Teaching your child how to ride a bike is one of the most emotional moments for a parent, one that strengthens the unique bond there is between you. The best kids bikes make sure that the moment becomes even more special, forming a memory that will always be present in both of your minds. 

Children’s bikes usually then become one of the kid’s favorite toys, and once they get confident enough on the saddle it becomes difficult to get them off of it. The best bikes for kids fulfill a double purpose. They provide fun and enjoyment to the child, but also often come with extra safety features, such as training wheels, to keep the bike stable and the parents free of worries.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best kids bikes available, given that the number of models currently on the market can make the choosing process unnecessarily long and confusing. Read on to find the perfect children bicycle for your family and be on your way to many beautiful and fun afternoons to spend together. 

How To Choose A Kids Bike – Buying Guide



Determining the best weight for your children’s bike means reaching a balance between several factors. First of all, you want the frame to be strong and durable enough to hold together as your kid rides along, without ever giving the impression that it might fall apart. This is a no-brainer for any parent, whose chief concern is always their child’s safety. The weight, however, needs to be manageable by the child themselves, because they have to be able to govern and turn their bike as they wish. 

This will prove impossible with a frame that is extra thick and cumbersome to move, so you need to find a model that makes the parent feel safe but also lets the kid have fun as you want it to. A lighter frame will also help with the overall safety of the bike, despite how this might seem counterintuitive because in the unfortunate event of a fall your child will have a much easier time to get away from it and will not remain pinned beneath it.


Top rated kids bikes and spawn bikes always have very thick wheels, because these provide extra stability and are the perfect fit for riders that are still unsure about their balance. This is complemented by extra wide rubber tires, whose surface is always very rugged so they can exert a maximum amount of grip on the road below. This combination is ideal for children to acquire the balance, confidence, and stability they will need to be able to transition to a full-sized adult bike. 

To further help kids in the development of their skills, many kids bikes include a set of training wheels to be screwed onto the rear wheels. These are usually made of plastic and have an overall inferior quality of the two main wheels, but their position makes it almost impossible to fall over. As your kid gets better and better, the training wheels can gradually be lifted before being finally removed, which is always an important step in any child’s life.


Small children will often lack the strength to properly squeeze brake levers, such as the ones you are used to seeing on your regular adult bike. This means that regular caliper brakes will not be as effective for kids, and a different system has been put in place to help them. Most kid bike will use what is called a coaster brake, which simply means that the child can slow down the bike by pedaling with the opposite motion as the one needed to roll forward. This might seem counterintuitive to us grownups, used to braking with our hands, but it is a very effective method with small children, one that will become immediately instinctive after only a few rides.

Many bikes make use of a double system, in order to get the child used to have to squeeze a brake lever to stop but still giving them the option to choose between the two until they get strong enough. In our kids bikes reviews you will have seen several models use this solution, which is one of the more versatile the market offers. Usually, the caliper brake straddles the front wheel, while the rear one is stopped with the coaster brake. As bike sizes increase, coaster brakes tend to disappear since older children will have stronger hands and won’t need the extra assistance.


Brakes, wheels and frames all concur in making riding a bike safe and enjoyable for your kid, and part of a parent’s job is to find out which combination allows your child to safely have fun on the wheels. Be sure to also buy your child the best helmet you can find, and the market also offers some interesting choices to increase the child’s visibility when on the pedals. Try not to be too overprotective and overbearing, as you might end up taking the fun out of the whole experience.

When equipped with good protective gear, as well as strong and easy to use brakes, stable wheels and a not too heavy frame, your child is perfectly ready to enjoy themselves while benefiting from all-round protection, so as a parent you can also let yourself dial down the tension slightly. In any case, it is crucial that you take the time to examine all the safety features of the bike you are purchasing, including the shape of the frame, which determines how easy it is to mount and dismount, so you have an exact idea of the risks your child might be facing and know how to address them.

Training Wheels

Training wheels are an iconic feature of many kids bike and an integral part in the process of learning how to maintain balance on two wheels. Most kids bikes, except those that are aimed at near-teenagers, will come with an included pair of training wheels to be attached to the rear wheel. There they stick out perpendicularly and are usually built to provide less stability than the main ones so the child cannot completely relax and totally rely on them.

As the kid becomes more and more comfortable on the bike, the height of the training wheels can be gradually adjusted, lifting them slowly higher so that they provide less and less support, forcing the child to rely more on their own balance. In fact, larger bike models rarely come with included training wheels, since it is implied that the child will have reached sufficient autonomy by the time they grow to the correct size to use that bike. Removing training wheels from a kid’s bike is always a big moment for the child, and an emotional one for the parents, as it represents an important step towards its autonomy.


Most kids bikes do not make use of gears, and rather rely on a single-speed crankset, since this is much easier to manage. Your child already has enough on their plate trying to understand how to deal with a new tool such as a bike, learning to find balance and become comfortable rolling along, to be able to think about what gear is the best to take on the road. Gears start appearing on bikes designed for teenagers and young adults, which are also more likely to push their bike over more demanding roads and terrain.



Q: What Size Bike Do I Need For My Child?


The size of the bike you buy for your child will depend on their height, and manufacturers always provide indicative size charts for you to know which one will fit them best. Having adjustable saddles and handlebars lets you keep up with their growth for a while, but be sure to keep measuring them often to know when is the time to buy a new bike.

Q: At What Age Should I Get A Bike For My Kids?


Depending on the model you pick, you can get your child on a bike when they are even only two years old. Of course, in this particular case, you need to choose a model that is adequate and that they can maneuver. For children that are between the ages of 3 and 6, a bike is usually one of their favorite toys of all, so that might be the bet moment to buy one for them.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of A Kids Bike?


For a child, a bike is a source of endless entertainment, as they never seem to get tired of riding it everywhere. As adults, we have unfortunately forgotten how it feels, but children get so much fun out of a bike that it quickly becomes a great part of their memories. 

Aside from that, a bike also helps the child become more independent and responsible, since they have to take of themselves on the pedals, and helps improve their balance and coordination.

Q: Are Bikes Dangerous?


Any bike is at least a little bit dangerous since the risk of falling off is ever-present. However, kids bikes go the extra length to make sure that your child is safe on the pedals, so you should not let your worry as a parent stop them from having fun on the wheels. 

They will, eventually, fall down, because everybody does, but they'll soon get up and continue riding without a scratch, as children do, so you can let them enjoy their fun.

Q: How To Teach My Child To Ride A Bike?


Training wheels are a great way of getting your child comfortable on the bike, before slowly removing them as they grow more and more confident with their balance. Saddle handles are another great way to help them out if they are not too sure of themselves, but you'll have to be running behind them. 

The most drastic option, which sometimes has unexpected positive results, is just giving them the push they need to get started and let them figure it out. You'll be surprised by how fast they learn in such a situation.

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A kid’s bike usually becomes one of their favorite toys, that they will beg you to take out as soon as the days get brighter and warmer and that will make up a big part of their fondest childhood memories. 

It is important, therefore, that you take some time in selecting one for them, also because if they do not like it or don’t feel comfortable they will refuse to use it, and it will become no more than an ornament in your house. 

In our article, we have shown you what are the best options available on the market, for every kind of child, from the more active to the quieter. Use this information to make a wise choice, so you can be well on your way towards making many happy family memories that will last a lifetime.

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