Mosquito bites aren’t just annoying and painful, they can also be deadly too with malaria accounting for around one million deaths each year. Therefore, getting the best mosquito net is important to keep you safe while you are traveling.

Getting the best mosquito head net too would not only protect you from mosquitos, as it will also help to prevent any other flies or bugs that can bite and cause irritation. In order to get the right product for you there is a lot to consider with plenty of different buying options out there.

That’s where we can help, as we explain all those different buying options that you have so you are able to get the best product for you with confidence. We have also looked through the mosquito net reviews to show you the best products that are out there on the market.

How To Choose A Mosquito Net – Buying Guide



When it comes to the material of a mosquito net there are a few things that it needs to be, with one of the key features being its weight. You want to have a net that is going to be light enough so that you can easily carry it around with you wherever you go and potential place it into your backpack if you are hiking.

The most important feature that these nets need to have though is their ability to keep out mosquitos, otherwise there is little point in having them. In order to do this the fabric needs to have a lot of small holes which will let the air through but block ay insects and it Is often seen that a product with more ‘holes per inch’ would be better as this would be a finer material.

One key feature that you will want on a net is the ability for it to be see through, so a manufacturer has to balance all these factors together in order to produce the best travel mosquito net that they can and there are a few different materials which are able to provide answers to these problems.

One of the most traditional materials to use for a mosquito net is cotton or linen which a lot of products are made out of as it ticks those three boxes of it being light, a fine mesh and see through as well which makes it so common. There are downsides to this material though as it’s not quite as light as others available and it also has the tendency to become damp easily which can weigh it down.

Perhaps a better solution would be to have a synthetic material such as nylon or polyester which will be able to have all the desired qualities that you are looking out for when it comes to a mosquito net but has the ability to repel water in a much better way. It is also slightly lighter than natural materials though meaning that it’s a lot easier to carry around.


Before you buy your mosquito net you need to ensure that it’s going to be big enough for your needs. Due to the nature of the product there obviously can’t be any gaps in it otherwise this would compromise the protection that it is giving you from the mosquitos.

These sizes are often shown in bed sizes which can give you a clear indication of how big they are going to be and how many people are able to fit inside of them. Others though will be in more of a box or a rectangular shape with its dimensions being listed on the product which would then need to be checked against the space that you need.

There are also pop-up tents too which can be very easy to assemble and therefore have a defined space inside when is easy to see. A lot of these solutions will give you enough space for one person to sleep in comfortably but there are others which can be a lot bigger.

You simply just need to assess your own need and then get a mosquito net that is going to match that. The key point though is to not underestimate as you don’t want to be in a situation where you are in the outdoors with a net that doesn’t fit and leaving yourself vulnerable to mosquito bites.


In truth color is not going to be a big factor in your buying decision but there are a few things to factor in and you might notice that you don’t have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a color you’re your mosquito net.

Part of that reason is that you don’t want to attract any insects to your net by using bright colors. Even though they won’t be able to get through the net, you still don’t want them lurking around which is why the vast majority of nets that you will see are white.

There is another color though which can often be found and that is black. The reason that black can often be a great material for your net is that it absorbs the sun’s rays in much the same way as that black strip does which sportsmen can put below their eyes. This will reduce any glare and enable you to see more clearly through the mesh.


The style of your net will also play an important role in your buying decision as this will affect the space that it has to cover but also how you put it up and keep it in place as well. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have a mosquito net which you are unable to use.

One of the more traditional methods of a mosquito net is the ability to hang it up and this can be done from either one point or multiple different points. There is the wedge style of net where you can easily hang it from one or two points for a very easy sleeping solution. There is also the box style where you hang it from four different points for a much more spacious solution.

One great style which is incredibly easy to use is the pop-up tent which can easily be assembled and will have the rods already in place so you don’t have to worry about hanging it anywhere but it will often need fixing into the ground with some sort of stakes. These aren’t always the most spacious of net options but will give you a safe and comfortable sleeping area.


Durability is an important part of a mosquito net as if you have a tear of the fabric then it could easily compromise the safety of the product and let insects into it. Therefore you want to get a product from a reputable company and one which has been highly rated.

With these types of product though, even the best products can fail due to the thin nature of the material so you always want to ensure that you are taking good care of it and storing it away in an appropriate matter.

If you’re getting a pop-up net then you also need to bear in mind that the poles that hold it up need to be stored correctly as if they are not then you risk snapping them and breaking the product and you’d be left without a net.


As these products are made from a thin mesh material, it also generally means that they are very light to carry and therefore highly portable. If you’re traveling a short distance then carrying one of the foldable bags with you wouldn’t be an issue at all.

Some products that we have shown here are designed to be folded down into a bag but that bag would be wider than most backpacks so you wouldn’t be able to fit it in. If you’re going to be backpacking then you need to look for a net which will be able to fit into a small bag so you can then pop it in with your other items.

Ease Of Set Up

The reasons that a lot of mosquito nets fold down into their own bag is that often they are pop-up tents which have their own fiberglass frames. While this might not make them quite as portable as other nets, it does mean that they are extremely easy to you.

All you need to do is fold it out and you’d have a mosquito net in a matter of seconds. With a hanging mosquito net the set-up can be a lot trickier as if you don’t have any frame to place it over, you need to find somewhere to hang it up such as a tree. In this instance you just need to work out where you are going to be using the product and make a plan for how you are going to set it up.


All the products in this guide are going to be highly effective in keeping you safe from any mosquito bites as they won’t be small enough to get through the mesh material as the holes will be too small for them.

If you’re worried about any other insects then you will want to choose a mesh that is as fine as possible and won’t let through even the smallest of creatures. You also want to check how it protects you at the bottom and see if it has a skirt which can fold under or a tarp floor.



Q: What Are Mosquito Nets?


Mosquito nets are a fine mesh that will go over an area that you want them too such as a bed or a chair. They work but having small enough holes that any mosquitos wouldn’t be able to find their way in so that you can stay protected on the inside of the net.

There are a few different types as they can either come with a frame which will go over you, they can be hung from something like a ceiling or a tree or they can come as a pop-up as well, whatever method they use, the eye it that there is a layer of protection between you and a mosquito.

Q: What’s The Purpose Of A Mosquito Net?


Malaria is one of the deadliest killers in the world and accounts for around one million deaths per year with the disease transported from one place to another by mosquitos. There are other deadly diseases transported by them as well.

It’s not just about the fear of death though as malaria can simply make you unwell and can ruin your traveling adventure very easily. It’s important therefore to be protected and while you can cover your skin and put on some spray in the daytime, at night you are a lot more exposed.

A mosquito net will give you peace of mind that you’re not going to in danger and you can peacefully be inside the net and not have to worry about any deadly diseases that come your way. If you’re in a country or climate which harbors mosquitos, then you need to be protected.

Q: Do Mosquito Nets Really Work?


Mosquito nets aren’t just a fancy product that you get just because you feel like you have to, they can literally save you’re like if you’re in an area which is densely populated by mosquitos. While the insect is small, the holes in a mosquito net are even smaller so they won’t be able to get to you.

They will help you have that barrier to the outside world and won’t just block out mosquitos but also all manner of different insects and bugs which might otherwise disturb you. You do need to ensure that any entrances are blocked and there are no gags in the bottom of the product.

Globo Surf Overview

If you’re going anywhere outside where you’re going to have prolonged exposure to mosquitos, then you simply have to have protection from them in one form or another, whether that is getting the best mosquito net or a mosquito repellent. This could be when you’re out there camping but it could also mean if you’re simply in a hotel where you need to keep the windows open.

As we have seen here, choosing the best mosquito net for you is easier said than done as there are a lot of things to consider. Both natural and synthetic fibers work very well as a material for mosquito nets but the more synthetic options won’t hold as much water and they will be slightly lighter as well so they are the better option out of the two.

One of the biggest aspects that you have to consider is the size. If you’re looking for a camping net then you need to make sure that it’s big enough to cover your sleeping solution whether you are in a cot, sleeping on a camping mat or are just using a sleeping bag on the floor. If you want a net for backpacking then you obviously need to make sure that it folds down into a small enough size to carry around with you.

That portability is an important aspect, as is the ease of use. If you want a pop-up net then you need to consider that it will fold down to a size which will be too wide for your backpack but it will be incredibly easy to use as it will just pop out of the bag. Hanging nets might be more portable but are harder to set up.

Hopefully this buying guide has helped you have a clear idea in your mind of exactly what you need. Once you have bought your net then you can head outdoors with peace of mind knowing that you’ll be protected from those horrible mosquitos.

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