Working out in the gym, going running, hiking on a long trail, swimming or skiing down a mountain are all activities that benefit both our physical and mental health. A healthy and strong body will make you feel better with yourself and lead to a stronger and more focused mind as well. To improve your fitness, however, you need to take good care of your joints and muscles, just like you would take care of a delicate machine you work with.

The best option would, of course, be a nice, whole-body massage with maybe another wellness treatment after that, but those are expensive luxuries that are often reserved to full-time, professional athletes. Another, more accessible solution is the use of the best muscle rub cream you can find. These can be great to quickly relieve pain and keep you moving while your body recovers from the effort. Down below we have listed the seven best muscle rub creams of 2022, join us as we take a look!

How To Choose A Muscle Rub – Buying Guide



Every one of us is built the same way but we each have our slight differences, so it goes without saying that our muscles will also react differently to each one of the creams we have presented you. One good way to evaluate whether one particular product works for you or not could be to jump to test a sample or ask a friend who is already using one to let you try it. Relief should come along quickly and last at least a night, so if this doesn’t happen it probably means that particular cream is not the best for you. In any case, before you make any kind of purchase you should carefully check that none of the ingredients of the cream may give you an allergic reaction. In that case, the effectiveness of the cream will be the least of your worries.

The duration of the pain relief is also an important feature to keep in mind, and again if you manage to get your hands on a sample of the product it will help you a great deal in making a decision. If you start feeling that the effects don’t last as long as they should or you find yourself applying the cream every day, we strongly recommend you consult a physician to undergo complete scrutiny. The best sore muscle rubs may work for a while but if the problem does not go away then their medicinal effect alone is probably not enough and something more effective is needed, which only a professional doctor can prescribe.

Carefully follow the instructions written on each box and avoid using a muscle rub for pain with wraps. Furthermore, avoid using the rubs in combination with other pain-relieving drugs since it might lead you to experience an overdose of the aspirin-like ingredients they are made of. As with every medicine, the dosage is crucial to ensuring its effect is delivered without the risk of harming the body and the same is true even for the best sore muscle rubs. 


With almost unlimited options for muscle rubs for pain, it’s hard to evaluate which product represents the best value for your hard-earned dollars, and in our reviews we’ve tried to clear up the mess for you. Luckily, most basic sore muscle rubs are very accessible to all pockets and will do a fairly good job of relieving you from pain. However, as the awareness of environmental needs and the origin of ingredients increases, many brands have made a special effort to provide sustainable products made with high-quality materials. It is now common to find muscle balms that advertise the use of only organic ingredients exploiting their natural properties in order to ease your pain, and most of them do indeed manage to combine the all-natural composition with effective pain relief. As will all products that use less common components, however, prices tend to levitate both because of the ingredients themselves but also because of the marketing push towards more profitable markets. When you’re looking at a beautifully packaged cream then, be sure to pay the most attention not to the box but to the ingredients listed on its side, to figure out if you’re really looking at an above-average product or simply a rebranded one that has not changed at all for years.


The strength of the muscle rub’s action depends on the concentration of the active ingredients it is made of. Many of the best muscle rub creams are based on a combination of menthol and menthol salycilate, which is the industry standard for muscle creams and provides a nice cooling sensation that distracts your body from the pain. Different concentrations of these two ingredients will lead to different strengths of the cream, making it last longer or making its effect more transitory. You can choose between creams that provide a warmer feel versus others that make you feel cooler, depending on which sensation is more beneficial to you. Keep in mind, though, that applying a hot pack to enhance the effect of a cream can have a counterproductive effect if the ointment is designed to deliver cold, and it can even get to a point where you risk injuring yourself so extra a caution is advised.

In any case, it is useful to stress again that you need to be paying extremely close attention to the ingredients listed on the cream boxes since in some people they might lead to allergic reactions. The amount of potency you require will also depend on how intense your physical activity is or how painful your joints are, so keep all of these conditions in mind when you’re making your decision, don’t just go for the first thing you find or the cheapest. Some products are not to be used by children younger than 12 without explicit doctor’s order and in any case you should avoid applying these creams to toddlers under the age of 2. If you have any doubts and want to clear up your mind for good before you commit to a brand, it is always a good idea to consult your closest doctor or pharmacist.



Q: What Do Muscle Rubs Actually Do?


The way muscle rubs work is by ingeniously tricking your body into not feeling any pain. The use of menthol and menthol salicylate, the most common active ingredients, causes the skin to feel first cool and then warm again and these feelings distract you from thinking about the pain you might be experiencing in your muscles or joints. In fact, the body is sending through the nerves two conflicting signals at the same time, both warmth and cold, so the overlapping of these stimuli ultimately blocks the pain signals that are trying to reach the brain. Be careful, therefore, about how you treat your body after applying such a cream, since the reason you feel pain is not gone, but simply hidden, and you should still avoid placing further stress on your muscles and joints even if they now feel fine.

Q: What Is Muscle Rub Used For?


Muscle rubs are used to relieve the pain you might feel in your muscles or joints both if you’ve just completed a very intense physical activity such as running, jumping or taking a long hike or if you’re suffering from chronic pain in your bones and joints such as the one cause by arthritis. These creams provide a quick fix to the pain and are much cheaper and easy to find than the expensive treatments such as massages that professional athletes go through to relax their muscles after the effort.

Q: Does Menthol Help Muscle Pain?


The use of menthol can help ease the pain in your muscles especially if used in combination with menthol salicylate. As we have explained, this combination manages to trick your body into forgetting about the pain it is experiencing and provide you with much sought after relief. It is very important to underline, however, that menthol and in general even then best sore muscle rubs you can buy do not fix the injury that is causing your pain. These products can be extremely useful in helping you recover from an intense effort without feeling miserable all the way but will not replace a treatment prescribed by a physician or a specialized trainer, so they need to be used with care and moderation.

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The best sore muscle rubs deliver quick and effective pain relief for people recovering from intense physical effort or suffering because of bad joints or arthritis. In the muscle rub reviews we have compiled you will find detailed descriptions of each product that will help you navigate the innumerable options that flood the market these days. Choosing the right one for you is not easy, and many products excel in one area but remain unusable because of issues such as greasiness, bad smell or because they leave stains on your clothes. The creams we have listed are the best muscle rubs we have found, so you get to choose only from the top of the lot and you know that anyone you choose will get the job done. Again, these are not medicines and will not replace a professional doctor’s prescription if you need one, but we are confident you will be able to make an informed decision that will make sleeping at night or recovering from an effort much, much easier and enjoyable.

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