Over the cold season, especially during snowfall, there are several of adaptation that we consistently go through  – getting warmer clothing, heating up our houses, getting salt for the driveway and of course, tools such as the best snow brushes and ice scrapers to ensure our vehicles area always season ready.

Of course, the more adaptable your tool is made for environmental parameters, the more you are likely taken care of in case of any surprises. During heavy snow time, whether you need to get to the grocery store for a quick restock or need to get to the office early in the morning – having the best ice scraper come in quite handy.

Below is a list of the 10 best ice scrapers and snow brushes in 2022 – elaborating their functionality and why they made the cut. Be sure to grab your choice after going through the reviews.

How To Choose An Ice Scraper And Snow Brush – Buying Guide



Size is an important feature to look at when purchasing the perfect ice scraper and snow brush. The larger the size, the more ideal it is for large vehicles. The size of brushes and scrapers entail area, width, and length.

The best snow brush comes with extended rows of bristle brushes. Keep in mind, they shouldn’t be too narrow that they can barely function and don’t have to be too wide that they end up trapping snow thus, deeming them unpractical. Snow brushes made in the form of foam heads also work best when wider because this means they effectively cover a larger surface of your vehicle.

A top-rated ice scraper on the other hand comes with wide blades that can effectively scoop up ice or frost. The handle on the end works best if it is longer for extended reach to all surfaces. Extendable poles work best for different vehicles and depending on the angle you want.


Ice scrapers and snow brushes are actually quite important for your vehicle during cold conditions. Let’s just say, your vehicle is basically nonfunctional without them. Because without a clear windshield and surface especially the front end of your vehicle, how can you drive it?

They are especially quite handy on instances such as the morning you want to rush to work or when you want to rush to the grocery store for a quick stock up. Snow brushes, both in the form of actual brushes or foam head work by the clearing of the snow build up on your vehicle’s surface.

Beneath the snow and on your windshield, there’s normally ice buildup and frost. This is when ice scrapers, chippers, and squeegees come in to play. These tools effectively remove the ice buildup and snow thanks to their engineered sharp blades, contours, and widen construction. At the end of the day, you have a safe vehicle with clear views.

Handle And Grip

Handle and grip are also important features that make your ice crusher practical and functional. I mean, you don’t want a highly effective tool that you have no control over or cause bodily pain when in use.

When choosing the right snow brush and ice scraper special attention should be paid to the overall operation and this starts with handles. The handles should be long enough so you are comfortable using them. Additionally, the handle itself shouldn’t be too wide for your hands to grab fully because it just won’t be practical if otherwise.

Furthermore, many manufacturers either make foam handles or soft molded handles. This enhances comfort for your hands when using them over a stretched period of time and usually when applying a lot of pressure from your hands. Thus, this construction on the handles is a life savior. Put your tool on the test! And it’s easy, all you have to do is grab it, imitate a scraping or brushing movement, and see how it feels on your hands.


Some scrapers and snow brushes come in a 2-in 1 design and this is where the special focus on the head is vital. The head design determines functionality, especially as a snow brush. The head should be wide enough to cover enough surfaces on the vehicle and should be properly angled to allow easy movement. Some manufacturers even revolutionize their construction by featuring a pivoting head to make it easier for the user when using the tool.

Foam heads also move with effortless strides making it less straining to use the snow brush. Many brushes and scrapers that are built in a head form are attached to extendable poles which obviously make the functional by adjusting the angle. Additionally, they allow the tool to be versatile and able to be used over an array of different sizes of vehicles.


A little detailed scrutiny on your ice scraper and snow brush is vital to ensure you get the product you need. There are snow brushes and ice scrapers designed for use with small vehicles, large vehicles, or both. This is determined by design, strength, and especially size.

They’re also larger-sized scrapers that can work with either size but maybe cumbersome in terms of storage or smaller ones that work for small vehicles such as Subzero Hopkins that is perfect for cars. By best advise – examine all the features and parameters then you will be able to make an informed decision.


Weight is an important factor. You use the snow brush and ice scraper by suspending them above your body so some muscle work and energy are given off to make this happen. With this fact, it means you want a tool that is not straining lest you want to strain your back and hands.

The build of your ice scraper and snow brush and its weight is also a dynamic to be considered. Subzero Hopkins for example, features a smaller and compact build so it is naturally light-weight and natural at 1.6oz.  A heavy-duty snow broom such as Snow Joe SJBLZD still ideally weighs because of its function. You don’t want it too light that its durability and quality are compromised.



Q: What Are The Benefits Of Using An Ice Scrapper?


For one, without the best ice scraper, you just can’t move your vehicle. Sure, you might find an alternative to help clean the windshield and surface of your car. However, ice scrapers are manufactured and designed specifically for this function.

Additionally, an ice scraper performs their function so efficiently that they help enhance road safety. They ensure your vehicle is clean enough especially your windshield so you have a clear view when driving. When we go back to the alternatives I pointed out above, you have another reason to ditch that thought!

Because ice scrapers are designed to clean your windshield, the best ice scrapers most definitely incorporate material and construction that is designed to protect and not damage your windshield. Furthermore, they also incorporate a well-thought-out design that puts your health in mind, ergo, no back pain, or hand strain.

As a perk, most ice scrapers stay with you as if they are not there. They normally incorporate a compact and slim design so that they can fit anywhere – be it at the back of the driver’s seat, in your truck, or in your toolbox in the garage.

Q: Will An Ice Scrapper Damage The Windshield?


Reason number one hundred thousand why you should avoid alternatives and makeshift windshield scrapers is that they will damage and scratch your windshield. You can’t entirely depend on your wipers alone to remove ice or frost because they are designed to get water off your windshield and nothing else. Heating up your car so as to let the ice and frost is a prolonged process and will just end up draining the energy from your car battery.

Most manufacturers make plastic-based ice scrapers and this is perhaps one of the best car accessory you can get. They are designed to scrape off ice and will do this without damaging your windshield. Sure, plastic scrapers are sharp but the sharpness is lethal to ice not glass.

Q: How To Clean A Windshield With An Ice Scrapper?


There are several ways to use an ice scraper for your windshield. Your ice scraper works best if you incorporate additional means to supplement your scraper. Turning on the defroster on your vehicle for example helps accelerate the slight ice melt making it easy to scrape off the ice with your scraper.

An alternative way is to spray your vehicle windshield with a saltwater solution, let it sit, and once the ice starts to break down, use the ice scraper to quickly wipe out the ice. An alcohol and water solution, similar to saltwater solution just omit the salt, also works. Combine 1 part rubbing alcohol and 2 parts water and spray on our windshield. The frost will dissolve whilst ice melts; use your ice scraper to remove the ice.

Globo Surf Overview

Having one of the best snow brushes and ice scrapers is really important during the snowy season. You need to invest on one – better yet, have an emergency one in your car and another in your garage. I mean, these tools help clean our cars thus, increasing their durability, they enhance road safety and are extremely safe and designed to use on cars.

Now, you surely are equipped with the know-how to choose the best ice scraper and snow brush. Plus, at less than US$20, you can get the best snow brush and scraper, either way, it’s a win-win situation for you. The list above of the best for 2022 offers an option no matter your vehicle size, whether you are riding a Dodge Durango or VW beetle, you won’t miss a piece for you.

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