If you are an adventure rider, you don’t have to be limited to traditional bike designs. A hardtail mountain bike is what you need. Combining an effective front suspension and mountain bike performance, the best hardtail mountain bikes are designed to be extremely lightweight; giving you more freedom to control your riding and connect to the ground.

And even with their full off road performance, hardtail mountain bikes are still comfortable thanks to their exceptional geometric design. And the best part about these riding gems is that they are a relatively cheaper option. You can scan the list below of the 8 best hardtail mountain bike in 2020 – so you can find yourself the ideal option to hit the trails with!

How To Choose A Hardtail Mountain Bike – Buying Guide



When it comes to choosing the best hardtail mtb, you must pay close attention to the frame. The frame determines the bike’s durability, strength, and weight. You will either come across carbon fiber or aluminum frames.

Carbon fiber frames

These frames are ultra light and very strong. Carbon frames also tend to be quite rigid which means that power is efficiently transferred as the rigidity makes the frame quite sensitive. However, due to their construction process, they tend to be a little expensive.

Aluminum frames 

Aluminum frames are also light however, they are not as light as carbon fiber frames, they are also strong but less rigid. Their slight flexibility makes them more comfortable to ride on. They are readily available and quite affordable compared to carbon fiber frames.


It is also important to examine the suspension when choosing the best hardtail mtb. Hardtail mountain bikes are built with a front fork suspension of travel between 100 to 140mm. The higher the travel value, the more easily your bike can deal with front bumps and rough terrain. 

However, a lower travel value for hardtail bikes is also ideal because they allow you to predict how the rear will be impacted as the bike has no rear suspension.


Generally, you will find hardtail mtb with wheel sizes 26, 27.5, and 29 inches. Larger wheel size is easier to roll even over obstacles. But if you want a balance between speed, comfort, and control in corners, a 27.5-inch wheel gives you that balance. However, if you are a tall rider, then, a 29-inch wheel is a better choice.


Hardtail bikes feature a single or double chainring at the front and 8 to 12 cogs at the back. Multiplying these two numbers gives you the speed range. A wider speed range gives you more control and acceleration across different terrains. And with a single chain drive train design, you have more control and less weight. Many riders sought after a single 1 x 11 gear design. 


You want your brakes to boast high stopping power. Hydraulic disc brakes are favored by many riders. You should also examine their rotor size. The rotor size ranges from 160 to 200mm. The higher the rotor size, the greater the braking power.


You will also notice that the best hardtail mtb is fitted with carbon or aluminum rims. Although strong and powerful, carbon rims are rigid but they will crack upon extreme impact whilst aluminum rims will likely be dented. So for extreme riding carbon rims are better whilst for regular riding aluminum rims are a good choice. Plus, aluminum wheels tend to be cheaper.

Additionally, the width of your rims also matter. For example, a wider rim allows the tire to boast more air volume.


As you ride, you want to be comfortable. Thus, components such as saddles, handlebars, and grips complement the bike’s design to provide added comfort. Go for a properly cushioned saddle that allows you to adjust the height for a personalized fit. You can also invest in a dropper post if you have extra cash!



Q: Is A Hardtail Good For Mountain Biking?


Yes. Although it doesn't boast a full suspension build, a hardtail is still good for mountain biking. Because it doesn't have a full suspension, a hardtail tends to be lightweight which makes it easier for the rider to control it and anticipate what is happening under the bike as they are more connected to the ground.

Q: Why Choose Hardtail Mountain Bike?


Yes, you can ride a hardtail downhill. However, you have to be more cautious when doing so because a hardtail lacks rear suspension. However, this design connects the rider to the ground allowing you to easily anticipate any hiccups as well as the condition of the terrain.

Q: Why Choose Hardtail Mountain Bike?


A hardtail mountain bike comes in quite handy due to its lightweight build which gives you more control. Additionally, because of the lack of rear suspension, it is less expensive and bears fewer moving parts – which means that you save on maintenance.

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The hardtail mountain bike reviews showcase just how versatile the choices are when it comes to mountain biking. These bikes not only help to enhance your performance and offer a relatively comfortable mountain biking experience but they also bring with great value and affordability.

To ensure you pick the right unit for your adventures, scan through the buying guide to get tips on how to choose the best hardtail mtb. The list of the 8 best hardtail mountain bikes above also offers quite a wide variety of choices to fit your needs.

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