What better way to add a touch of excitement to playing in the backyard on a nice, warm summer day, than by adding an inflatable water slide? These days it’s hard to get kids to go outside and play when so many options are available on smartphones and tablets. Bring an inflatable water park home though and you’ll see them racing out the door in time.

Inflatable water slides deliver fun and excitement while allowing your kids to get exercise and spend time in the sun, improving their health and keeping them away from cold screens. The best inflatable water slides are also easy to operate, deflate, and store, so join us as we take a look at the options the market has to offer. Those long summer days will not be the same after you bring one of these items home.

How To Choose A Inflatable Water Slide – Buying Guide



The best inflatable water slides are usually very tough. Children are known for not being delicate on their toys, so be on the lookout for materials that are durable and resistant. Furthermore, the slide also needs to be puncture-proof, since it may not be used only on the nice soft grass. Most manufacturers are well aware of this and do in fact try to use the best quality synthetic materials, like PVC, to ensure you water slide will last you a long time but be sure to check how sturdy they feel when you actually get your hands on yours and return it in case you have any doubts.

Space Needed

Needless to say, you’ll need to know how big is your backyard before purchasing a water slide. Keep in mind however that it is recommended to leave some extra space on the sides of it. This in order to allow free running around or, in the unlucky case of someone slipping out of the slide, to avoid them hitting anything too close to the edge. It is advisable, therefore, to be slightly conservative in the choice of your water slide, since purchasing one that only just fits in your yard is a mistake that is hard to recover from.

Age Limit

Most inflatable water slides have a very reasonable age limit of 3. This makes sense since nobody would probably want to leave a child that is younger than that on a slide by itself. Bigger inflatable water slides might require children to be aged at least 6 to use them since they present greater possible risks and require better coordination to stay upright. There is no real upper age limit, but in this case, it is the weight limit that needs to be respected. Ignoring it may cause damage to the structure and, as a consequence, putting the user’s well being at risk.


The capacity of an inflatable slide will depend on its size since this will dictate how far apart children can be without the risk of colliding with each other on the slide. Just as with the age limit, these limitations may seem annoying but they are there to protect the users, so it is recommended to respect them without trying to cut corners. The largest inflatable water slides are usable by up to three or sometimes four children at a time, while for the smaller ones it is best not to exceed one or two.

Inflation Process

A great number of inflatable water slides, come with an included blower for inflation, and this might well save your life. Can you imagine inflating a huge castle with your mouth? While this may, unfortunately, be the case on some lower-end models, the biggest and most elaborate inflatable water slides often require to be constantly connected to a blower in order to perform. Be sure to check the valves and the quality of their build so you can get a good idea as to how well they will perform at keeping the air in, preventing you from having to call your kids away every now and again to reinflate the whole thing. If your inflatable water slide doesn’t come with a blower, then try at least to find a pump to save your lungs from the ordeal.


While you may think that portability is not a feature to look for in an inflatable slide, consider the fact that you will probably be putting it away and taking it out again every summer. The ability to tightly pack it and store it without occupying too much space can, therefore, be very useful, and most of the slides we have reviewed will indeed give you this possibility. Many are designed to be folded simply, quickly, and be stuffed into included storage bags that greatly reduce the space needed to store them. However, keep in mind that the larger the inflatable slide, the more difficult it will be to fold, so leave yourself a bit of time to get it done when it’s time to put it away.



Q: Are Inflatable Water Slides Safe?


Yes, they are, otherwise, you would not be allowed to buy one. It is undeniable that the risk of falling is ever-present, but user manuals, reviews, and age limitations are there precisely to let you have a safe experience, without worries of any kind. As always, be prudent and wary of whatever might go wrong, but rest assured that inflatable water slides themselves are built in a way designed to minimize potential harm to any children using them.

Q: Are Inflatable Water Slides Legal To Put In Backyard?


Yes, they are. You would not find them in the shops if they weren't. As is the case with pools, no law prevents you from having one, but there might be some legal risks associated with their use that it is recommended you research before heading out to buy one.

Q: How To Dry, Clean And Store My Water Slide?


Cleaning a water slide involves spraying it with your hose to remove potential dirt and washing it with a cleanser if you want to also disinfect it. This has to be done while the slide is still inflated. Once it is clean you can deflate it and leave it to dry in the sun. Then, as you fold it to put it into the storage bag, wipe off any remaining dirt on every side you expose while you fold, and slide it in the bag. Be careful not to store it while wet, because any remaining humidity can quickly turn into mould.

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The options available for inflatable water slides have not ceased to increase since these items have been ever gaining in popularity. In our reviews we have shown you the best inflatable water slides that the market has to offer, so you can make an informed decision and give your kids a summer that they will remember.

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