Sharing an outdoor adventure with your child can be wonderful. If your little one is old enough, they can even pitch in and carry their own gear. With the right backpack for kids, the trip can be a lot more enjoyable for both yourself and your little one.

Choosing the best hiking backpack for kids is pretty similar to choosing one for adults – it needs to be comfortable to wear, well-made, and offer enough storage space. On top of this, it also needs to fit the child’s body frame.

To help you decide, our kids hiking backpack reviews will present the best kids hiking backpacks currently on the market. In addition, we will also talk about everything that a good backpack needs to have so your child can get the most out of every adventure.

How To Choose A Kid Hiking Backpack – Buying Guide


Size and Fit

Properly sizing the backpack and finding the right fit will determine how easily your child can carry it on the trail. Children grow very fast, so these are often sorted into age categories (toddler, younger children, and older children). For best results, make sure to measure your child’s torso and get a model that fits them properly. It’s always a plus if backpacks for kids come with adjustable torso length because this will allow your little one to use them for a larger number of years.

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While most of these backpacks for kids are fairly light, technical models can be too heavy for young kids to handle. Because of this, we advise that you always check the specs and see if your little one has the strength to handle the pack with the load inside.


Similar to adult models, the best hiking backpacks for kids usually have the main compartment and several zippered pockets inside and outside. The capacity is measured in liters and shows you how much gear you can pack inside. We would advise that toddler packs don’t exceed 10 liters, while older kids (8+) can usually handle packs up to 40 liters.

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Water Protection

Water protection generally increases with the bag’s technical capability. While smaller backpacks for kids designed for shorter hikes are rarely water-resistant, larger models designed for the trail can usually block light to moderate rain. In terms of water protection, a nylon shell with a DWR coating is the best choice.


Even though this isn’t particularly important in terms of functionality, the choice of color might be beneficial for two other reasons. First, it allows your little one to find their style so they will enjoy wearing the backpack more. Secondly, bright colors will make the kid more visible so it’s easier to keep an eye on them.



Q: Does My Kid Need His Own Hiking Backpack?


This mainly depends on the enthusiasm of your child and the activity that you are taking part in. For example, if you have a toddler and you’re going on a shorter walk, chances are they won’t need a backpack. However, if you have a slightly older child and you’re hitting the trail, they will need their own backpack.

Q: Are Hiking Backpacks Too Heavy For Kids?


No, not at all, because the weight of the backpack itself is very low. However, you need to pay attention to what you put inside the pack so the load doesn’t overburden your little one while walking.

Q: What Is The Recommended Age For A Child To Start Wearing A Backpack?


They can wear a backpack as soon as they become stable when walking. However, children grow fast, and not every backpack is suitable for every age group. For this reason, our list features models for all age categories (toddlers to older kids).

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Whether your child wants to get more involved when hiking or carrying everything is a bit too much for you, getting them their own backpack is a great way to boost their independence and take a bit of weight off your shoulders. Hopefully, this guide has made your decision easier so that you can choose a pack that will fit your little hiker perfectly and allow both of you to enjoy the hike even more.

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