Whether you are a race biker or an occasional biker exploring the trails, choosing an appropriate mountain bike saddle is important for enhancing your biking experience. The saddle on your mountain bike is one of the key contact points between your body and the bike. ultimately, it will affect your riding performance, comfort, and support. 

The best mountain bike saddle features just the right design to complement your comfort, even if you ride for long periods. In addition, they are also built with unique shape designs to allow them to accommodate different body shapes and sizes. This construction design advertently enhances your performance. 

Their versatility further allows you to ace your riding style, whether you a race biker rocking a narrow saddle or tackling steep ascents with your long nose shaped saddle. Below, you will find the list of the 10 best mtb saddles in 2020. To help you make the right choice, the buying guide is also there to fill you up on the right factors to consider.

How To Choose A MTB Saddle – Buying Guide



The size of your saddle is an important factor as it affects both comfort and performance. In addition, choosing the right size ensures that you are also safe from issues such as skin irritation, chafing, and even back pain.  The size of your mtb saddle is characterized as its width. 

The best mountain bike saddle is recommended to measure at least 6 inches for wider saddles, 5.6 inches for medium saddles and 5 inches for narrow saddles.  The saddle’s width is measured from edge to edge across the top of the seat.

Weight Capacity

Typically, you want your saddle to be light enough. However, you don’t want it to be too lightweight that it loses its functionality. You want your mtb saddle to heavy enough to support your weight.  An mtb saddle weighing between 1 to 2 lbs. is ideal.


The best mountain bike saddle is filled with padding for enhanced comfort. Mtb seats that are hard or designed with no padding would be highly uncomfortable and cause pressure on your body. When choosing your saddle, you will come across several types of paddings. This includes gel and foam paddings. 

The gel padding offers increased flexibility. The best part about this padding is that it can accommodate different body shapes. Foam padding on the other end is puffier and highly cushioning. Foam padding is also very breathable. However, for it to be useful, the saddle cover material must be waterproof. Otherwise, the foam padding may easily absorb water to lose its comforting qualities.


The best mtb saddles are made from microfiber or leather.  Most leather and microfiber covers are waterproof, thus, preserving the durability of your saddle. An ideal microfiber or leather cover must also be breathable to prevent friction build up. 

You also want to look for extra properties to help enhance your comfort level.  A good example is the Selle Royal Respiro Moderate MTB Saddle’s cover design. This particular saddle is built with a cover designed to withstand harsher and colder weather conditions.

Shock Absorption

The shock absorption is also an important factor. You want your mountain bike saddle to offer a comfortable and smoother ride, which is determined by its shock absorption system. an effective shock absorption system is designed to prevent the unwanted bumps and vibrations that cause pain and pressure on your backside and other sensitive body areas.  

The padding, spring system and rails of the saddle are what enhance the shock absorption. Other saddles are even designed with rubber balls within it to absorb shock and impact from the terrain you are riding on.


Ideal mountain bike saddles are also designed with cut outs or channels. These cut out or channel designs help to reduce pressure down the center of the saddle.  This helps to significantly cut down soft tissue pressure, numbness and pain. However, if you are bothered by the sinking down at the center, then, simply go for a flat saddle design. 


If you want effortless maneuverability, then the best mtb saddles are those that are designed with a long nose. A long nose design allows you to easily shift your weight forward especially during ascents. This gives you more efficient positioning for enhanced riding power. However, a long nose saddle can be heavy so, they may not be the ideal choice for performance-based and racing bikes. 


The width of your saddle is also an extremely important feature to observe.  As mentioned above, the width infact denotes the size of your bike. A wider saddle adds more sitting area. Women especially tend to have wider sit bones, thus, a wider saddle is ideal. 

In fact, it is a good idea to go for a women-specific saddle to ensure proper fit. Professional bikers and racers on the other end tend to go for narrower saddles. Whilst they compromise on comfort, a narrow saddle design helps to significantly reduce its weight. 



Q: Why Are MTB Seats So Hard?


MTB seats are built to be hard to support your sit bones and soft tissues. The hard surface of the seats also makes pedaling and circulation more efficient. In addition, the hard seat design of mtb saddles also helps to prevent nerve compression and skin chafing when you are riding your bike.

Q: How High Should Your Bike Seat Be?


The height of your bike seat entirely depends on your body and leg height. To determine the appropriate seat size, place your heel on the pedal and pedal clockwise to a six o'clock position. Your right knee should be straight. If your knee is not straight, adjust the seat height until they are straight.

Q: What Size MTB Saddle Do I Need?


The size of your mtb saddle depends on the type of saddle you intend to go for. Your mtb saddle should measure at least 6 inches wide if you want a wide one. However, if you are looking for a medium-sized one, go for an option that measures at least 5.6 inches wide and choose one that measures 5 inches wide if you are looking for a narrow saddle.

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Mountain bike saddles are an important point of contact between your body and your bike. They afford you just the right amount of comfort and improved performance. The mtb saddle reviews above outline how these biking gems also help to complement your riding style and overall experience.  

And if you are struggling to pick the right saddle, then the buying guide is there to guide you to choose the best mountain bike saddle option. And before you wander off far, you are guaranteed to find right option for you from list of 10 best mtb saddles above.

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