Having the best oyster knives while shucking oyster can make a great deal of difference. There is nothing better than a plate of finely dressed oysters in a half shell. It may seem like there is not much involved in prying open the shell of an oyster, but to those who know the effort and precision that goes into the opening of an oyster shell, using a non hardy knife can cause several injuries.

Shucking oysters can be backbreaking work, especially if you don’t have a quality knife and it is unadvisable to use kitchen knives to shuck oysters. To avoid that, oyster knives are created and like oysters, shucking knives are of different types and using the wrong model will not give you the best of results. If you are searching for the best oyster knife, don’t go far, we have compiled a list of the top ten oyster knives in 2020 just for you.

How To Choose An Oyster Knife – Buying Guide


Oyster knives are made specifically for shucking Oysters. They are as sharp as your regular kitchen knives and are designed with unique features and mostly made with stainless steel that is strong and durable enough to help you easily open your oysters. However, these tools are not equal, and the model you choose should be able to open your preferred oyster size or specie with ease. Here are some guides to help you with your decision.


Apart from the blade itself, the handle is the second most important part of an Oyster knife. A good handle results in a good grip, and a good grip prevents cuts and gives you cleaner and neater looking Oysters.

Handles are made of different materials; the commonly used materials are rubber, wood or plastic. All these materials are a great pick, but they should offer you a secure grip. Handles with slip-resistant material make shucking easier as it is a slightly backbreaking task.  Beginners should look for big and well contoured handles to accommodate your hand and allow you to maintain a good grip even in the most uncertain situation.


An Oyster knife is meant solely for shucking oysters, so sharpness is not required but they have to be strong, durable and professionally designed to facilitate easy opening of the shells. They are supposed to be thicker and firmer than regular kitchen knives which allows you to pry open oysters with little effort and withstand substantial pressure without losing shape or bending. Blades with a bent tip will make it easy for you to open the most robust shells with less effort.

Knife Guard

A good Oyster knife should come with a guard or a very firm grip. While shucking Oysters, your hand can slip due to the considerable force that is applied when popping open Oyster shells and cause injuries. This is exactly why knife guards are needed, to help protect your hands from prospective injuries while you are concentrating on shucking the oysters.


Oyster knives are made for specific kinds of Oyster or more; not every Oyster knife would be able to open some types of oyster. Some will limit you on the size or species. Before making your purchase you have to get to know what your tool can do.


Oyster openers are relatively blunt compared to an ordinary kitchen knife; the fact that you often need considerable force to open an oyster would still mean that if your knife slips it could significantly damage your hands. So please exercise caution when opening your Oysters.


An Oyster knife should be able to serve the purpose it was made for; otherwise it is useless. It should be effective enough to help you pop those shells open without using excessive force.


Oyster knives can be both pleasing to the eyes and functional; they can bring elegance to any kitchen or dinner party. If you are looking to bring that stylish look into your kitchen then you should choose a model with a sleek design.

Ease Of Use And Maintenance

Oysters contain salt water which may cause rusting, that is why quality Oyster knives are made with rust-proof materials. Avoid buying models that will consume much of your time maintaining and cleaning. Go for brands that are dishwasher safe and are made with a rust-proof material.



Q: What Is an Oyster Knife used for?


An Oyster knife is made for shucking Oysters or opening Oyster shells. A great oyster knife should have two major things: a durable, sturdy blade and a balanced handle.

The great part is that most manufacturers are going beyond these traits and are producing knives with amazing and beautiful details as well. These knives are a beautiful addition to your kitchen, and make a memorable gift to an Oyster lover.

Q: How Do You Open An Oyster With An Oyster Knife?


There are two known methods that can be used to pry open your oyster shells. However, to remove your shells, you will require a sturdy quality oyster knife and hand gloves to minimize any chances of injuring your hands. Before shucking, ensure the shells are properly cleaned to avoid any contamination.

Side entry shuck method

Look for a hard flat surface that is stable to prevent your hand from slipping. Hold your oyster horizontally with the hinge facing you and the knife vertically and carefully insert the tip to break the abductor’s muscle. Keep the blade against the upper oyster surface to prevent any chance of cutting the oyster. Keep pushing the edge back and forth until the abductor muscle breaks. In case your crust is fluted, use the blunt side of your blade to break off the edge.

At this stage, you can comfortably pry open the upper shell. Identify the position of the abductor muscle scar that was initially attached to the top crust.  Carefully move your knife underneath the oyster and cut off the abductor muscle. Invert your bottom crust on top of a clean container and allow your oyster to slip in

Hinge entry shuck method

Hold your oyster with the hinge facing you and slowly insert the tip of your knife into the hinge. In a twisting motion, slowly push the tip of the blade between the hinge point until the two shells has a gap between. Keep moving the edge forward carefully against the top crust until the abductor muscle breaks. At this point, you can easily pry open the shell.

No matter which method you use, you will still pry your oysters open. Opening oysters need proper practice and the right tools. At first it may seem hard but with time you will become a pro.

Q: How Can You Tell If An Oyster Has Gone Bad?


Like any other foods, consuming bad Oysters causes health problems. Before you prepare them, you need to identify the good oysters from the bad ones.

Most oyster shells are glossy white while others have a few grey or pink streaks. Anyone different from this is not healthy. Any oysters with a cracked or damaged shell are not fit for consumption and should be disposed of.

First, you have to inspect the shell; an Oyster with cracked shell is more likely to be contaminated than a smooth shelled Oyster.

Second, inspect the oyster meat; knowing how to identify them will help minimize any chances of consuming the bad ones. Usually, contaminated oysters are black, grey, pink or brown in color. Shrunken or dry oysters with cloudy appearance are not fit for consumption. Healthy or fresh oysters are chubby with a glossy tan color.

Next, you have to smell the meat; bad oysters have a pungent fishy odor while healthy oysters will have a mild, fresh smell.

Globo Surf Overview

Oyster knives are created to optimize performance in opening and shucking oysters. There are many options ranging from high to low costs available, it is up to you to choose the oyster knife that suits your purpose best.

Shucking your oysters at home can save you the money that you would have had to spend at restaurants. If you plan to do your own shucking, you will need the right tools for the job. Oyster knives offer an easy, stress-free shucking experience and investing in one makes a huge difference. If you are planning to prepare Oysters or you are already skilled in preparing them, Oyster knives are an investment you should consider.

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