Mountain biking normally features action-packed and off-road adventures. Therefore, when you are mountain biking, it is a good idea to wear proper fitting and protective clothing. The best mtb pants help to provide you with much needed protection thanks to their protective designs. These pants are designed to tackle the gushing winds and cold during your rides without being too bulky. 

In fact, their lighter design accommodates the nature of mtb riding because it incorporates a lot of movement. Their flexibility on the other end improves your leg movements, pedaling, and overall riding. Additionally, their moisture wicking and breathability means that you can enjoy longer comfortable rides. So, improve your next mountain biking experience by choosing your top pick from the best mtb pants listed below.

How To Choose MTB Pants – Buying Guide



When you are looking for the best mtb trousers to invest in, you must look at the design. Pants for mtb riding can be waterproof, water resistant, or none at all. The difference between waterproof and water resistant pants lies within their scope of functionality. 

Waterproof pants are perfect if you want to completely keep water out from the outside. Depending on their rating, you can even submerge your feet in the water without getting the interior wet. The drawbacks that come with fully waterproof pants are that they also boast impermeable membranes. This makes temperature and moisture control difficult. And to achieve full waterproofness, many materials are non-stretchy, thus, leaving an uncomfortable and no flex finish on your pants.  

Water resistant pants on the other end also keep out water but don’t expect them to be fully waterproof. If you ride under light rain or get splashed with water, these types of pants offer enough protection. The majority of the best mtb trousers that are water resistant are designed with soft shelled fabrics. This also gives them incredible breathability, flexibility, and comfort.  

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You must also look at the fit your pants offer. Generally, when you are riding you want your pants to not be restrictive. A relaxed fit allows for more flexibility however, you don’t want the pants to be too relaxed that they interfere with your riding. Ideally, whilst they are relaxed, you want to be form-fitting but not too tight that they limit movement. Other added features such as adjustable waistbands and drawstrings also help to personalize the fit of your mtb pants.


When you are looking for the best mtb trousers, the fabric should also be on your mind. Remember to achieve an unrestrictive and form-fitting style, the material matters. You also have to think of factors such as breathability, ruggedness, and durability. Synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon make great fabrics for mtb pants. 

You should also look for pants with a small amount (no more than 10%) of stretch material such as spandex or elastane for flexibility. Other pants such as the Baleaf MTB Pants that are designed for winter even boast interior microfleece linings for added warmth. 



Q: What Pants Do You Wear Mountain Biking?


Always opt for breathable and moisture wicking pants. This is because, during physical activities such as mountain biking, you will sweat. Thus, a moisture wicking and breathable fabric will help to regulate moisture and leave you comfortable. Your pants should also allow a little stretch for freedom of movement to make pedaling easier.

Q: Can You Mountain Bike In Jeans?


You can mountain bike wearing anything. However, it is not recommended to bike in certain clothing including jeans. This is because jeans can be restrictive because of their tightness. The jeans material also doesn’t allow ample ventilation to make it an ideal sports attire.

Q: Are There Padded Bike Pants?


Yes. You can find padded bike pants. Padded bike pants are perfect if you want to make your bike riding more comfortable. Padded bike pants help to provide cushioning which prevents pressure on your bottoms to allow you to ride for longer.

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The mtb pants reviews prove that these clothing pieces add value to your riding. You can now kick those thick and bulky pants to the curb and enjoy the lightweight and breathable mtb pants. With the best mtb trousers, even your performance on the trails gets better as you become more comfortable and flexible. So take your time to choose the best mtb pants from the list above so that your next mountain biking experience can be full of fun riding, action, and adventure.

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