on the road often don’t offer the same comfort level. On average, portable toilets are smaller than a home toilet. Because of this, you may have to squat or hover in unusual positions when using it.

Even though you’ll use it for brief periods of time, we still recommend that you pay attention to comfort when choosing. We’ve featured several models with full-size cushioned seats that have a more than decent comfort level. Even though no portable toilet can match the comforts of home, they are way better than squatting over a hole in the ground.


As their name implies, portable toilets are designed to be moved from one place to the other. Because they are meant to be used on the road, these toilets put an accent on accessibility and portability. The best portable camping toilets are lightweight, compact, and easy to move. This guarantees that you won’t struggle when setting it up at your campsite.

A portable toilet is meant to enhance your experience outdoors, not make it more frustrating. This is why you should choose a model that you can easily move around and use.


The waste tank volume is an important consideration (if you don’t want to empty the tank after each use). Finding the right one depends on the number of people you are traveling with and the period of time you will be gone. Most toilets come with a 5-gallon capacity, which should be sufficient. However, if you’ll be gone for a longer time or the whole camping uses the same toilet, you may need a larger one to handle the waste easily.



Q: How Do Portable Camping Toilets Work?


If your camping toilet uses water and has a waste tank, you flush it just like a regular toilet. The waste goes into the waste tank and remains there until you take the cassette out and dispose of the contents. They usually have a large volume that allows you to use them many times before emptying.

The best portable toilets with a waste bag are even easier to use (but not as comfortable), The bag is placed in the opening and collects the waste. Once you’re done, you take the bag off, tie it, and replace it with a new one.

Q: How Do I Clean Portable Toilet?


You first need to remove the tank and dispose of the waste in a designated location. Once you’re done, you can use a hose or bucket to additionally flush the tank and make sure everything is out. Then, wash the tank and the toilet with clean water. It’s a good idea to add some type disinfectant to the water – it eliminates odors and keeps things sanitary. However, make sure that the disinfectant is safe to use on plastic.

Q: Can You Poop In A Portable Camping Toilet?


Yes, of course. Thanks to their design, this is really easy. Some have water tanks for flushing the waste, while others use waste bags to hold it in. Either way, you can use a portable toilet just like you would use any other toilet – without any restrictions.

Q: What Is A Portable Toilet For Camping?


A portable toilet for camping is a toilet specially designed for using outdoors (when there is no access to a restroom). It’s meant to help you manage waste while on a camping trip, and give you a decent level of comfort when using it.

Q: Why Do I Need A Camping Toilet?


You need a camping toilet because it’s an excellent way to manage waste while on the road. It gives you the comfort of home when spending time in the great outdoors. While a camping toilet is not an essential camping gear, it’s definitely a huge advantage to have one.

Q: Where Do I Dispose of The Waste From It?


This depends on the toilet’s design. If the toilet has a waste tank with water, it needs to be disposed of in a special location designed to handle the waste. This is usually a campsite or ranger station that has a tank or system.

Toilets that use bags are easier to dispose of. After doing your business, you simply remove the bag, seal it, and dispose of it properly. Then, you simply replace the bag with a new one. The best bags are biodegradable, allowing you to bury them in the ground. If burying, the waste should be placed at least 6 inches deep.

Q: What To Do With The Smell?


Toilets that use a water tank have cleaning agents or deodorizers which manage the smell. In addition, the waste tank should be properly sealed so the smell is locked inside.

If your toilet uses waste bags, they should be replaced after each use if you don’t want to have a smell. Be sure to seal the bag properly so the odors don’t spread. Burying a biodegradable bag in the ground should completely eliminate any lingering odors.

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Finding the best portable toilet is guaranteed to enhance your experience when doing business in the great outdoors. With the best portable camping toilets, you will have comfort and peace of mind on the road. The best portable toilets are sanitary, durable, and easy to use and move. We hope that our guide has helped you pick out the best portable toilet that will make your camping trip a bit better.

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