Few pieces of clothing have such a huge effect on your well being and overall health while being so small as scarfs. That thin line wrapped around your neck, however, has the power to spread warmth all the way down to your toes by protecting one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Try forgetting yours at home to remember how important the work they do is.


Scarves not only protect from cold but also give men who are into fashion a great chance to style, diversify and color their look. Very few accessories can boast such a versatility, both as protection from the elements and as a creative tool. In this article we have compiled reviews of the best men’s scarfs you can buy, so whether you are heading out on the snow or just want to look good during the winter, you will know what to choose.

How To Choose A Men’s Scarf – Buying Guide



Most men’s neck scarves will be made from one of three materials or a combination of them. These are acrylic, wool and cashmere. You will also find cotton scarves on the market, but these will not keep you as warm and are not recommended to be used in winter, so we will not discuss them now. All three materials are soft and gentle on the skin and do not cause any irritations or annoying scratching. All three are also excellent at retaining body heat, so you won’t have to worry about warmth regardless of the material you choose. Furthermore, breathability will not be an issue whichever way you decide to go, even if this feature often comes down to the knitting pattern that is employed. Your decision will then mostly come down to personal preference, cost and style. Acrylic scarves are the cheapest, but good for most situations, lightweight and easy to fold and compress. Wool is a step higher but has the privilege of being an all natural material, that has been used for centuries. Cashmere sits on the other end of the price range, but will deliver a feel that is so smooth and unique that it might be worth paying the extra money for. Fashion enthusiasts won’t hesitate to head towards the cashmere since it is the most luxurious material of the ones we have mentioned, and men’s scarf brands will make it very clear if it is included in their products given the extra prestige it comes associated with.


Keeping you warm is your scarf’s primary job, and indeed it is a piece of clothing that has a great effect on your overall well being. Whatever material you choose, between those that we have listed above, it will do the job and keep you nice and toasty under your jacket, but there are a few tricks to watch out for. Both acrylic and wool have excellent heat retaining capabilities, but acrylic, being synthetic, is more prone to make you sweat. This can be very risky in a cold environment since wet skin can make your global body temperature decrease even faster. Cashmere also works wonders against the cold and is the smoothest of all. Furthermore, if you’re wearing a hoodie be careful to pass your scarf underneath it before fastening it in the front. Not doing so will leave a good portion of your lower neck exposed, since the hood tends to pull the sweater back. This will defeat the purpose of having a warm scarf and leave you more exposed than when you were not wearing one. So remember, in order to have a warm scarf around your neck, protecting you from the winter cold, it is not only important to choose a material such as acrylic or wool that will keep the heat in, but also wear it in a way that minimizes the risk of exposing yourself. The most efficient men’s scarf won’t be able to help if it cannot cover you properly.


One might think that men’s scarves don’t offer as many creative possibilities as women’s, but that is becoming less and less true. The hard lines that separate men’s and women’s clothing are progressively getting more blurred, and it is not uncommon to see men walking around showing off bold color choices we would not have expected. Many scarves for men can today be also found with interesting and amusing patterns, which can further lighten the mood of dark winter days. Depending on what you’re going for when you buy one, you will have a multitude of choices at your disposal to combine with the specific look you want. Strong colors may be used to make an otherwise normal outfit stand out, while more subdues tones can be preferable if your clothes are already perfectly combined and you don’t want anything to break the balance. If your choice falls on a monochrome scarf, then your options are still not finished since patterns come into play. Herringbone designs are subtle yet strong, while bolder lines and knitting schemes will give the scarf and its wearer much more presence and flair. Options are available wherever you want to go, so you can pinpoint which one is the best scarf for you.



Q: How Do You Wear A Winter Scarf?


The quickest and most versatile way to put on a winter scarf is simply to fold it in two and then put the end through the loop that forms once you wrap it around your neck. This also allows you to adjust the tightness of the scarf and better regulate the temperature balance, but it reduces the length of the scarf by half. If you want to use its full length, you can simply roll it several times around your neck without folding it, and then keep it in place when you put on your jacket. This is slightly less convenient than the previous method since it requires more time and also doesn't protect the top of your chest, where the know would have been in the previous scenario. If you have an oversized scarf, you then have more possibilities but you also have to deal with its increased size, which means you might end up having to tie knots with it around your waist or leave a part of it hanging out of your jacket. In the case of a closed loop scarf, you mostly have to decide whether you want to double it around you or keep it wider and looser. These are the most basic ways to use scarves. As for the most creative ones, involving headwraps or other variations, we'll let you experiment and find out for yourselves.

Q: Does A Scarf Keep You Warm?


Yes. Scarves are extremely useful to keep you nice and toasty during those cold winter days. Having something to protect your neck effectively stops cold air from entering your jacket and reaching the most vulnerable parts of the body. If you don't believe us, try for yourself going out with a scarf or without one. The best scarves for winter will give you more warmth by themselves than a good pair of trousers and are, alongside socks, the most useful piece of clothing you can wear against the cold. For extra insulation and protection, combine them with a good pair of gloves and a warm hat and you'll have an optimal defense against cold on all sides.

Q: Do You Wear Scarf Inside Or Outside Jacket?


This comes down to a matter of personal stylistic preference. Our advice would be to keep the scarf on the inside of your jacket, since in this position it is able to form a closed shell that offers very little openings to the outside cold. Zipping up your outer layer until it meets the scarf will effectively lock you in a bubble of your own warmth and deliver the best protection you can hope to achieve. Wearing a scarf on the outside of the jacket might be doable on warmer days, when insulation is no longer at the top of your concerns, but it won't keep you as warm. If you consider the problem from the point of view of looks and fashion, then it is entirely up to you which way to choose since you might find one or the other more or less inspiring. Keep in mind though that looking your best might come at a cost.

Q: Do Scarves Prevent Colds?


Yes, but not because of the reasons you might think of. The common cold is not simply a result of low temperatures, it is a virus. When the thermometer drops your immune system's ability to fight against viruses and bacteria also decreases. Keeping yourself warm then works to prevent you from getting a cold not because it stops the viruses, but because it keeps your body at a temperature at which your immune system is capable of functioning at its best, and can therefore be the most effective against any foreign element that is trying to do some damage. Wrapping yourself with a scarf, as we have seen, is one of the quickest, easiest and cheapest ways to stay nice and toasty in the winter. One more reason to make sure you don't forget yours at home before going out.

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When browsing for scarves online, it’s hard to tell what is what. Simply looking at a photograph of a rolled up piece of clothing won’t give you any indication as to how soft, warm or comfortable it is. In our men’s scarf reviews we have strived to highlight the important details, those that will really make a difference when wearing them. Choosing a men’s scarf for you should not be a problem if you follow our tips, and you will be able to head out in the cold feeling confident about staying warm and well protected.

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