The mountains are a great place to escape into nature. But as you begin to explore even more terrain, you may find yourself climbing higher and higher, which means that you’ll start to face more challenging conditions. It also means that you’ll need to invest in a pair of the best mountaineering pants to keep you safe from trail and weather conditions. 

While you may have a pair of your favorite hiking pants, they won’t provide the protection you’ll need from the elements. Mountaineering trousers are tougher and more durable than hiking pants, which makes them perfect for shielding your body against the sun, snow, wind, and rain. They also come in a variety of sizes and style to fit both men and women. 

We want you to find a pair of top rated pants for mountaineering, so we have made a list of the ten best mountaineering pants and included a comprehensive buying guide. With our help and guidance, you can feel confident that your alpine climbing pants will provide you with maximum protection as you climb new peaks.

How To Choose A Pair Of Mountaineering Pants – Buying Guide


Softshell vs. Hardshell

Top rated pants for mountaineering are often separated by two types – softshell and hardshell. Softshell pants for mountaineering are often more flexible and less rigid than a mountaineering hardshell pant design. Softshell designs are still protective against the elements and should be water repellent and windproof, but also breathable. For climbers who wish to feel less restricted and need greater flexibility, softshell is the best choice. 

However, mountaineering hardshell pants are designed for extreme locations where you will face the harshest elements. Hardshell designs are often fully waterproof, windproof, and have a high abrasion resistance. They are better for adventurers who are spending long times in the outdoors and in rugged locations. The downside is that hardshell ice climbing pants will be less flexible and stiffer, which may be uncomfortable for some adventurers. 


When it comes to choosing the best pants for mountaineering, you should always look for synthetic materials over natural materials. When you need strong protection against harsh weather conditions, the problem with natural materials like cotton is that they aren’t durable and can become quickly soaked. 

Synthetic materials are longer lasting because they are more durable, and they will provide you with excellent protection against wet weather or strong winds. However, synthetics don’t always stretch, so you’ll often find that the best mountaineering pants are a blend of a non-stretchable synthetic and Spandex. 


Whether you’re reading the best climbing books to plan your next adventure, or you have a specific peak set as your destination, you need your alpine climbing pants to be durable. Durability means that you will have the best protection, better value, and enhanced functionality. 

Mountaineering pant reviews can help you determine the durability of a design and decide whether they will hold up against the weather you expect to encounter on your adventure. You can also check for features like high quality materials, strong seams, and reinforced areas, which can all increase the durability of a design. 


Breathability is often important to keep you comfortable as you explore the mountains. Contrary to popular belief, breathability can also keep you warmer because it prevents sweat from drenching your clothing or wetting your skin, which would lower your body temperature. 

Softshell pants for mountaineering are often more breathable and can be used for more casual trips. However, mountaineering hardshell pants will be less breathable because they need to protect you from extreme conditions like blizzards or strong wind. 

Weather Resistance

You should be very cautious of the type of mountaineering trousers you purchase and their weather resistant rating. Water-resistant vs. waterproof climbing pants are not the same. A water resistant design can still be soaked if it is exposed to wet weather for too long, while waterproof mountaineering pants should always remain impermeable. 

In general, mountaineering softshell pants will be water resistant, while mountaineering hardshell pants will be waterproof. This is because of the different conditions in which the pants are meant to be used. For casual mountaineering expeditions, softshell pants will due. But if you’re going to the top of the peak, you may want to use a hardshell pant. 


The best pants for mountaineering will increase their overall durability by having reinforced sections around the knees or crotch. Double stitching or extended panels around the knees can help the pants last longer, while ensure that numerous bending actions doesn’t rip or split the seams. Gussets are also a good way to reinforce the pants and ensure that the seat can handle multiple treks up the mountain. Double stitching or layered fabrics are other methods to reinforce alpine climbing trousers, which provides a higher quality and durability. 


The best mountaineering pants will be lightweight and less bulky, so that you aren’t carrying unnecessary weight with you up the mountain. When you’re trying to balance the weight of your climbing backpack, the last thing you want is to feel weighed down by your legs. Therefore, finding a pair of lightweight mountaineering bibs means that you’ll have the energy to last all day on the trail. It also means that you won’t be tangled up in bulky fabric. 

Water Resistance

As we discussed above, the level of water resistance you need will depend on where you are going mountaineering. If you’re going to face wet weather or are trekking through snow, you need a pair of waterproof climbing pants. But if you are going somewhere where you may only have to deal with a little rain, then you can probably survive with a water resistant design instead. 

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Some top rated pants for mountaineering feature convertible features that make them easier to use or wear. Most pants will be a complete pants, which means that they won’t zip off into shorts, but they may have zipper ankles. Zipper ankles can make it more comfortable to put on your boots as you convert the pants to accommodate the shaft of your boot. 



Q: How to Clean And Care For Mountaineering Pants?


Check the label. There are a lot of different fabrics used in mountaineering trousers, which means that one method isn’t necessarily better than another. Some alpine climbing pants can be machine washed and others may be damaged as they spin through the cycle. Instead, you should check your pair of ice climbing pants for specific care instructions. Mountaineering pant reviews may also give care tips that you can follow to get your pants looking like new again. 

Q: What Are Mountaineering Pants?


Mountaineering pants are a specific type of outerwear that have been designed to be extra durable for more technical hikes or treks. While most hikers don’t go to extreme altitudes, the best pants for mountaineering can be used in high altitudes and weather conditions, while also providing you with much needed protection. The main difference between regular and mountaineering pants is the overall durability. Top rated pants for mountaineering will excel at being durable.

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When it comes to mountaineering, safety should always come first. For climbers who are going to new heights, it is important to keep your legs warm and dry. The best pants for mountaineering are designed to go to the extremes, while providing you with high quality protection. With alpine climbing pants, you can stay safe and enjoy the view from the top of the world. 

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