Bugs are real pests. While enjoying the outdoors is great, it isn’t so great to be surrounded by bugs. You probably already take some measures to reduce the number of bugs around you. You might slather yourself in bug spray or take measures to get rid of waterbugs in your pool.

An effective way to get rid of all the pesky mosquitoes while you’re hanging out is to invest in top-rated bug zappers. These will help to keep those biting bugs out of your hair without calling for stinky spray or any effort on your part. This guide will help you find the best bug zapper for you and even give you some top-notch options to get you started.

How To Choose A Mosquito Zapper – Buying Guide



Not every bug and mosquito zapper is the same and there are quite a few different types of insect zappers you can choose from.

Horizontal bug zappers are typically used indoors. These have a horizontal light in them and typically feature mesh on either large end to allow insects to enter towards the center.

Vertical options are much more popular for outdoor use because they’re more durable and waterproof. The light in these models stands straight up and has an exterior housing often made out of some type of plastic. This housing not only helps protect the light but also helps to protect the user from accidentally touching the electric components.

There are also bug zappers that can be used in much the same way as a standard lightbulb. Unfortunately, these don’t have much protection, so they’re best used out of the rain. They’re a popular choice for porches and screened-in decks. It’s best to use these as a combination light because they don’t give off quite as strong a glow as standard light bulbs.

Handheld bug zappers are a popular choice for indoor use. They’re used much in the same way as the average fly swatter is used. However, instead of simply smashing the bug, it uses electricity to kill it. This is much less messy and easier for you.

Sometimes the best bug zapper doesn’t directly kill mosquitoes and insects. Some devices plug into your wall and repel insects and mosquitoes without killing them. These work well as the best mosquito deterrents but don’t always work as well for flies. If you keep pets, you’ll probably want to stay away from these options as the high-pitch sound they emit will bother them. 

There are also mosquito bug zappers that trap rather than just kill the insect. This is a great choice if you don’t want to hear a popping sound every time a bug is taken care of.

Indoor or Outdoor

One of the first questions to ask yourself is whether you need an indoor or outdoor bug zapper. Each of these options uses similar methods like light to attract bugs towards them. Then, as they get close, the bug and mosquito zapper kills the bug with electricity.

The biggest difference between these two options is size. Indoor bug zappers tend to be much smaller than their outdoor counterparts. This lets them fit in your home without being obtrusive. Indoor bug zappers may also come in the form of plug-ins or handheld zappers as well.

Coverage Area

The best bug zapper will cover everywhere you need it to cover. Without the proper coverage, you might find that all those bugs you want going are still there. It’s best to pay attention to the specifications of the electric mosquito zapper you’re considering about the size of your house or yard.


The insects that are attracted and killed by a bug zapper depend on the way the zapper attracts bugs.

Many use light to attract bugs to them which works well on most insects. However, light alone doesn’t attract mosquitos very well. The most efficient mosquito zappers will have a secondary way to attract insects. These usually give off carbon dioxide or use bait like octenol.

Construction and Design

It comes as no surprise that you’ll want a bug zapper that will last you a while. When it comes to a lasting design, you’ll want to pay attention to the housing of the zapper. This is usually made of either plastic or metal that’s electrically grounded. The best way to see how a bug zapper performs over time is to look at mosquito zapper reviews.


Q: How do mosquito zappers work?


Mosquito zappers are pretty simplistic in how they work. For mosquitoes specifically, they usually use some kind of bait alongside the light the zapper gives off. This is usually a carbon dioxide emission or external bait like octane. Once the mosquitoes are drawn in, the transformer in the middle kills them.

Q: Are mosquito zappers effective?


Yes! The best mosquito zappers will help keep your home, porch, or lawn free of pests. Just make sure you choose the option that’s best for your purposes. Remember to look at aspects such as coverage area and the type of zapper you need.

Q: What are the benefits of using a bug zapper?


The main benefit of bug zappers is pretty obvious: it’ll keep the area yours in free of bugs. This will help you stay comfortable and, in the case of mosquitoes, free of bites. Additionally, it’ll save you the time and mess of squashing them yourself.

Q: Are zappers safe?


Yes, you aren’t going to need to worry about safety with a quality bug zapper. All bug zappers have housing around the transformer to ensure that it can’t be directly grabbed accidentally.

Q: Where can mosquito zappers be used?


Mosquito zappers can be used anywhere but you’ll want to be careful to choose the right bug zapper for the setting. An indoor bug zapper isn’t going to be strong or waterproof enough to work for a yard. On the other hand, an outdoor bug zapper will work inside but it’s going to be bulkier than is ideal.

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Finding the right bug zapper can help make your home, patio, or yard a pest-free place to hang out. These are a safe, efficient, and effortless way to make sure you don’t have mosquitoes biting you and flying around your head. Any of these top-rated bug zappers will help you achieve this with ease.

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