While MTB or mountain biking is a great way to get out and exercise, it is important that you use proper safety gear every time you ride. Your safety should always be your top priority and one of the most important pieces of gear that a rider can use are mtb goggles. 

The best mtb goggles will protect your eyes from harmful exposure to UV rays and stop irritation from dust or debris while you are riding on the trail. We want to help you find a pair of top rated mountain bike goggles so we made a list of five quality products. With a pair of these biking goggles, your eyes will stay clear and protected from elements on the trail so that you can ride safely.

How To Choose  MTB Goggles – Buying Guide



Safety is key when it comes to finding a pair of top rated mountain goggles. Your goggles are, after all, used for the safety and protection of your eyes while you are out riding. The best mtb goggles will be rated to very specific safety standards and meet a few different certifications. 

All mountain bike or enduro goggles need to be resistant to high velocity impacts and have a strong frame. The actual lens of your goggles also needs to be shatterproof, which means minimal or no damage to your eyes should the goggles crack or break upon impact. A scratch-resistant lens is also a good idea to keep your lenses clear. 


The level of safety that your goggles provide is often connected to the quality of the design. A high-quality construction means that you have a pair of bike goggles that meet and often exceed safety certifications. This also means that your eyes will be fully protected while you are riding so that your overall safety is boosted. 

Good quality downhill mtb goggles should also be long lasting and outfitted to have various features to increase their functionality and versatility. These features can include a vented frame and comfortable strap. 

Mtb goggle reviews can help you determine the quality of your biking goggles and give you good insight into the brand’s level of reliability. You should always invest in the best quality that you can afford instead of trying to find a budget pair of goggles. 

Fit and Comfort

For many riders, heading out to the trails means that you’ll spend hours or even days on the trail. When you’re all suited up in your mountain bike gear, you still want to be comfortable enough to ride for long hours. A pair of the best mountain bike goggles will have a good fit and comfort for all riders. 

Many downhill goggles have a padded frame, which keeps the sensitive areas of your face more comfortable. The padding also gives you a better fit against your face and keeps everything tightly sealed so that water or debris cannot reach the interior side of the goggles. Padding is also a big part of the rider’s comfort. A thicker padding is more comfortable, and it provides more protection. 

Fit and comfort can also be affected by the strap. A wider strap band is more comfortable to wear and easier to maneuver while you are wearing your MTB gloves. Wider bands are also easier to situate and position on your MTB or mountain bike helmets


The lens is an essential part of your goggles because it not only protects your eyes, but it is how you are able to see through your goggles. A good lens should also be shatterproof, but beyond the physical construction of the lenses, you also want to consider their features. 

The most important features to consider are UV protection and whether the lens has additional properties like an anti-glare or anti-fog function. These can greatly increase your level of safety by keeping your vision and the lenses completely clear while you are riding outside. 

UV Protection

UV protection is a feature that can greatly improve the quality of your lenses. A lens with UV protection will help filter the light and shield your eyes against harmful UV rays. This helps protect your vision and health in the long term. 

However, you may also want to consider the tint of your lenses. UV protection doesn’t have to be colored. It can be integrated into a clear lens, but if you want to fully shield your eyes from the sun, you may want a tinted lens. With a tint, your lens will balance and improve the contracts of the landscape in different light conditions. This allows you to see more clearly on cloudy or sunny days. 

There are a lot of different tints though for various light conditions. Mtb goggle reviews can help you determine which tint is best for which climate and in what weather the tint will most enhance your vision. 


For even better vision, you may even want to consider an anti-glare feature. Anti-glare lenses mean that the surface of the lens has been polarized to cut through the light and its reflections. If you are riding in wet or snowy conditions, anti-glare is essential for clear vision. 


Another feature that is really important for riders who are in cooler climates is an anti-fog layer on the lenses. Anti-fog means that the goggle lens has been coated with a treatment that is designed to repel the buildup of moisture from outside elements or your own sweat. This keeps the lens clear for crisp vision. 

But anti-fog may also be assisted with ventilation ports. Some of the best mountain bike goggles have a vented frame, which helps increase the airflow to boost the anti-fog feature even further so that your lenses stay completely dry.  



Q: When Can I Wear Bike Goggles?


You may think that you only need to wear bike goggles when you’re performing MTB jumps or tricks, but you should actually wear goggles anytime you are out riding your mountain bike. Your safety should always be put first and this means that you always wear your goggles to keep your eyes completely protected.

Q: Why Do I Need Bike Goggles?


For your safety and protection, bike goggles are an essential piece of gear that you need to wear mountain biking. The best mountain bike goggles will keep your eyes protection for all the harsh elements on the trail, as well as any flying particles or debris. With eye protection in the form of mtb goggles, you are more likely to keep your vision clear so that you can safely navigate your course.

Q: How To Size Bike Goggles?


Product specifications or information can tell you whether your downhill mtb goggles are designed with a certain size or fit. However, most top rated mountain bike goggles on the market today come with a one size design that is suited to fit both male and female riders.

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Mountain biking is a rush of adrenaline and for many riders, a great way to exercise in the great outdoors. But it can’t always be fun and games. Your safety should always be top priority, which is why wearing a pair of the best mtb goggles is a smart move for any biker. With the right protection, you be completely confident that you’ll never have to worry about cloudy vision on the trail.

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