Protection is essential when you go out mountain biking and it is important that when you ride you have the right gear. But while you’re more than likely to remember to wear your mountain bike helmet, other important pieces of equipment that will protect you in a fall or crash are the best mtb gloves. 

Every rider, no matter their level of experience or skill, knows that mountain biking gloves are vital to keep the skin on your hands and stop any cuts or abrasions. Mountain bike gloves are that extra layer of protection that you need to keep your hands and fingers in one piece, should you ever have a nasty accident or fall. But they do more than just protect you in case of danger, they can also assist in your overall grip and comfort while riding your bike. 

But there are a lot of different gloves designs on the market and you may find it confusing navigating all the various features included in each design. We want to ensure that you are paired with the best, so we’ve made a list of ten quality products and provided you with everything you need to know about good quality bike gloves.

How To Choose MTB Gloves – Buying Guide


Full vs. Half Finger

Mountain biking gloves come in two different styles – full or half finger. The difference between the styles is exactly as the title suggests and the gloves will either cover up to half the length of your finger or the entire finger. The different reasons for using full or half finger mountain bike gloves is mostly decided by the type of mountain biking you like and what time of year you’re out on the trail. 

Full finger mountain bike gloves are the better choice for riders who are on difficult terrain and are downhill racing or if you are riding in cold weather. The complete covering of the finger provides you with better protection, but it may not be the most comfortable if you are just casually riding the trails. Instead, the 360-degree protection is mostly used by those who are aggressive riders. But any time that you’re going out into cold weather, the best winter mtb gloves will keep you protected from the cold by having a full finger design.

Half finger gloves for mountain biking are popular for riders are more casual and won’t be attempting any crazy technical skills or maneuvers on difficult terrain. Instead, half finger designs are great for people who plan on riding on gentle trails and just want to cushion their palms, should they fall. But half finger gloves are also great for summer because they provide more ventilation to your hands to keep them cool. 


When it comes to finding the right fit of non-padded or padded mountain bike gloves, you may need to refer to a size chart or mtb glove reviews to help you. It is important that you find the right fit, or you may be very uncomfortable during your ride. The best mtb gloves should fit snuggly, but not be so tight that cause discomfort or pain. If your glove are so tight that this does occur, you risk cutting off circulation in your fingers, which will make them more numb and make it harder to steer your bike. This is downright dangerous for all mountain bike riders and the reason why fit is everything. 

On the flip side, your gloves will be useless if they don’t stay on your hands. Riders also need to be sure that they haven’t bought a pair of cheap mtb gloves that are so big they slide right off your wrist. This would also be dangerous and could get in the way while you bike. If there is too much room in your gloves, you are also more likely going to experience skin irritation like blisters or calluses. 

Ideally, you want the gloves to be tight and snug but still have the comfort and flexibility that you can feel all your fingers and your hands aren’t changing colors. If you are having trouble finding the right fit, brands may include the circumference of the cuff to help you determine whether the gloves will fit your hands or not. The circumference is often listed alongside the size chart. 


Top rated inter mtb gloves will have a few different features, but they likely won’t have them all and there are a lot of features to consider. Some of the most popular features include water resistance, moisture wicking, mesh, cloth wipes and gel grips. Extra features are great for enhancing the overall functionality of a design and they give you more benefits on the trail. 

The best winter mtb gloves will be water resistant or waterproof to protect you from the wet weather conditions like snow. However, some summer mtb gloves take the opposite approach and they use a moisture wicking fabric to remove sweat. This means that they would have little insulation and really are meant for hotter temperatures. Mesh is another way to keep your hands cool and it can be a great feature to manage excess sweat. But if you do happen to sweat a lot, some half and full finger mtb gloves have a cloth wipe built in to remove moisture. 

One of the final features that is useful to any rider, regardless of the style or time of year, are gel grips. Small pieces of gel may be integrated into the palm or fingers of a glove, which means that you get a better grip on smooth surfaces. While padded mountain bike gloves may have grips built into the pads, you are more likely to see a tacky surface on downhill mountain bike gloves. 


One of the other style choices that you’ll need to decide about your gloves is how they close around your wrist. Some gel mountain bike gloves have a heavy-duty wrist strap that wraps around and secures with Velcro. Other gloves may have only an elastic stretch cuff. The choice will be up to you to decide, but you should take the time to choose the best because the cuff is an important feature. 

Cuffs keep dirt and weather elements out of the gloves, which keeps you more protected. But along with the right fit, you want the cuff to be snug. An elastic stretch cuff is the most comfortable, but it only has one size. The elastic should stretch around your wrist, but if it gets too worn out or is too big, it won’t provide you with a secure fit. 

A Velcro closure is the most secure form of closing the glove around your wrist and it should have some degree of adjustability. Many of the best winter mtb gloves and even ones for warmer temperatures, will use a Velcro closure because it allows you to customize the tightness of the glove. For riders who are on long rides, this is often the best choice because you can loosen the gloves when needed and quickly secure them if you hit difficult terrain. 


For extreme riders, they may actually need their padded mountain bike gloves to also have armor. Armor means that there would likely be robust pieces of rubber built into the backside of the glove to give you an all over layer of protection against impacts. Many full finger mountain bike gloves feature this padding and are meant to be used for downhill racing. Riders who are using beginner mountain bikes and are riding calmly on the trail do not usually need to have armor. 

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The material of your gloves is another important consideration because the type of material used can determine the features of the glove. Firstly, you want your gloves to be durable. So, often they will use synthetic materials like leather, nylon, polyester, or suede. The best mtb gloves are made of this because they are strong and have useful features like quick dry and moisture resistance. 

However, other materials like mesh or cloth may also be included because they increase the breathability and moisture absorption of the gloves. Mesh is a great way to improve the ventilation of summer mtb gloves and keep your hands cool while riding. But a cloth piece is also great at absorbing moisture and keeping your eyes clear. 

The best winter mtb gloves need to have a thicker design, which likely means two layers. An outer layer for general protection and a layer of insulation to protect against the cold. Full finger mtb gloves are more likely to have an insulation layer than half finger designs. 


Padding is one of the most useful features for protection because it absorbs shock and vibration. Top rated inter mtb gloves with at least have a light padding, which can protect your hands from shock that occurs during impact. The padding also works hard to keep you comfortable while you ride throughout the day. 

Most people want padding in their gloves, but sometimes the padding can be too much. For riders who don’t want a bulky pair of gloves, you should read mtb glove reviews to determine whether the level of padding included in the gloves will suit your needs or if it is too thick. 


Gloves for mountain biking are used for protection – that is their main job. So, it would be worthless to use women’s or men’s mountain bike gloves that didn’t protect your hands. For this reason, you should take the time to find a quality pair of gloves that will offer you truly robust and function protection on the trail. 

However, it is important that you match the level of protection with your style of riding. Not all riders need heavy protection and it can actually be cumbersome. But for aggressive riders, they need all the protection they can get, and this may even include extra features like armor. 

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Q: Do Cycling Gloves Make A Difference?


es, cycling gloves can mean the difference between you walking away with your skin or with bloody palms. Even cheap mtb gloves will provide you with protection, but the highest quality designs will not only protect, they’ll take the full force of the damage. For example, if you were to fall over the front of your bike, your gloves could help you avoid nasty rubber burns from you mountain bike tires because of the fabric covering your hand. But beyond safety, mountain bike gloves can also enhance your grip on your men’s or women’s mountain bikes and the handles.

Q: How Tight Should Cycling Gloves Be?


Your mountain biking gloves should be as tight as you need them to be without them causing discomfort or restricting your circulation. Ideally, the gloves should fit snuggly so that they can’t move around or slide off your wrist. A good way to test the tightness is to put the gloves on and flex your fingers. You should still have full mobility and dexterity with your hands and the gloves shouldn’t move out of place.

Q: What Should I Look For In A Mountain Bike Glove?


Biking gloves are as important as your mountain bike helmets and that means you need to look for high quality designs that have functional features to protect you on the trail. Our buying guide has highlighted exactly what you should look for in mtb gloves, so you get maximum protection on the trail. But overall, you want the gloves to be durable and reliable in their design and function.

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Q: What Size Bike Gloves Do I Need?


The size of your bike gloves will be determined by the size of your hand. Many of brands have a whole range of sizes from extra small to triple XL to ensure that every rider gets the protection they need. You should look to the size chart for the best advice as to how the gloves will fit your hands. There are also different sizes for adults and youths, so be certain that you’ve read the size chart correctly.

Q: Why Do Cycling Gloves Have Loops?


The loops on mtb gloves are used for easy removal of the gloves when you are finished riding.ost M mountain bike gloves will fit snuggly and this means that it can be difficult or even frustrating to remove them after a ride. The loops offer you a way to quickly remove the gloves without having to fumble or struggle with the material.

Q: How To Care For Cycling Gloves?


Most mountain bike gloves can be washed in a washing machine, but they cannot be machine dried. However, you should check the product information for specific care instructions to ensure that you don’t accidentally damage the material. In general, handwashing is always a safe option, if there are no instructions included.

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With a pair of top rated inter mtb gloves, your safety should never be a question. The best mtb gloves will provide you with a durable layer that stops damage or injury to the sensitive skin on your hands. Riders should always look for high quality in the construction, design, and materials of a design to ensure that they have the ultimate protection. Our article gives you all the best tips and tricks to finding a great pair of cheap mtb gloves that will serve you throughout the years and various trips down the mountain. All you need to do is pick a pair, suit up, and start pedaling.

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