For active mountain bike riders, protective gear is a must when you hit the trails. Aside from your helmet, your hands and knees tend to be parts of your body that get beat up the most. 

The best mtb knee pads will provide you with a thick and aggressive layer of protection that shields your knees against scrapes, bumps, and hard impacts that can occur when you fall off of your mountain bike

But you also want your mtb pads to be comfortable and secure, especially if you are spending long days out on the trail, which is why it can be difficult to choose the right design. 

We want to help you compare all of the top products on the market, so we have made a list of the best designs to get you started in your search. With our help and reviews, you are guaranteed to find a top rated pair of knee pads that enhance your protection and boost your overall mountain biking experience.

How to Choose MTB Knee Pads – Buying Guide



Before you can choose a pair of top rated knee pads for mtb biking, you will need to decide how much protection you need for your ride. Not all mountain bikers need the same level of protection and the amount of protection that you need can be affected by the trail that you are riding on and your skill level. 

The best mtb knee pads will always provide effective protection for your knees, but not all designs have the same features. If you are riding over gentle terrain, you won’t need as much protection. But if you are traveling at high speeds or on rocky trails, you will want thicker padding and a hard outer shell to protect your knees. 

Similarly, most mountain biking for beginners won’t require a heavy amount of protection because the riders don’t have the skill to race downhill or perform jumps and tricks. But if you are an experienced or advanced rider, you are more likely to need more protection as you venture out on tougher trails. 


The best knee pads for mtb will also be available in a variety of sizes so that the pads fit correctly over your knees and stay in place while you ride. The vast majority of mtb and enduro knee pads are available in the standard sizes ranging from small to extra-large. 

But you should check the product information or read mtb knee pad reviews to be sure that the size of the knee pads will suit your needs. Some mountain bike knee shin pads don’t fit true to size and they may run small or large, which is when reviews are helpful to find the correct size. While most cycling knee pads are unisex in design, some brands do provide sizes that differ based on adults and youths. 

Your biking knee pads should always fit correctly to ensure that you stay comfortable while you ride. With the right fit, your pair of pads are also less likely to shift or slide out of place while you are riding. 


Riders should also consider the comfort of their pads. While protection is important you should also feel comfortable while you are wearing your pads and riding your bike. If the mtb shin guards or pads are too tight, they may cut off your circulation, which will make pedaling painful. You should also look at the edges of the sleeve to ensure that they won’t dig into your skin and cause discomfort. 

The best mtb knee pads will be correctly sized to fit your legs and designed to be comfortable to wear for extended periods. Most riders will base their comfort on the fit of the bike knee pads, which is important, but you should also consider your range of movement. A pair of top rated knee pads for mtb will provide you with a good range of motion so that you have the freedom to move, bend, or flex your knees. 

Attachment Type

Most heavy and lightweight mtb knee pads use two types of attachments to secure the pads around your legs and knees. The slip-on or pull-on design is the most widely used, followed by strap-on designs. 

Slip-on designs are great because they’re easy to use and slide on like a sock. For most riders, the slide-on design is secure enough to stay on your legs while you are pedaling. But more aggressive riders may choose the strap-on design because of the adjustability. The straps can be tightened to guarantee that the pads do not slide, slip, or rotate out of place. 


When you want to prevent injuries, you want to be certain that you have found a good quality pair of mountain bike knee pads. Quality is important to consider because it will determine how well the mtb knee guards protect your body and how long they will last. 

The best knee pads for mtb riders will keep them safe from injuries while also lasting for a long time. This means that you get better quality out of your investment because you aren’t having to constantly replace the pads. But if your pads are ever damaged, they should be replaced before you ride again to ensure their quality and protection. 



Q: Should I Wear Knee Pads For MTB?


When you are debating what to wear mountain biking, mtb knee pads should always be on your list. Protective knee pads can protect your body from serious injury, not just scratches and scrapes. The best mtb knee pads will cushion your knee against impacts and stop injuries like dislocated kneecaps and deep gashes.

Q: How Tight Should Mountain Bike Knee Pads Be?


All mtb shin guards and pads should be tight enough to stay on your leg, but not be so tight that they cut off your blood flow or cause discomfort. Riders should still be able to move their leg and bend their knees without feeling like the pads become too tight.

Most slip-on mountain biking knee pads have a stretchable sleeve that fits comfortably against the rider’s leg. But if you want a more custom fit, you should look for designs that use Velcro and elastic straps to hold the mtb pads in place.

Q: Do You Wear Knee Pads Over Or Under Pants?


The choice will be yours when it comes to wearing your mountain bike knee pads over or under your MTB pants. Some lightweight mtb knee pads are slender enough to fit underneath your pants but designs that have more heavy-duty padding would probably be more comfortable to wear on the outside of your pants.

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Whether you’re a beginner or expert rider, it only takes a split second for accidents to happen. The best mtb knee pads will help protect your knees against bruises, cuts, or worse injuries to ensure that you stay safe while riding your bike. With plenty of designs on the market, you should be able to find the perfect design to suit your needs. Our article outlines exactly what you need to find a pair of high-quality knee pads to keep you safe on the mountain.

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