If you want to get the most out of your mountain bike ride, the best mountain bike stem is an important investment to ensure that your bike runs smoothly. A mountain bike stem is an important part of the bicycle that affects your overall riding performance by establishing better balance and control over your bike. 

Yet, there is a lot more to mountain bike stems than meets the eye, and you must do your research to find the right stem for your ride. In this article, we will help you sort through all the distinct features of mountain bike handlebar stems and ensure that you have found the best mtb stem.

How To Choose A Mountain Bike Stem – Buying Guide



The best mountain bike stem will be available in a variety of lengths, but you must choose the right length for your needs. The length of the stem will affect the handling of the bike and determine your comfort. It is important to take the time to determine the correct bike stem sizing for your type of riding and level of experience. 

Shorter bike stems will provide a smoother ride and quicker response but can force you to sit hunched over your handlebars. A longer stem is more comfortable to use because it helps keep you seated in an upright position. Most MTB stem lengths will range from 50 to 80mm.


The width will refer to your handlebars and the size of the tube. Most standard MTB handlebars are 650 to 800 millimeters wide. If you are using a 40mm stem or 35mm stem, you should increase the width of your handlebar to give you better control. 

The width may also refer to the width of the stem or the diameter of your handlebars. Most handlebars are 31.8 millimeters in diameter, and you will find that many of the best mtb stems on the market are made to match that width for universal compatibility. 


The rise refers to the angle of the stem. Not all mountain bike stems have a rise. Sometimes 50mm mtb stems or larger have no rise, so they have no angle. However, some top rated mtb stems have a rise, which situates the handlebars, so they sit higher from your frame. Short mtb stems need a little rise. However, some 40mm stems have a 5 to 7-degree rise. 


As we mentioned above, the amount of rise that a mtb bike stem has will affect the angle of your handlebars. A higher rise will angle your handlebars more. The angle is sometimes adjustable and can be changed positively or negatively. A positive angle would make you sit upright, while a negative angle would make you lean in more towards your handlebar. 


The best mountain bike stem will have a sturdy construction that can withstand heavy-duty use on rugged trails. The most common material used in the construction of stems will be aluminum because it is very strong and lightweight. Carbon fiber is just as strong as aluminum and even lighter weight, but the higher cost makes it a less popular choice with riders. Steel is not a suitable material for bike stems because it breaks easily under stress. 

Torque Values

When you are installing your new mountain bike handlebar stem, it is important to pay attention to the torque values. While the best mtb stem will always come with durable hardware, you can have torque issues if you try to over tighten the screws. 

If you force the screws into place or tighten them too much, you risk stripping or damaging the pre-threaded holes. Mountain bike stem reviews can help you determine the right amount of torque value for a product and give you an idea of whether the installation process of a stem is easy or challenging. 

Steerer Tube Clamp Diameter

The steerer tube clamp diameter will refer to the part of the stem that connects with the main frame of your bike. The standard diameter of steerer tubes ranges from 1 1/8-inch to 1 ¼-inch. You should check your bike’s tube diameter and compare it to the stem diameter to ensure that everything will properly fit when installed. 



Q: What Does A Shorter Stem Do On A MTB?


A short mtb stem length will give you more responsiveness, so your bike handles quicker. The rapid response of a shorter stem makes it a great choice for technical rides or downhill racing because the reduced length gives riders better control over their bike at high speeds. 

Q: How Does A Shorter Stem Affect Bike Handling?


When you see bike stem sizing and see the term short, it means that you are increasing the responsiveness of your handlebar for better handling. A 35mm bike stem is usually the shortest design available on the market, and it is a great choice for mountain bike racers or anyone who travels at high speeds on their bike.

Q: Will Any Stem Fit Any Bike?


While many stems are designed to be universal in their size and fit, that is not always the case. Sometimes a stem will not fit the bike because the handlebar is too wide. You must check the measurements of your bike and stem before you make a purchase. This will guarantee that the product will fit your bike.

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The best mountain bike stem will help you take your performance on the mountain to a new level. With the ability to customize your bike to suit your needs, you can change both the responsiveness and comfort of your bike. Our list of quality products helps you get started in your search and to ensure that you find the right stem, we’ve answered all your questions in our buying guide and FAQ.

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