There are a lot of different types of climbing, but when you’re going on longer adventures, you must invest in a top-rated haul bag to assist you on your journey. For those that don’t know, a haul bag for climbing helps you carry all the extra gear and equipment that won’t fit on your harness. 

But haul bags are often some of the most beat-up pieces of your gear, so they need to be extra durable. You should take the time to find a high-quality design that will not only suit your needs but be long-lasting. Our list of the best haul bags is a great way to get started in your search and can help you find exactly the bag you need to better manage your climb.

How To Choose A Haul Bag – Buying Guide



The best haul bag designs are available in a variety of sizes, but you must understand what size means. Top-rated climbing haul bags are measured in size by their capacity and the number of liters they can hold. You may also see the size described in cubic inches. 

Small haul bags are considered to be 20-40 liters and are suitable for holding enough gear for around two days and one climber. They can also be used as a secondary haul bag. Medium-sized haul bags are 50-75 liters and are suitable for a couple of days, depending on how you pack, for one climber or two climbers with a shorter climbing distance. A 70L haul bag tends to be the most commonly used size. Large haul bags will be over 80 liters in size and have the space to hold gear for multiple days and climbers. 


Material is an important consideration because it will determine the durability of your climbing gear bag. High-quality materials are better because they will be more resistant to damage and long-lasting. For some climbers, having a waterproof haul bag is also important to protect your gear. 

The most common materials used for haul bags are nylon, polyester, and special blends like Durathane. These materials are waterproof and can withstand the heavy abrasion common on big wall routes. Synthetic materials are also lightweight and long-lasting so you get the best value out of your investment, making these a prime choice for the best climbing haul bag material. 


Quality is also important for climbers because you rely so heavily on their gear. A top-rated climbing haul bag should have a high-quality design that is functional, reliable, and durable. However, the construction should also have a reinforced build. 

It can be difficult to determine the quality of a haul bag, but haul bag reviews can be the most reliable source of information. Reviewers will often comment on the quality of the bag and whether it is a worthwhile investment. 


For many climbers, it is also important to stay organized so that they can quickly access their gear. With larger capacities and single, large-scale compartments, it can be harder to stay organized as you pack more and more gear into the bag. 

Pockets are a great way to stay organized because they allow you to compartmentalize your gear. Interior and exterior pockets can be extremely useful in maintaining your climbing organization. The product information should give you the best description of the bag and whether it includes pockets or not. 

Suspension System

A climbing gear bag has to have a smart suspension system, which will allow it to easily incorporate the bag into your climbing setup. The straps on your haul bag for climbing are important to inspect before you purchase because these are how you will hang and haul the bag. It is also where you will use your climbing knots to securely incorporate the bag into your system. 

Some bags have backpack-style straps and a hip belt, which can make it easy to carry your bag to your location. But the straps should be able to be removed or tucked away so that they do not snag during hauling. Instead, there should be reinforced anchor points to tie your haul line to and begin hauling.  

Grading Scale

Finally, your bag may be matched to a grading scale. For climbers, many are familiar with the grading scale, which rates the length of commitment required to send a big wall route. The grading scale goes from 1-5 and is often represented using Roman numerals. The higher the number, the more committing your climb will be. 

A big haul backpack may be matched with a grade so that you can estimate the design’s durability.


Q: What Is A Haul Bag?


A haul bag is a special bag that is used to carry your climbing gear, overnight equipment, food, water, or anything else you need for multi-day trips. The best haul bag is designed to hold everything that climbers need for multi-day big wall climbs. With different sizes, climbers can choose the best bag to suit their needs.

Q: Do I Need A Haul Bag?


Yes, if you are climbing a big wall that will take multiple days. It is impossible to carry all the gear you need for multiple days on your body or harness. When it comes to larger gear pieces, equipment, or your nutrition, you need a haul bag to carry all that gear and keep it with you for the duration of your journey.

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For many climbers, it is often stressful having to juggle everything they need to stay safe. But instead of having to pick and choose, the best climbing haul bag will allow you to take everything you need and keep it safe. With plenty of space, you can pack for multiple days on the rock and feel secure knowing that you will always have supplies close at hand.

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