Being prepared for the camping or hiking trip you’re planning to take involves a taking a lot of items along. Sadly, we can’t carry with us an entire shed worth of tools, but that’s why shortcuts such as a survival wristband were invented. With the help of such wearables, you can have not only a sturdy cord with you, but also a few key tools tucked inside.

The marketplace offers variety, of course, but it can also be a tad confusing. That’s why we’ve put together this top of the best paracord survival bracelets to choose from, as well as tips on what features to look for before the final buy. So, without further ado, here are Globo Surf’s top-rated picks.

How To Choose A Paracord Survival Bracelet – Buying Guide


Confused on choosing the best paracord survival bracelet for your needs? We’ve got your covered.


Think of what you are planning to use your emergency wristband for, and the situations you are likely to find yourself in. If you’re building a survival kit for home, then think of the most reliable paracord and ignore the tools since you can add them separately. If you want it for a casual camping trip, the most basic tools are enough. If you hiking to high altitudes, maybe think of more reliable rope and shackle.


Again, this is a question of the kind of trips you tend to take. If you need it to be super adaptable, don’t look in just at the tools, but also look at the pins and shackles; they should be adaptable too.


You need at least 11 feet of cord for your investment to be worth it. Luckily, our top of the best paracord survival bracelets only includes models with this minimum length of rope.


If you don’t venture too deeply into the wild, you won’t need that many extra tools to be included. Or you could opt to take them along separately and just focus on the cord when choosing the best paracord survival bracelet for your trip. It all depends on your adventure plans.

Clasping Mechanism

Ideally, you need a paracord survival bracelet that can be worn on your wrist but also hung from your backpack or other gear. Also, the clasping mechanism should be tested for resistance as well. Stainless steel is your best choice.

Type of Cord

The best kinds of cord are patented and tend to be more expensive, but it’s worth it, especially if you want your emergency bracelet to have a long shelf life. Your cord should be time-proof and corrosives proof to be reliable even after a few years.


If you know your wrist size is outside the majority’s, look for the extra adaptable sizes. There are several in our list above which can satisfy this need.


Color is, of course, mostly a matter of preferences, so feel free to pick your fave. However, if you are venturing into a dangerous area, maybe it’s a good idea to pick a strong color that can be seen more easily from a distance.



Q: What Is A Paracord Survival Bracelet?

A: A paracord survival bracelet is an accessory woven from parachute cord, which unravels into a strong 11-12 feet of rope if you need it. Some models include extra tools needed for survival in addition to the paracord rope.

Q: Do I Need A Paracord Survival Bracelet?

A: You will probably not need it until you do, and then what? It’s best to go on any outdoors expedition prepared, and the survival bracelet does just that. It provides you with tools to hang in there until help arrives, should things go awry.

Q: What Are Survival Paracord Bracelets Used For?

A: In case of emergency, the best paracord survival bracelets can be used for an entire host of tasks related to surviving in the wild. From getting a fire going to scaring off animals or creating shelter to finding your way back home.

Q: How To Deploy The Bracelet In Case Of An Emergency?

A: Each model comes with unique instructions on how to deploy it, so it’s best if you simply check the leaflet. However, it should be fairy simple in all cases, and it involves unraveling a corner of the emergency bracelet and pulling at its rope for everything to come undone.

Globo Surf Overview

Emergency preparedness means having the tools needed to survive even in the direst circumstances, but wishing for that situation to never come. It’s a matter of finding balance between what you can reasonably expect and what you can reasonably do to be prepared. The best paracord survival bracelets give you a head start on beating unfavorable odds while camping or hiking.

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