By teaching your kids how to ride a bike at a young age, you can encourage a healthy lifestyle and start a lifelong passion for cycling.  But before your kids can hop on their bike, you must teach them the importance of bike safety by having them wear a helmet. 

The best kid’s bike helmet will not only provide essential protection to your child, but with cool designs and bright colors, it will also encourage young kids to stay safe while riding their bike. Our list of quality products will help you find a kid’s safety helmet so that you child can ride safely and confidently. 

How To Choose A Kid’s Bike Helmet – Buying Guide



The main purpose of a bike helmet for kids is to protect your child’s head against impacts. Therefore, safety should always be at the forefront of a kid’s safety helmet design. The best kid’s bike helmet will be well cushioned and have a hard-outer shell, which will provide complete protection to your child’s head. 

There are different bike helmet safety ratings, but any top rated bike helmets for kids should be dual certified to keep your kids safe. Dual certification means that the helmet must have a hard shell to protect against impacts, as well as be completely padded to absorb shock. Kid’s bike helmet reviews can also help you find quality designs that will exceed your safety expectations and keep your kids safe. 

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With younger bike riders, it is always better not to overwhelm them with too much weight. Just like kid’s bikes, you want a helmet to be durable but also lightweight. The best bike helmets for kids won’t be too bulky, which helps cut down on the design’s overall weight. 

Most children’s safety helmets achieve a lighter weight by using high quality materials that provide maximum protection without being too heavy. The weight of a helmet should always be included in the product specifications, but you can also check kid’s bike helmet reviews to determine whether the helmet will suit your child. 


The best bike helmets for kids will be available in a range of sizes, but you ultimately want a design that suits your child’s age. Most helmets are sized by the diameter of your child’s head or by their age. 

Some helmet designs are also versatile enough that they can fit your child for a couple years before needing to be replaced. When you are purchasing helmets for kids, you should check the product specifications for a size, diameter, and age recommendation. 

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However, many top rated bike helmets for kids are also outfitted with adjustable features, which it more likely for the helmet to fit for multiple years. Adjustable features are essential for a child bike helmet because it allows you to customize and properly fit the helmet as your child grows. 

While it may not seem like a big difference, the adjustability could determine whether your design can be used as a helmet for 6 year old kids or 8 year old kids. While a helmet may be versatile in its overall size, adjustable features like the straps will allow you to further enhance your child’s safety and comfort. 


The best kid’s bike helmet will use an easy to snap and quick release buckle. The buckle is a design that most kids can easily maneuver themselves, but if you’re using a toddler helmet the buckle is still an easy way for parents to help secure the helmet on their child’s head before they take off down the sidewalk. Many cool kid’s bike helmets will also feature an anti-pinch buckle, which helps prevent injuries to sensitive skin and little fingers. 


Finally, kids get sweaty and hot when they’re cranking the pedals, so kid’s helmets must have a high level of breathability. Almost all helmets for kids will have vents built into the shell, which help increase the airflow and keep your kid’s cool on warmer days. 



Q: What Is The Best Child Bike Helmet?


While there is no one best child bike helmet, you do want to look for a design that puts your child’s safety first. There are a lot of bike helmets for kids available on the market, which cater to different ages and genders, but you should look for the best helmet for your child. A high quality kid’s helmet will be comfortable and functional, while providing maximum protection to your child’s head. 

Q: How Do I Choose A Kid’s Bike Helmet?


The two most important considerations when choosing your kid’s helmet is the safety and fit. You want a design that will keep your kids safe in case they do fall, but you also need the helmet to fit your child’s head. Therefore, you should look at the outer shell and padding of a helmet, as well as take your child’s head measurements before choosing a helmet. 

Q: Do Toddlers Need Helmets For Tricycles?


Yes, your toddler needs to wear a helmet when riding their tricycle. It is always important to encourage your child to stay safe when they ride their bike and a great way to do that is to start teaching them to wear a helmet when they are young. Even on a tricycle, a fall could cause injuries, so you must look at a toddler helmet for your child to keep them safe and injury-free. 

Q: Do You Need A Helmet For A Balance Bike?


Yes, your child should always wear a helmet while riding their balance bike. While balance bikes may seem low to the ground and without pedals, they’re limited in speed, it is always important to teach your kids the importance of bike safety while they are young. With softer heads, younger kids are more prone to serious accidents and a bike helmet will protect them from severe injuries. 

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While your kids are eager to have fun, keeping them safe should always be a parent’s top priority. The best kid’s bike helmet will be designed to protect your child’s head so that they can enjoy the thrill of riding their bike. With one of the high-quality kid’s helmets from our list, parents can feel more at ease that their child’s safety is guaranteed. 

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