Staying active is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and it helps you maintain your cardiovascular fitness. Your heart is a muscle and like the rest of your body, it needs a good workout to stay healthy. The best heart rate monitor can help you take your training to the next level by tracking the intensity level of your exercise routines.

While regular exercise can help you stay fit, it isn’t until you track your heart rate that you can learn how to safely push your body to its limits. With the best heart rate monitor watch, you can strengthen your heart as you drive yourself towards new fitness goals.  

However, there are a few different types and features of top rated heart rate monitor watches, so you will have to sort through the different models to find a product that suits your needs. We want to help you get started in your search for a hr watch, so we have made a list of quality products that will help you take your fitness to the next level.

How To Choose A Heart Rate Monitor – Buying Guide



There are many types of heart rate monitors, which are worn on various parts of the body. The most popular types of wearable heart rate monitors include wrist watches, chest straps, armbands, and fingertip sensors. 

Heart rate monitor watches are the most versatile type of monitor because they often include various features that go far beyond counting your beats per minute. Many hr monitor watches can also track your sleep patterns, stress levels, and hydration. As a wrist-based monitor, they are less accurate. However, they provide a detailed review of your health and the ability to connect to fitness programs means that act like a coach while you train. 

The most accurate heart rate monitors will be the type that is worn around your chest. The chest monitors are worn close to the heart and kept stable using a strap, which ensures that you get accurate readings while you work out. Similar to the wrist-based monitors, many designs that are worn around your chest are now Bluetooth compatible. With no screen to distract you from your training, this is also the best heart rate monitor for cycling. 

A wireless heart rate monitor may also be worn around your arm using a comfortable band. Similar to the designs that are worn around your chest, a sports heart rate monitor that fits around the arm won’t have a display screen but can connect to smart devices. 

Lastly, you may also use a fingertip fitness heart rate monitor. These monitors are great for tracking your heart rate at specific intervals during your workout, but they do not provide consistent data to the user. The monitor is attached to the fingertip, and it is not meant to be worn for the duration of a workout. Instead, you can use them before or after you exercise. 

Target Zone

The best heart rate monitor watch or device will have different target zones, which allow you to cater the heart rate monitor to specific workout programs. A target zone may be focused on building up your endurance or aerobic abilities. 

A top rated heart rate monitor watch should have at least three target zones programmed into the device, but some premium designs may have up to six zones. If you are using a budget fitness tracker with heart rate monitor capabilities, it may only have one zone. 

However, it is important that you monitor your target zone because it will affect your overall health. A target zone is based on your heart’s beats per minute and your age. Younger people can withstand higher beats per minute when exercising, so under rigorous exercise you could safely reach 200bpm. As you age, the number of bpm decreases. For your safety, it is important that you track and stay within your target zone. 

Other Devices Compatibility

For many people, it is important that their fitness heart rate monitor be compatible with other smart enabled devices. The best heart rate monitor watch or strap will be Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible, so it can be connected to various devices or fitness apps. 

This will allow you to tether your heart rate monitor to devices like your smartphone, watch, or exercise equipment. Many Garmin or Polar heart rate monitors are also cross compatible with other devices made by the same brand. 



Q: Are Heart Rate Monitor Watches Accurate?


With the popularity of hr monitor watches growing, the accuracy of the devices has come into question. While not as accurate as a chest strap, a heart rate monitor watch should still be fairly accurate. But if you are receiving readings that seem grossly inaccurate, you need to restart the device. Heart rate monitor reviews are also a great way to find out more about a device’s accuracy.

Q: How Do I Choose A Heart Rate Monitor?


If you want the best heart rate monitor to assist in your workouts, it is important to take the time to look at the different types of monitors and then determine what features you need for your training. The monitor you choose is very important because each type is worn on a different part of the body. You will then have to decide what features you want to help you work out.  Our guide can help you determine exactly what you need to achieve your training goals.

Q: Is It Safe To Wear A Heart Rate Monitor All Day?


A heart rate monitor for exercise is safe to wear all day, and it gives you an advantage by consistently measuring various aspects of your health. When you wear a heart rate monitor all the time, you will get a better insight into your fitness when you work out and after you’ve cooled down. However, not all devices are comfortable to wear constantly. Hr watches are the most common type of monitor that is worn all day.

Q: Can An Apple Watch Predict A Heart Attack?


No, an Apple Watch cannot predict a heart attack. An Apple Watch does not consistently measure your AFib levels, which can help indicate or predict a heart attack. While there are alerts built into Apple watches that tell you when your heart rate is high, this is not a reliable way to determine the health of your heart. If you ever experience symptoms of a heart attack like pain or tightness, call your local emergency services.

Q: How Good Is A Fitbit Heart Rate Monitor?


Fitbits are very accurate devices for being a wrist-based monitor. Again, wrist-based devices are not as accurate as a chest strap. However, because of the increase in popularity of Fitbits, they have been expertly tried and tested. They consistently report accurate readings of 95%.

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With the best heart rate monitor at your side, you can push yourself to new limits. The real-time and accurate data that a top rated heart rate monitor provides will also help you design the perfect workouts that boost your body to be in the best shape. Heart rate monitors also push you to get more involved and in tune with your body, so you are always healthy. All you have to do is choose one of the quality products on our list to help you stay active.

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