On any road or trail, seeing and being seen can make the difference between a dangerous journey and a safe one. This is especially true for mountain bikes since they are among the easiest forms of transport to capsize, bringing their rider down with them. The best mountain bike lights are, therefore, a crucial part of any rider’s kit, be they professionals or simple amateurs.

Aside from the important safety considerations that should bring you to buy the best mtb lights you can find, a pair is also needed if you want to push yourself and ride in conditions where natural light might be very low or completely absent. In this article we will present you with top rated mtb lights reviews, so you can pick the kit that will help you stay safe on the road and explore the paths next to it even when the sun goes down.

How To Choose A MTB Light – Buying Guide


Helmet Light vs Handlebar Light

The placement of you bike light depends on your personal preference and how you are used to riding, but there are a few things to consider in the matter. If the lamp is placed on the handlebars, it is useful to spot hidden traps on the ground and should have a wider beam to help you navigate. A head-mounted light, on the other hand, is good to see over obstacles and always have light in front of your eyes, but needs a narrower beam to really be effective. Also, if you wear a lamp on your head be careful not to blind oncoming drivers.


For a bike light to be effective, it needs a healthy amount of power, which is measured in lumens. How much you need, for your specific case, will also depend on your skill level. Typically, if you’re used to going faster, you’re going to prefer a stronger light, while slower riders might well get away with a weaker one. If you do but a powerful light, remember to tilt it slightly downwards when cycling through traffic.

Battery Type And Life

Battery life is something you have to thoroughly check before heading out on a ride, since you have to be sure that the light will be there to support you during the whole time. Some lights use AAA batteries, which are easy to find and not expensive, while others have internal batteries that can be charged through USB. The type of battery you choose depends on your personal preference but remember that their lifespan needs to be double checked and can also be influenced by the outside temperature.

Beam Shape

The shape of the beam is almost as important as the power of your lamp. The ideal fit would be one that evenly falls off at the edges, so you can have a nice gradual light bubble around you without potentially dangerous dark spots. If you’re riding mostly on straight roads, then a thinner and more focused beam can also do the trick.


Most bike light nowadays use LED lights, which have gradually been replacing halogen ones because of their longer life and reduced energy consumption. These are the kinds of lights you will find in most bike light available today, unless you find an older model hiding in the attic.

Remote Control

Remote control is a feature that you will find only on the top of the line models, but what it allows you to do might be worth the extra price. When riding, sometimes the last thing you want to do is take your hands off the bars so being able to remotely adjust your light could really come in handy, especially on difficult and technical trails.


The output of a bike lamp is measured in lumens, and you’ll find all sorts of values across mountain bike lights reviews. Keep in mind that more power does not necessarily mean a better light, since the beam shape, as we have mentioned, and other features such as weather resistance are equally important. That being said, you buy a light to see well in front of you, so you need it to be up to the task and have some juice in the tank.



Q: How Many Lumens Do I Need For A Night Mountain Bike?


500 lumens is a good starting point for riding your mountain bike at night, and you'll find that almost all bike lights are capable of such an output. Having a little more light, however, never hurt anybody so we recommend going slightly above that just to be safe.

Q: Do I Need A Mountain Bike Light?


A mountain bike light is recommended not only to ride in the dark, but also, and perhaps even more importantly because it makes you more visible to incoming traffic. Given the small size and weight of most lights, we feel it's an accessory we would rather have than not.

Q: When And Where Can I Use My MTB Light?


You can use your mtb light pretty much everywhere, just pay attention not to blind oncoming drivers by shining it into their eyes. Some models can also be detached from the handlebars and used as a camping flashlight.

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A good mountain bike light might seem like a superfluous accessory, but more often than not you’ll find yourself wishing you had one if you don’t. In our article, we have shown you the best options available today, so you can find the one that best meets your needs and hit the roads with added confidence.

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