When traveling to a tropical destination or camping in a mosquito-infested environment, a mosquito net is the best way to protect yourself. Mosquitoes are most active at night and you’re the most vulnerable. Mosquito nets help you get through the night without unrest. In our mosquito net reviews, you will learn about the best mosquito nets for travel and camping and how you can choose the right net for your adventures.

Unlike chemical repellents, nets are a natural way to keep bugs away without leaving harmful chemical traces behind. You can even get mosquito head nets that cover your face and neck for protection during the day. Bug nets for travel should be lightweight and packable so it’s easy to bring them along to any bug-infested location your travels and adventures take you. They should be effective at keeping mosquitoes and other bugs out when it’s time to get your head down. All the best mosquito nets featured here meet this criteria.

How To Choose A Mosquito Net – Buying Guide



The best travel mosquito net materials are nylon and polyester. Compared to cotton, these synthetic materials are lighter and have better weather- and tear-resistant properties. They can resist moisture and mildew, don’t get too heavy when wet, and don’t take too long to dry either. They’re also tough enough to resist tearing when used in the great outdoors. 


To be effective at keeping out mosquitoes and other bugs, bug nets should be large enough to go around your hammock or cover your bed, cot, camping mat, or sleeping bag entirely. Manufacturers provide the dimensions or bed size of their mosquito nets to give you an idea of the floor space the net covers when open. Single-person nets are designed to protect one sleeper while double nets are designed to cover two people. 


As you’ve probably noticed, most nets for mosquitoes come in white or black. Although the color of the mesh doesn’t affect the protection you get, black nets have an extra advantage: you can see more clearly through them. For protection in the great outdoors when you need to be stealthy, you can opt for a green net that will blend in with the surroundings.    


There are different types and styles of mosquito nets. Rectangular box nets are the ideal mosquito nets for beds and mattresses. They offer plenty of space for airflow and movement. A bell net provides ample space thanks to a spreader bar and extra height. A wedge net leaves plenty of room around your upper body. For RV camping, you will need mosquito nets for windows. A top-rated mosquito head net can protect your head, face, and neck during the day while you’re on the move.


Bug nets are susceptible to ripping, especially when used in the great outdoors. The best outdoor mosquito nets have strong netting that can resist tearing. The netting material can easily snag on a zipper or sticks, so it’s important to be careful when setting it up and entering it. The attachment accessories should also be heavy-duty to increase longevity.


Thin mesh construction means that mosquito nets themselves are ultralight.  However, when you factor in the poles, ropes, and clips, the weight can add up. It’s important to take note of the weight especially if you want a mosquito net for backpacking or hiking. The packed size is also an important consideration. It will tell you whether the folded net and accessories will fit in your pack or carry-on luggage. Most mosquito nets are foldable and come with a stuff sack.        

Ease Of Set-Up

You may have to put up your camping mosquito net with the mosquitoes buzzing all around you, so the ease and speed of setup are of paramount importance. Pop-up mosquito net tents are the easiest and quickest to use. Simply unfold and you will have a mosquito shelter in a matter of seconds. Bell nets have a single suspension point. Box-style nets hang from four different points. We recommend practicing setting up your net at home before you have to do it in a bug-ridden area. 


The most important quality of a mosquito net is its ability to keep out mosquitos. To be effective, mosquito netting has lots of small holes which let air through but block insects. The size of the holes determines what size insects a bug net can keep out. Fine mesh with more ‘holes per inch’ can prevent all kinds of insects including midges from getting in.  

Nets should cover your entire sleeping area and drape down long enough to tuck under a mattress or sleeping bag. If you’re traveling to a location where the threat of malaria is high, you can get a treated mosquito net for extra protection.



Q: Do Mosquito Nets Work?


Yes, mosquito nets are a proven way to keep out mosquitoes and protect them from mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria while you sleep. Mosquito nets have very small holes through which mosquitoes can’t pass. As long as the nets are set properly, they should be effective at preventing mosquito bites.

To avoid being bit through the mesh, the net should be wide enough so you can sleep without touching the sides. Some mosquito nets are treated with Permethrin to enhance their effectiveness against mosquitoes and other bugs.

Q: How Should A Mosquito Net Fit On A Bed?


A bed net for mosquitoes should hang from a ceiling or frame via all four corners. It should drape over the entire bed, creating a mosquito-proof shelter while leaving enough space for airflow and movement. You should then tuck the net into the mattress to create a bug-tight seal. 

Q: Can Bed Bugs Get Through Mosquito Net?


As long as the mosquito net has small enough holes and covers the entire sleep area without holes or gaps at the entryway or floor, biting bugs won’t be able to find their way through. Nets treated with permethrin are especially effective at offering protection from mosquito bites.

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Whether you’re sleeping in a budget hostel or setting up camp under the stars, having the best mosquito net can be the difference between a fun trip and a nightmare. We hope this guide will help you find the best mosquito net so you can head outdoors with peace of mind that you’ll be protected from mosquitoes and other nasty bugs and the deadly diseases they carry.

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