When you are hiking, especially in the cold weather or high altitudes, it is natural to not feel hungry or thirsty. However, do not let your body deceive you because you need the calories and electrolytes to make up for the used ones.

At these instances, your body is at risk of hunger and dehydration which in cold weather, leaves you susceptible to hypothermia. Dry foods packed with ample calories go a long way and because of their compact packaging, you can easily eat during a typical short hiking break. Additionally, pre-packaged snacks don’t go bad easily and last while before they go bad.

Listed below are the 10 best snacks for hiking in 2020 and deliver power-packed sustenance to allow you to comfortably and confidently conquer the trails.

How To Choose The Best Hiking Snack – Buying Guide



The best snacks for hiking come in several tastes, most commonly sweet, savory, spicy or combined. It all depends on your choice of flavors and the source of energy needed. Granola, for example, is known to be sweet whilst beef and turkey jerky is savory and spicy.

Many high carbs containing snacks tend to be sweet although some such as trail mixes are packed with protein and carbohydrates and are a blend of nuts, seeds, fruits, granola, etc, thus giving out a blend of sweet, salty and savory. Most protein snacks on the other end are normally savory and rich in flavors.


The best snacks for hiking boast energy in terms of calories.  Carbohydrates and proteins are a good source of energy. While carbohydrates are packed with high energy released to replenish used energy, proteins boast the ability to store energy for long time use whilst strengthening and growing your muscles.


The best snacks for hiking should be made to accommodate the typically short breaks taken between hikes as well as the minimal resources and space to prepare them. Thus, packaged and easy to open solid snacks are an ideal choice.

The best foods for hiking also tend to last longer and don’t go bad even when opened for a long time. Snacks that come in larger packaging such as trail mixes come with resealable bags for ease of you.



Q: Why Do I Need Hiking Snacks?

A: Snacks help to replenish lost energy when hiking, you can eat them as you go (smaller sized such as trail mix) or eat them during breaks. They are normally packed with high energy-yielding calories to replace the lost energy.

Q: Can A Snack Replace A Meal?

A: No. Snacks are eaten in between meals to energize you as you hike however, a meal is still important to have once you reach the base for the day/night or return down after your hike.

Q: Are The Some Ingredients I Shouldn't Include In My Trail Mix?

A: You want to get a trail mix with 100% natural ingredients. Always look at the labels of the trail mix to ensure they do not contain GMOs or MSGs – USDA organic certified trail mix is to go for. Additionally, if you are on a strict diet, look for labeling such as gluten-free and low sodium content.

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Hiking is supposed to be a rewarding and fun-yielding activity. How best can you better your experience than with flavorful snacks? Spicy, sweet, savory, salty, you name it.  Plus their healthy makeup power you up with energy so you are never exhausted at any point. The best foods for hiking listed above are a great place to begin plus, these hiking snacks reviews offer the much-needed direction to getting the best option.

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