Mountain biking is a high action sport and it is important that you stay hydrated throughout your day on the trails. But while water bottles are often the first choice, they aren’t very convenience for cyclists on the go. Instead, you should look at investing in the best mtb hydration pack. 

With a hydration pack, you can sip your H20 without having to stop on the trail. The bladder, hose, and bite valve will supply you with fresh water and provide you with the most convenient way to stay hydrated. But finding a quality water backpack for biking can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with this type of gear. 

Our list and buying guide provide you with 10 excellent designs that you can choose from to take on your ride. But if you still can’t decide, the tips and tricks in our buying guide should help you determine the best option for your unique needs.

How To Choose A Hydration Pack For Mountain Biking – Buying Guide



The type of hydration pack you choose will actually be down to your gender and age. There are mountain bike hydration packs that are made to better suit men rather than women, or vice versa. But there are also adult sized backpacks and designs that are made for youths or children. The type of hydration pack you choose can also affect the size and fit, which we will discuss in the sections below. 


The best mtb hydration packs are available in a variety of capacities from small to big. But the capacity you choose will ultimately relate to how much gear you want to carry with you and the size of your hydration bladder

However, is important that you understand how capacity is measured because it will be provided in the product specifications. The capacity of most hydration packs is given in the number of liter that it can hold. There are designs as small as 2 liters or as large as 20 liters. It will be up to you to decide what you need. 

Other Gear Storage

While most top rated hydration packs for mountain biking will have pockets to organize your gear, there may be other systems used to carry all your essentials. Pockets are certain the first go to design, but other popular methods include internal organization like roll pads or exterior options like MOLLE webbing. Again, you will have to choose what you want and what suits your needs. 


For many bikers, the weight of their water backpack for biking is important because they don’t want to have to carry anything unnecessary. The smaller the bag, the lighter it will be. But that also means that it can’t hold as much gear. For many, this is suitable for a day on the trails. But if you want to go for longer or carry extra like snacks or warm layers, you’ll have to settle for having a heavier backpack that can carry more gear. 

Size and Fit

The best hydration packs for mountain biking will often be unisex in design, but there may be differences in size and fit based on age. Adult backpack sizes tend to be suited for men and women, though there may be specific designs that are ideal for smaller or larger frames. But if you are taking your kids along, you’ll need to shop for a youth specific size and fit. 

Overall, you want the size and fit to be comfortable. Your hydration pack for mountain biking should be snug, but not too tight. This means the size and fit gives you enough space to adjust the straps based on how much you are carrying, but that it won’t ever slip off your shoulders. 


While water keeps you cool, ventilation is another important feature that ensures you aren’t drenched with sweat as you ride. Mountain biking hydration packs need to have ventilation incorporated into their design so that the air can flow around crucial areas like the straps or back padding. Mesh is another great feature that increases ventilation and keeps you dry while you ride. 

Bladder and Bite Valve

Mountain bike hydration pack uses a bladder and bite valve to deliver the water to your mouth. The bladder is the reservoir that holds your water, while the tube and bite valve is what you use to drink. The best hydration packs for mountain biking should have a BPA free bladder and bite valve that also has a smooth operation. You should be able to have a sufficient amount of water flowing with each sip so that you aren’t struggling to stay hydrated. 

But top rated hydration packs for mountain biking also need to be tough and durable. The bladder should not be able to be punctured easily and the entire system needs to be leak-free. A bite-valve with a cover or automatic closure will keep the water inside and guarantee that it doesn’t leak out as you ride. 


Insulation is an important feature if you want to keep your water cool. Mountain biking hydration packs that are insulated will be slightly thicker and may even have a reflective lining, which is used to maintain the temperature of your water. 

Mtb hydration pack reviews are a great resource to determine how reliable or functional the insulation is on a specific design. Reviews will often tell you for how long the insulation keeps your water cool and if it is worth the investment. 



Q: How Do You Keep A Hydration Pack Cool?


Insulation and ice are the best ways to keep a pack and your beverage cool. Insulation is one of the best features that works hard for the duration of your time on the trail to keep the temperature down inside your pack. But if that isn’t cold enough, many bladders are compatible and have openings that are large enough to fill with ice too.

Q: Is CamelBak Worth The Money?


Yes, due to the exceptional construction quality and brand warranty. CamelBak mountain bike hydration packs are known for their durable build and high-quality performance. While the brand name does demand a higher price, you will also get worthwhile features with your investment like reliable insulation and a leak-free bladder with valve. The brand warranty is just another highlight of Camelbak because the company confidently backs their products with a lifetime guarantee.

Q: How To Make Sure I Get The Correct Fit and Size?


You should check the brand for a size chart or read mtb hydration pack reviews for advice. Most packs are one size fits all for adults. But if the size is changed or indicated separately, it should state whether it is suited for adults or youths. There may also be a size chart included by the brand, which would give you the best suggestions on the size and fit of a pack. Reviews can tell you whether the size chart is reliable and how you should expect the pack to fit on your body.

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Hydration is key when you’re mountain biking, but it can be a pain to have to remember to drink water. With a hydration pack for mountain biking, you can eliminate the stops and sip water on the go. The best mtb hydration pack will not only be durable, but it will also help you carry everything you need to be prepared for your time in the great outdoors. 

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