Whether you’re planning an ambitious bikepacking trip or you’re simply heading out on a Sunday ride and need a place to keep your stuff, the best mountain bike saddle bag is what you need. These bike seat packs are designed specifically to be unobtrusive and yet provide good and practical storage space to bring all those little items you’d like to have with you but can’t fit in the pockets of your tight riding pants.

The best saddle bag for mountain bikes has to be rugged and water-resistant, and in the best cases also adds to the visibility of your bike. It can quickly become an accessory you always want to have whenever you leave the house, once you get a feel for how useful it can be. In this article, we’ll describe the features of the best ender saddle mountain bike bags you can find on the market today, so you can make an informed and accurate decision about what to pick for your next journey.

How To Choose A Mountain Bike Saddle Bag – Buying Guide



The size of the bag you need will depend on the amount of gear you want to bring with you, so you’ll need to evaluate how much space you think your basic items will take. If it’s just your valuables, a small bag is probably enough, and it will also weigh you down less as you ride. For those used to riding with a rucksack and looking to take some weight off their shoulders or those planning a bikepacking trip, a larger and more capable bag is warmly recommended, just as long as it doesn’t influence your pedaling.


Compatibility will only be an issue if you are planning to attach your bag to a dropper post since the variable height might bring it in contact with the rear wheel. Usually, though, people who use dropper posts don’t bring a lot of extra gear with them since they are going for the fastest and lightest setup, so it’s a pretty rare problem. For everybody else, they can feel pretty safe with almost any model, since they are designed to be as universal as they can.


A little play in the velcro straps or buckles that fix your bag to your bike is useful because you might find yourself in need of adjusting the fit, especially if you have rear suspensions. These change the distance between your saddle and the rear wheel, so you need a saddle bag that is ready to move.

Storage Space

Needless to say, storage space is crucial for any bag you might want to purchase. In the case of saddle bags, it will increase with the length of the bag and not so much the width, since doing so would impede the pedaling motion. Some bags offer several different pockets in which to divide their contents or even side pockets for smaller items, which can be very useful to better organize your personal items.


Having a waterproof saddle bag is important not only because you need a protection from the rain, but mostly because the saddle bags are very likely to receive a consistent amount of splashes along the road, especially if you’re riding on muddy trails. It is therefore crucial that they have some form of water protection, be it a good material or just an external treatment, to make sure your valuable items don’t get damaged.


One might not think about it at first, but a saddle bag can also be a valuable safety asset to have on your bike. This is because most of them have some sort of reflective strips on their surface, so they are much more visible to cars. A lot of saddle bags also feature a clip on which you can put a bike light, to make you and your bike stand out even more on the road. 


The way air flows around the contours of your bike and body have a big effect on how fast you’re able to ride, and it is important that a saddle bag fits with the picture without becoming an additional drag. Most saddle bags will have an aerodynamic shape for this reason, and resemble some sort of cone since in this way they can offer the maximum amount of storage space while keeping the drag to a minimum.


Nylon and polyester are the two most common materials that you will find in mountain bike saddle bags. They are both very strong and have good water resistant capabilities, which makes them a perfect fit for the job. 



Q: What Should I Keep In My Saddle Bag?


What you usually find in a saddle bag, apart from your everyday items such as a phone, wallet and keys, might be energy bars for those taking on very long rides, or even power banks for those who fear running out of power. A tire pump will usually be too big to fit into a saddle bag.

Q: Can You Use A Saddle Bag With A Dropper Post?


Yes, you can, but some extra care is needed. It is best to buy a very small saddle bag so that it doesn't rub against the stanchions or the rear wheel. Some saddle bags clearly write if they are compatible with dropper posts or not, so that is also something to look out for.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of A Saddle Bag?


A saddle bag is useful because it's a way of carrying your valuables with you when you ride your bike without having to put them in your pockets. When you're on a bike, items in pockets can very easily fall out, which is not the case with a zippered saddle bag.

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Looking for the best saddle bag for mountain bike is no easy task, given the amount and variety of options on the market. In our article, we have shown you the top ten products out there, so you can focus your search on the best of the best and be sure to pick a great piece of gear for your next adventures.

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