Neck gaiters normally feature a long, hollow and simple deign. They are underrated by many. They are quite affordable. But most importantly, they keep you neck warm in every weather condition. Neck gaiters are an integral part of the layer system during the cold and work especially well when doing outdoor activities such as running or cycling.

Neck gaiters also work great for the backcountry or even when commuting on an extremely cold day. All and all, it’s a wise decision to have one in your wardrobe during the cold season. I’ve listed below the 10 best neck gaiters in 2022 so you can keep your neek warm during the winter season.

How To Choose The Best Neck Gaiter – Buying Guide


Fit And Style

Neck gaiters come in different styles and fit. The most common are the tight yet snug-fitting gaiters that provide warmth to the neck and can be pulled up to the nose and ears to cover half your face. Another fit includes the versatile fit in which the gaiter is wrapped to fit in different ways from a tight-fitting gaiter to a loose-fitting face mask.

It all depends on where or how you want to use the neck gaiter. For me personally, the two most efficient neck gaiters for me is one snug fleece fitting that guarantees warmth and insulation and a multi-purpose one I can use over any weather condition. Whether I protect my ace during a dusty field concert or wrap my hair on my next sailing trip.

Tight vs Loose

The gaiters should not be too tight or too loose. You want a neck gaiter to be tight enough yet snug that it actually protects you from the cold weather. However, you don’t want your neck gaiter to be too tight that it blocks blood circulation which prevents proper insulation and warmth. However, for neck gaiters that boasts versatility. Some styles require loose fit, styles such as face masks.


When choosing the perfect gaiters to invest in, the material is also a priority. You want to get a neck gaiter made by highly insulating and warming material. This, however, should not be the only feature of your material.

Additionally, your soft and sensitive material that will feel comfortable and won be harming your neck. Furthermore, you want functional and practical material. Material that bears properties such as moisture wicking and management, breathability, and odor resistance works in your favor.

Keep in mind that you also have to weigh in the dynamics. You don’t want a highly breathable and moisture wicking fabric that at the end of the day becomes poor at insulation and heat retaining abilities, especially during cold weather.


Neck gaiter styles differ thus, it is always good to examine the feature before purchasing what you want. Coverage differs with many different neck gaiter styles. Some neck gaiters only cover the neck whilst others cover all the way to your chin, mouth, and nose.

With versatile neck gaiters, some can cover multiple parts at once or incorporate styles that allow coverage of one area according to your liking – a headband, for example, covers your ears whilst a balaclava will cover your whole face. However, you obviously have to complement your neck gaiter with other accessories such as hats and earmuffs, especially in extra cold weather for effective warming and insulation.

UV Protection

Many neck gaiters come with treated with UV protection raining from 30 to 50+ UPF. This is especially important if your neck gaiter is suited to be used in the outdoors. It offers protection from the sun’s VU radiation when exposed in the outdoors for long when doing snow sports such as skiing and sledding.

Antimicrobial Coating

This is an important feature for gaiters that you plan on using in the outdoors especially when engaging in vigorous activity such as running or hiking. The antimicrobial coating prevents the fabric from creating a suitable environment for bacterial growth thus, preventing the growth and nurturing of bacteria and fungus as well as boasting excellent odor resisting properties. This is particularly an important feature to have to keep fresh and comfortable as well.

Color And Pattern

Neck gaiters and warmers come in a variety of colors and patterns. Many manufacturers offer a wide range of choices too. Additionally, some manufacturers even incorporate innovative designs such as two ways reversible colors and designs. Thus, it is easy to choose a color and pattern appropriate neck gaiter for the occasion. It is also easy and best to match your gaiter with your jacket or coat.


You should consider your comfort when choosing the right gaiter. Ask yourself – is the fabric sensitive and soft enough? Will my skin itch and contract infections? Is the fabric breathable and moisture wicking? I guess, it is important to examine other features to be able to determine your comfort.

The most efficient neck gaiters are built with tough and highly warming features, however, they also need to be breathable, able to manage moisture, dry quickly, and be odor resistant. Other features such as flexibility and Stretchability also allows for a proper fit which means you will feel comfortable wearing the neck gaiter.


Durability, just like comfort is affected by many features.  Material and construction for once affect durability. Treatments such as anti-microbial and weather protection also prolong the durability of a neck gaiter.

When choosing the best neck warmer, going for a renowned and trusted manufacturer also goes a long way to determine the durability of your product. I mean, going for an expensive designer brand that has been in the business for years with high-quality products is not risky – it is more likely for such a business to provide durable products.

Durability is also affected by personal care and maintenance as well as the use of your neck gaiter. If you follow the instructions and proper use and care for your neck gaiter, it most likely to last longer than someone who doesn’t.


Protection for your neck gaiter and warmer increases its quality, functionality, and durability. Look for options such as UV protection, weather resistance, antimicrobial and fungal protection, and many other options that enhance the function of your neck gaiter.


The perfect neck gaiter will be thick thus warm but not too thick that it becomes restrictive and packable. A neck gaiter is an accessory, thus at some point, you might not need it. It has to be light and packable enough for you to be able to comfortably fit it into your bag or carry it comfortably.

Thickness, especially for fleece neck gaiters is also important at determining how warm and insulating it is especially during extremely cold weather. The thicker the fabric, the more warming and insulating it is. However, measure this wisely. A neck gaiter that is too weak may not be effectively breathable and moisture wicking, thus, it will not be as effective.


Weight is also an important factor to consider. You want a lightweight yet functional neck gaiter that doesn’t weigh you down. A good neck gaiter will weigh less than 2.5 oz. lightweight gaiters are also easily packable and can be worn comfortably indoors.


It is important to invest in a well-ventilated neck gaiter. This is complemented and also complements moisture wicking properties thus, keeping you dry and comfortable at all times. Breathability on a neck gaiter fabric also enhances its warming effect, sort of like a climate regulator.



Q: What Is A Neck Gaiter And When Should I Use It?

A: A neck gaiter is a hollow tube-like fabric accessory that keeps your neck, face, nose, and ears warm. It is sometimes referred to as a tubular scarf. Versatile neck gaiters boast multiple uses such as face masks, balaclava, hand band, headband, and many upper body uses.

Q: What Is The Difference Between A Neck Warmer And A Scarf?

A: A neck gaiter is a shaped hollow scarf; one can say its maneuvers are limited. I mean, a classic gaiter is straight forward. Just pull it over your head and adjust positioning. Although some, multipurpose neck gaiters can be used as beanies and bands they pretty much maintain the same shape. Scarves, on the other hand, are longer and can cover more space. However, it doesn’t stay as intact as a pre-shaped neck gaiter.

Q: Are All Neck Warmers One Size Fits All?

A: Most neck warmers are one size fits all. This feature is made possible by the most natural stretchy nature of the fabric which allows for an easy but not too wide stretch which fits most adult or kids sizes. Some neck gaiters and neck warmers also boast integral construction such as 90% synthetic material with the remainder being spandex. Spandex allows for a comfortable stretch to enhance fit.

Globo Surf Overview

The neck gaiter reviews above provide insight into their importance. The most efficient neck gaiters certainly add valuable layering to your clothing during the coldest weather. Multi-purpose neck gaiter and hand warmers add even more value that overlaps to other seasons of the year. A multipurpose neck gaiter can work as a beanie, a helmet liner, a band, and as many other options.

The list of the top-rated neck gaiters above certainly offers an array of choices for you liking above. Whether you are looking for a riding balaclava for your commute to work or a helmet liner for your next ski or snowboard trip, you are covered.

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