Most wilderness survival enthusiasts will tell you a knife is an important tool that you can use for small tasks, but it can save your life in dire circumstances. Carrying a full blade isn’t always your best choice and it may cause problems with law enforcement.

A small keychain knife is a great alternative to your larger outdoor knives because they are legal, compact, and easy to carry every day. Below, we have listed the eight best keychain knives and included a comprehensive buying guide that will highlight the features that make a quality keychain pocket knife suitable for daily use.

How To Choose A Keychain Knife – Buying Guide



When you are looking for the best keychain knives, you want them to be small in size so that they aren’t a burden to take with you. A top-rated keychain pocket knife should be compact and lightweight so that you can quickly add it to your keychain or lanyard.

Most keychain knives will be around 4 inches in length or smaller when they are folded. The small size ensures that you can easily incorporate the knife into your daily carrying items. Ideally, a keychain knife will be attached using a lanyard hole or ring to your keys so that it is never forgotten at home. With a folding knife constantly at your side, you can complete small cutting tasks or even save yourself if you are lost in the wilderness.

Keychain knife reviews are a great resource to estimate the length of your knife. Many reviewers will include a photo or comment on the method they use to carry their knife, so you can determine if the size is small or large enough for your needs.


The best keychain knife will use a stainless steel blade because the material is strong, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant. With stainless steel, you’ll have a sharper edge that holds for longer so that you aren’t stuck constantly re-sharpening your everyday carry (EDC) knife. Besides, if your knife ever gets wet, the stainless steel will resist rusting and can be easily wiped dry.

While most blades are made of stainless steel, some feature a coating to make them more durable. A popular coating is a titanium, which can make the knife sharper and stronger for cutting hard materials. The product specifications should always tell you what material is used in the blade. But if you need to re-sharpen your folding knife, we suggest taking it to a professional if you are inexperienced.


You want an EDC knife that is durable, reliable, and strong so that you can use it throughout the years without it being damaged. The material of the knife is a big indication as to whether a knife is durable and worth the investment. The best keychain knife will use high-quality materials in both the blade and the handle. While we mentioned that the best blades are made of stainless steel, the handle material can be synthetic or natural.

Synthetic handles are strong and lightweight, which can be great for those who want a thin or lightweight design. Materials like glass-filled nylon are a good choice for a synthetic handle because it is extremely rigid, but also resists damage from scratches and dents. But a keychain swiss army knife may also feature stainless steel in the handle to make it strong and more stylish. The stainless steel can be finished with a specific look to resist the appearance of scratches or fingerprints.

Ultimately, you will have to choose which materials you want to be featured in your knife. While most will feature stainless steel in one form, you may choose a lightweight nylon synthetic design too. Just be sure that the material is high quality, so your knife lasts longer.


One of the best things about a top-rated keychain pocket knife is that it is extremely versatile in how you can use it and what you choose to cut. Whether you incorporate your small keychain knife into your survival gear or use it around the home and office, you’re bound to find yourself reaching for it frequently.

The best micro knife will be strong enough to cut hard materials like clamshell packaging or even wood. Alongside the tough jobs, you can open boxes and packages with a knife keychain too. With a sharp blade, your keychain swiss army knife should have you confidently cutting with ease through a variety of materials.


Q: What are the benefits of using a keychain knife?


The biggest benefit of a pocket knife keychain is the versatility to cut through almost anything. With the knife keychain constantly in your possession, you can complete small tasks like cutting open envelopes with ease. If you’re around the house and find the odd jobs, the best keychain pocket knife will always be at your side and ready to provide a reliable cut.

Another huge benefit of a small keychain knife is for survival. While you may carry your knife for everyday tasks, your knife could also end up saving your life. If you like to explore the outdoors, you should be prepared for the worst, including emergencies. With a top-rated keychain pocket knife, you’ll have a sharp blade that can get you out of sticky situations. From being lost in the woods to getting in a car accident, your keychain knife has a variety of lifesaving uses. You should always add a small keychain knife to your survival kits so that you truly are prepared for any situation.

Q: How to clean a keychain knife?


When you invest in a knife keychain, you want it to last for a long time. One of the best ways to ensure your knife sticks around is to regularly clean and maintain the blade and handle. Oiling, sharpening, and cleaning your knife on a schedule or after rugged tasks can help extend the longevity of your knife and keep it reliable for the next time you need to use it. Dry and dull keychain knives are dangerous. They won’t cut as precisely and could lead to an injury. You can learn how to clean a pocket knife, which is extremely similar to cleaning your keychain knife.

Q: Am I allowed to carry a keychain knife?


In most states, yes. The appeal of a keychain knife is having a small blade at your disposal for small cutting tasks or emergencies. The short length of the blade makes the knife street legal for most cities around the United States. Even smaller blades may be permitted on internal flights with updated airline policies. However, you can always check your state’s carry laws regarding keychain knives to be certain you are within legal parameters.

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With a top-rated keychain pocket knife at your side, you can feel confident and travel with ease because you’ll have the tool you need to complete a variety of tasks. Whether it’s opening mail or saving your life, the best keychain knives will always be there for you to rely on. Our list of products and the comprehensive guide are designed to help you find the best keychain pocket knife for your needs and one that you’ll be eager to carry every day.

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