As the warm season approaches, mountain biking becomes quite an appealing sport for you. If you enjoy off road performance cycling, then this is the sport for you. However, sometimes, you don’t want to be confined to your neighborhood trails. So, you will want to drive out to explore other places to get the true feel of the sport. This is where bike racks come in.

When you are moving your mountain bike, your priorities are its safety and durability. The best bike rack for mountain bikes incorporate exceptional locking systems that hold your bike in place. And as your bike is supported by a rack, it remains secure even on bumpy routes. Good quality racks also allow you to carry your bike on multiple vehicles with ease. 

Whilst carrying your bike, good quality mountain bike racks don’t hinder your regular activities as they don’t limit accessibility to your vehicle. So before its time to travel, go through the list of the 10 best mountain bike racks in 2020 so you can find the best option for your bike. Whether you are looking for versatility, capacity or long lasting durability, you will find all that.

How To Choose A Mountain Bike Rack – Buying Guide



Versatility should be on your mind, when you are choosing the best bike rack for mountain bikes. Mountain bike racks that are versatile can support a wide range of wheel sizes, tire width, and bike frames and sizes. So, just because you change your bike type or decide to rent out a different model, you don’t have to change your bike rack. Remember, these tools can be quite expensive.

Ease Of Use

It is also important that the rack is easy to use. Remember that you are securing your bike and driving around with it. Thus, you don’t want the rack to be too complicated that you risk making an error. You should choose a rack that is as straightforward to use as possible.

Ease Of Installation

Nobody wants to be fumbling around with their bike rack for hours trying to install it. The best mountain bike racks should be easy to install and remain secure when installed. Ease of installation will not affect the performance of your bike rack, however, going for a rack that comes fully or more than 50% assembled helps to save time and make installation on your vehicle much faster. 

Mounting Type

Bike racks also come in different mounting designs. The most common are the roof, truck, and rear mounts. Roof mount racks are designed to be mounted on the roof of your vehicle.  They tend to be extremely secure and even feature cable locks for wheels. Truck mounts are designed to be mounted on trucks. They normally feature nylon or metal webbing straps. 

Rear mounting racks are more common, and are mounted at the back of your vehicle. They are normally attached to the trailer hitch receiver. They tend to be sturdy and also allow for easy accessibility of the rear side of the vehicle. 

For rear mounted racks, you will also come across hitch or wheel mounting racks. Hitch racks tend to be easy to install and can also be adapted to carry skis or snowboards. Wheel mounted racks are normally mounted on the spare tire. Sometimes, you may also come across racks that can be mounted in multiple places as well as non-traditional designs such as the SeaSucker Talon Mountain Bike Rack.

Weight Of The Bike 

When choosing the best bike rack for mountain bikes, you should also look at the weight of the bike it can support.  You will normally come across the number of bikes the rack can support as well. However, this is not important if you do not look at the weight of each bike the rack can support. 

You will notice information such as “the bike can support 2 bikes each weighing a maximum of 35 lbs.”. This means that the weight has to be balanced and that the rack cannot support one bike with 25 lbs. and the other with 45 lbs.


You can easily know the capacity of your bike rack by referring to its features. Some bikes will support one bike whilst others can support up to 4 bikes depending on their construction design. As mentioned above, you shouldn’t only refer to the capacity, but you should also look at the weight capacity per bike. 

This is because different bike racks are designed to support different bike types. For example, a bike rack may be designed to support 4 standard bikes each weighing 35 lbs. whilst another may be designed to support heavy duty ones each weighing up to 45 lbs.

Stability And Security 

You should also focus on the stability and security of your bike. You may be driving across different terrains and at different speeds, thus, the best bike rack for mountain bikes is one that can withstand that. Look out for bike racks that are built with anti-wobble mechanisms and designs to ensure that your bike is always held in place. 

Additionally, also look for details such as integrated locks and strap designs to help add security to your bike. Bikes attached to bike racks are still susceptible to theft, however. Although depending on the security of your rack, you may be able to delay the time it takes to take off the bike from the rack, thus, making the quest a little harder for the perpetrators.



Q: How Do I Keep My Bike Rack From Scratching My Car?


Some bike racks are built with special designs to prevent from scratching your car. However, you can also protect this from happening by adding an extra layer of protection, you can do so by adding Scotchgard paint or protection film to reduce scratches.

Q: Do I Need A Tow Bar For Bike Rack?


It all depends on the type of rack you go for. If you go for a tow bar mounted one, then you will need a tow bar to mount it. Same as you need crossbars for a roof mounting rack or a spare tire mounted to the back door if you use a spare wheel rack.

Q: How Should I Know What Size Rack Do I Need?


When choosing the size of the bike rack, you should first know how you want to mount it. Then, its size should match the wheel size of your bike, the size of your vehicle and hitch receiver (for hitch racks).

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The mountain bike rack reviews reinforce their importance in ensuring your bike is safe during transport. Plus, what better way to transport your mountain bike hassle-free?! Yes, there can be a tad bit expensive, but at the end of the day, they are a worthy investment if you want to preserve your bike’s durability and to travel comfortably. The buying guide above also offers a clear guide on how to choose the best bike rack for mountain bikes. And you are guaranteed to find your match from the list of the 10 best mountain bike racks above.

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