Bringing some gear along as you ride your mountain bike is crucial, especially on longer rides, but it is always a source of issues since you are never sure where it is best to store it. Your jersey pockets may be too small, and carrying a full-sized backpack often makes balancing difficult. The best mtb hip pack is a simple and elegant solution to the problem, letting you keep your gear organized and in place as you ride, without affecting your ability to freely move on the pedals.

The best mountain bike fanny packs strike a nice balance in size and capacity between pockets and backpacks, allowing you to take with enough gear for a day on the trail without making you feel uncomfortable or weighing you down excessively. In this article we will present to you the best mtb hip packs that money can buy, so you can have a complete overview of what the market offers and rapidly make a valid and informed choice, to head out and hit the trails with confidence.

How To Choose A MTB Hip Pack – Buying Guide



Size is one of the main benefits of choosing a hip pack over a backpack, since wearing a bulky item on your back is often cause of issues for your balance, even if it does offer plenty of space to store your gear. A cycling jersey usually has pockets, but these are rarely large enough to hold all the gear you might need for a day on the trail, and certainly not capable of carrying a large water bottle. A good mtb hip pack provides the best of both worlds. 

By sitting much lower than a backpack it helps keep the rider’s center of gravity low, improving balance, while providing ample storage both for essential items to have on the road, such as spare tires and tools, as well as water to provide hydration. This may be especially beneficial for women since they tend to have smaller shoulders and larger hips than men. How big of a hip pack you need is up to you to decide, judging also by how long you plan to stay on the road, but in our mtb hip pack reviews, you will surely find what you are looking for.


In a good mtb hip pack, the main storage compartment will have several divisors to keep your gear better organized and let you quickly have access to the tools you need. If you have a water reservoir, once it is filled with liquid it will take up most of the space inside the bag, but the best packs will still let you stuff their pockets to the brink. The best hip bags even have expandable pockets to let you use them to the maximum, or provide extra ones on the sides to let you distribute the weight of your kit more evenly across your waist and not affect your balance as much.

The storage size can go from as little as 1 liter to an impressive 8 liters, but we would not recommend exceeding that since the risk of discomfort constantly increases with size. Depending on the length of the ride you are planning to undertake, you will know how much storage you need and how much weight you are willing to carry, letting you fine-tune your choice and find the bike hip pack for you that is perfect for you.


While most bike hip packs use the same design, there are several subtle touches that manufacturers can use to make the whole experience of wearing them more enjoyable for the rider. One of the most common is to incorporate webbing mesh on the side of the pack that is closest to your body to provide a softer, cushioned feel that makes wearing the pack more comfortable and breathable. Some models even provide the option of letting the pack slide slightly further away from you as you are going uphill, to give you more room to breathe and keep it closer to you on the downhill section. 

This option, however, is usually only available on the most expensive models. Other parts of the pack that are carefully designed are the buckle and tightening mechanism, which both need to be easy to operate, preferably with only one hand, and the lock that keeps the drinking tube in place if your pack also has a water reservoir. This is usually a magnetic trap that keeps the hose from flying around as you cycle, securely fastening it to the pack so as to avoid unwanted and unpleasant surprises.



Q: Is A Hip Bag Same As Fanny Pack?


Not quite. The idea behind the two bags is obviously the same, and nobody can deny how useful it is to have a bag around your waist that lets you easily access your gear, despite how funny it might look in plain clothes. The difference between the two is the technical build of the hip packs, which make them ideal to be used on a bike, while fanny packs cannot often be fastened as securely and also don't include space for water reservoirs.

Q: Why Use A Fanny Pack For Mountain Biking?


As we have written earlier, a hip pack for a biker strikes a pretty ideal balance between size and capacity, letting you bring more gear than the one you could bring simply in your pockets but also never becoming as obtrusive as a full-sized backpack. This gives you the best of two worlds and also keeps your shoulders free, making a mountain bike hip pack an ideal choice for rides that are no longer than are day.

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A good mtb hip pack can be one of the best accessories a rider can take on the road and is an excellent option for a present if you happen to have a friend that loves bikes. While they all look similar, there are some key differences that set them apart and that we have tried to illustrate in our reviews. We hope that this has given you a better idea of what the market has to offer and we are confident that, by following our tips, you’ll be able to make the best decision with ease.

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